44 seconds of fun

AFTER TWO years of hysteria on the left (Democrat Party), it turns out that Trump was innocent of the silly charges of collusion with the Rooskies.

Ah, the sweet smell of vindication. Inhale deeply.

Now let us move on to important things like a high border wall, overturning Obamacare, and barring immigrants from Mohammedan nations. The list is long.

7 thoughts on “44 seconds of fun

    1. Ricardo: Though Trump is getting lots of good stuff accomplished, that border situation is dire. As as I understand it, they’re still doing the catch-and-release on a grand scale. That ain’t good. Sad.


  1. I’ll be withholding judgment until I see the report that exonerates him. We will see the report, won’t we?

    (NYT reports that DoJ is planning to release a “summary” in “weeks, not months.”)


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