Bagels and orchids

Leaning toward the sunlight.

WHEN BEACH BUM Steve Cotton and some of his kin stayed in our Downtown Casita in February he was gracious enough to leave these orchids as gesture of gracias.

Since then, this has been the morning scene as I breakfast on bagels and cream cheese lite or sometimes croissantitos and orange marmalade. It’s a good way to start my Mexican mornings. We moved the flower from the Casita to the Hacienda, obviously.

This was February, but not last month. Not last year either. But February of 2017. Except for a week or two fairly recently when it took a breather, this baby has sported orchids nonstop for more than two years.

How about dem apples? Or should I say orchids?

12 thoughts on “Bagels and orchids

  1. Is that a small container of soil or is this one of the tree orchids that just grow with air a misting? Whatever it is, it is lovely.


    1. Philip: I don’t think that’s what’s going on because he lives many miles away and has no key to our house anyway. The orchid sits on our dining room table. But thanks for the feedback, always appreciated. In the future, you will not be moderated. Saludos.


      1. I fear Philip may have outed my little secret. That Air Force survival treatment can come in handy on these operations.

        I am happy that the orchid survives. It merely reflects your hospitality.


  2. We had an orchid that had a splendiforous bloom once. We don’t know what we did right or wrong, but we did try to take care of it. After the bloomfest, it pooped out.


    1. Ray: Non-stop as in continuously. It took a brief break, the first time, about a month ago for a week or two. Then back it came. Except for that break, it’s had flowers without fail. Pretty amazing.

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  3. I gave one just like that to my wife several years ago. She loved it and doted affectionately on it until one day while watering it she caught me covering a mischievous smirk. I had to confess it was artificial.


    1. Gringo: That’s a good one. However, ours is not artificial. It even shoots out roots from below. Funny you should mention this, however. For Valentine’s Day, I bought a floral arrangement from a place downtown and gifted it to my child bride. It was only after I got it home that I realized it was artificial. It looks extremely real. They last longer and you don’t have to water them!


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