Nuttier by the day

THE DEMOCRAT Party, that is. My former party!

There’s bug-eyed Sandy Occasional Cortex’s silly Green New Deal. There’s Nancy Pelosi’s wanting to lower the voting age to 16. (The video addresses that beautifully). There’s Fauxcahontas’ wanting to abolish the Electoral College (because Hillary lost).

There is potential Democrat Party presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s support of Sandy’s saying the world will end in 12 years if we don’t end climate change by, well, ya know, like, grounding airplanes and not letting cattle pass wind.

Lordy me, what is wrong with these colossally ignorant people?

Meanwhile, President Trump soldiers on with solid work, not perfect by a long shot, but he’s making progress considering the powerful, evil forces aligned against him in both parties. Since he will be re-elected handily next year, we can rest easy in the knowledge that planes will still fly, and cows will still fart, at least until January 2025.

After that, God knows. Historically, with very few exceptions, after a president of one party has been in office eight years, a president of the other party replaces him.

There have been, if memory serves, only two exceptions.

That means the Democrat Party has until 2024 to lurch even more toward Loonyville before they retake the reins of power. I shudder to think.

Cows, prepare yourselves! They’ll be coming at you with butt-plugs.

18 thoughts on “Nuttier by the day

  1. Now there’s a boy with some sense. He is also really funny. At least out here where we don’t think his accent is strange.

    And, that cow thing is pretty important here too.


  2. Back in the old days the left was filled with crazy conspiracies like “maybe the Iraq war is about oil?” and wow the left was crazy.

    The Republican party is now basically run by people who believe that Trump is a messiah figure sent here to shut down a global pedophile ring run by Hillary Clinton and that gun-control advocates stage mass shooting events.


    1. Creigh: Of course, the Iraq war was about oil. Anyone who says otherwise is grievously mistaken. And oil is a perfectly logical reason to go to war because oil is essential to the world’s economy. I always get a chuckle out of people saying that a war is about oil as if that’s a bad thing.

      As for the GOP being run by people who believe Trump is a messiah, I submit that many of us who voted for him do believe him to be the cat’s meow. I do. He’s mucho fun. As for the pedophile fixation, I am not in their number, and I wonder how many Trump fans are fixated on that. A good many, I’ll grant. It’s a side show. And I’ve never heard anyone say gun-control advocates stage mass shootings. That would make no sense whatsoever.

      But your party is clearly, even to many reasonably sane Democrats, and I assume you are one, whirling out of control. I mean really, that virulently anti-Semite Omar woman and Sandy and that other Mohammedan gal who was elected last time? Tsk, tsk. Israel is the best place in the Middle East, the only area where women walk free.

      And Beto who advocates removing the border wall between Juárez and El Paso. Juárez is a cesspool of violent crime, and El Paso is a pretty peaceful place, side by side. The stark difference is due to the wall between the two. Removing the wall is absurd.

      Sadly, your party (my party too for most of my life) is not a party that JFK, FDR or Truman would recognize. As the Blond Bomber would say: Sad.


      1. The Gulf Wars were really about oil. Who has it and who controls it, and whose oil gets to what market.
        Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran are playing out a war with proxies. The Saudis don’t like to fight their own wars- They get the U.S. to do it for them. Now Trump is attempting to put an end to our role as the Saudi attack dog. I am afraid that isn’t going to happen. Things will spiral out of his control.
        Consider this:

        We fought the Gulf Wars, and Total got the oil.


        1. Señor Gill: Yes, the Gulf wars were about oil. Would have been more honest for Bush I & 2 to say that, but it was not politically wise. So it was all about WMDs! Well, at least the second one.

          “Total got the oil”? Who or what is Total? Typo?

          Your comment went to moderation due to the links. FYI.


      1. The Republican Party is not controlled by Trump. It is Trump.

        As far as the Iraq War, I still don’t have a plausible theory about what that was all for.


        1. Creigh: I don’t think Trump is the GOP at all. He couldn’t even get enough Republicans to pull together to repeal Obamacare. And quite a few Republicans voted recently to not let Trump get his national emergency about the border.

          As for the Iraqi war, it was about oil, and that makes perfect sense. To me at least.


  3. Glad to see you wading into politics again after a brief respite. We can all use a break from the craziness that seems to be nonstop and ramping up every day. Unfortunately, it’s reality and I sure hope Trump deals with securing the voting system and the one-sided biased media by 2020 or I think he’ll lose. The good news is I don’t think any of the declared candidates have a chance. They’re mostly deranged extremists that America will reject. If Michelle Obama parachutes in with Oprah as her running mate maybe they’ve got a chance. That would be scary.

    Here’s a great video about Seattle, but it’s true of San Francisco, Portland, LA, and my city, Vancouver. A little off subject but related.


    1. Brent: I think Trump will win re-election handily. I sure hope so. The news media have sailed so far into outer space that they’re helping him. But it’s all short-term. The United States is sliding down the tubes. The leftists have control of academia and entertainment. Just those two things is all that’s necessary. It’s just gonna get worse. It’s a good time to be old with one foot in the grave.

      Funny you should point to that video. I was looking at it just this morning. Didn’t watch the whole thing though. Those cities, of course, are run by Democrats, 100 percent.


      1. I’m ashamed that my once great city has been taken over by Americans. (No kidding. Our last mayor for 12 years was technically Canadian but spent his whole life in privileged California and was backed by an American billionaire … an extreme progressive.) Other than taking to the streets with pitchforks and firebrands, what can one do?

        I’m hoping Trump prevails in 2020, not that it bodes well for my country. It doesn’t. But the alternative is just too damned scary to contemplate. And about that one foot in the grave stuff, don’t give it a thought. We’ll all end up there sooner or later. Hopefully later. I’m planning to figure out the powers of rejuvenation and live forever. /sarc


  4. Sadly, there is a whole generation of people who either were thrown under the bus, or perhaps crawled under there themselves. No matter how much society does for them, they will never get better, and they will never be satisfied.

    They see other peoples’ success as the cause of their failure. I know it is wrong, but in my heart, sometimes I would like to see them ground into cat food.
    Drug addiction is a scourge on our nation. Let’s see how President Duterte’s war on drug addiction works out in the Philippines. So far, it seems like it is working, but at a terrible price.


    1. Señor Gill: My take on the condition of today’s Americans is that they are spoiled to the bone. There are people up to their late 30s who don’t even remember living with the Soviet Union. A wide swath of America has never known an existential threat. That and cell phones have made them spectacularly self-absorbed and monumentally clueless. It’s a mostly useless population.


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