Life on the streets


I’VE NOT BEEN shooting as many photos as I used to. I’m good at photography, so this is a loss to the art world. The main reason is that my best camera, a Canon, is heavy, and I  weary of lugging it in my man bag.

So I’ve taken to toting the other camera, a Fujifilm Finepix, which is far lighter, but the zoom is significantly less. I have to be closer to things. No matter. I used the Finepix yesterday to get the above shot of street vendors. I’m acquainted with those two. They are very friendly people though they look quite serious in the photo.


I also got this photo of Paula Romina, a great-niece of mine. It appears she was happy to see me. Maybe she was just happy to see the camera. She’s a drama queen.

I’m going to make a matte hard copy of that photo for her parents.

I have no grandchildren, nor nieces and nephews above the border and never will have. My father’s only sister was a lesbian. My only sister is a (grumpy) lesbian. My mother was an only child. My sole offspring, a daughter, is almost 53 and childless.

Our line of the family ends with my daughter. We are so conflictive and nuts, especially the distaff side, perhaps it’s for the best. Dr. Laura pointed out that it’s men who cause problems between nations, but it’s women who cause problems in families. Quite so.

What I lack in living Gringo relatives, I make up in Mexican relatives. While the generation of my child bride has passed beyond child-bearing age, the generation just after is breeding like bunnies, often without the benefit of matrimony.

If you’ve not seen my great collection of black-and-white shots, feel free to see it here.

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    1. Leisa: Oddly enough, when she was a newborn, she slept through the night from the get-go, not driving her parents crazy as do most newborns at night. Strange. I wish my daughter had been like that. But, man, oh, man, she was not.


  1. Totally unrelated to anything except black & white, I watched Roma. Although I found some of the acting and story quite good, I also found stretches of it dull, and then it suddenly ended.

    Enjoy life, that’s what we have.


    1. Kris: Roma’s first 20-30 minutes were like a Valium dose, slower than molasses. And I don’t think that non-Mexicans will catch much of the subtlety of Mexican life that the movie portrayed. The hoopla came from these factors: 1. Indigenous woman in the lead role. 2. Artsy-fartsy black-and-white movie. 3. Artsy-fartsy subtitles. No. 1 was the most important from the perspective of the PC Hollywood types.

      I thought it would win more Oscars than it did.


      1. It should have gotten an Oscar for most dog crap at least. Considering most of the awards go to the wrong film or people, I don’t give them much thought.


  2. I know you won’t miss the opportunity to bond with the little ones that come through your journey through life. It’s more enjoyable than parenting and they will remember you for sure. I just shuffled a houseful of ’em out of here and now I have to take two days to recover before I attack the destruction they left behind. But I love them dearly.

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