The phzzzzt! of welding

The work begins. Getting those beams up there was no laughing matter.
Late Wednesday, most are in place. Just lacking shorter ones on the left.
t hree
Shot from atop the roof Thursday morning. The fellow in the black shirt is Alfonso, the blacksmith honcho. It’s his business that’s doing all this. It must be a good business because he lives in a very fancy home.
New Image
Mostly done. Just lack the cross supports and the paint job. And the glass. Probably will also have some canvas awnings/curtains on this side.

THE BLACKSMITH and his boys appeared Wednesday morning and began installing the metal framework of the steel-and-glass rooftop over the upstairs terraza.

Most of the work was completed Wednesday. They returned yesterday to continue. Yet to be done, as I write this Thursday noonish, are cross pieces that will support the glass between the beams. And all of this metal will be painted like the house, “Seacoast Red.”

This will be a major change in the look of the Hacienda, but we’ll have a dry upstairs terraza during the rainy season for the first time in 16 years. That’s what matters.

The total price for the metal frame — material and installation — is the peso equivalent of about $3,700 U.S. The glass will be another matter. Stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “The phzzzzt! of welding

  1. Curious to know what kind of glass will be installed and who does it? Assuming some kind of safety glass? A solar reflective coating of some kind as well? Mexican workers are so good at improvising where needed. I remember watching three Belizean workers install a utility pole on our property. One in a small Ford pickup to maneuver the wood pole into place and the other two workers to stabilize it as it went up. We kept saying to ourselves this won’t work, but they made it work. I’m sure watching your guys hoist those steel beams up onto the terraza was very similar sight.


    1. Leisa: It will be tempered glass and it will be smoked, as dark as I can get it because the sun out there in the dry season is brutal. A local business called Vidriosa will install it. Out of curiosity, I went by the place a few weeks ago with the square footage to get a vague idea of the cost. The thickest, heaviest glass will run about 100,000 pesos, which is more than the steel frame. However, the fellow there told me that the thickest glass almost certainly will not be necessary, that a thinner version should work fine. The price on that will be about 50,000 pesos. I’m praying for the latter.

      Yes, Mexicans can do pretty much anything. As for watching the guys hoist those beams up there, I missed most of it due to being at a dental appointment for two hours when it was going on. Probably just as well. I would have been gritting my teeth. I did see them raise one or two.

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    1. Ricardo: Drastic action has been necessary for years, but I was not pushed into action till water begin to drip into the bedroom below. Could have come up with a simpler solution, but I chose to go whole-hog instead.

      The upstairs patio is very large. It covers over a fourth of the lower floor. It’s over the bedroom, bathroom, hallway and walk-in closet. And until now, it’s been mostly wasted space.


  2. I had reservations when you first described the project. I am quite fond of the lines of your home. But my reservations are eased. The design suits the house. And if comfort is thrown in as a bonus, great.


    1. Señor Cotton: The photos here really don’t tell the entire story of how it will end up. It will be good, I think. Come visit.

      Comfort is always desirable.


    1. Patzman: Nope! Not messing around even a little bit. If we enjoy the space, it will be the first time because we’ve never enjoyed it before. Well, that’s not quite true. In the initial years, I had a hammock out there that I enjoyed quite a bit. But then I lost interest and removed it. Dunno exactly why.


  3. Very impressive, both workmanship and cost. I too await the results, but keep the progress photos coming. I am amazed at craftsmanship because I cannot do those things.


    1. Ray: Yes, it is well done, and the price is quite low compared to what such a thing, I imagine, would cost up above the border. There will be more photos. The guys left yesterday and will not return till Tuesday. They gave me some excuse, but I know what’s going on. They’re juggling. They have other work elsewhere and want to keep everyone happy. It’s common to do that here. With luck, they’ll be back Tuesday. I’m reasonably optimistic. I still owe them quite a bit of money. That’s always an inspiration.

      As for your being unable to match the craftsmanship, well, neither can I, not by a mile or, as I should say, a kilometer.


  4. Sky-high window washers are going to be your weekly hires. You don’t want all that glass to get scuzzy looking, I just know it.


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