Sean rips ’em a new one

SEAN HANNITY deserves a Pulitzer Prize for this very spirited commentary about the two years-plus of nonstop lying by the corrupt mainstream media/Democrat party, which are one and the same. It’s well worth watching.

But if you’re one of the leftists who lurk here, avoid the video. It will put you in a funk and worsen your TDS. Best to just re-read your last dog-eared copy of Mother Jones.

While the MSM has been hyperventilating over the phantom collusion, it has been burying all news of positive accomplishments by President Trump, which have been legion. About the only place I’ve found this available is on the White House website. Scroll down near the bottom and sign up for updates directly from the administration.

Ninety percent of the positive news available about the Trump Administration is found there because the MSM/Democrat Party simply ignores it. Sad state of affairs.

2 thoughts on “Sean rips ’em a new one

  1. Since I don’t have cable, I only see Fox News on a chance basis at the local American Legion post which the Significant Other and I frequent on weekends when they have a live band. (Tucker Carlson is on at that time, never Hannity). So based almost entirely on reading the chyrons as we waltz past the bar, it seems like the typical Fox viewer is obsessed with the idea that someone somewhere is getting something that they aren’t. Also, for some reason they are still pretty obsessed with Hillary Clinton and Obama. Which raises the question: don’t these people have anything better to do with their lives?


    1. Creigh: I urge you to abandon your sinking political ship. We’ll be happy to push a life raft over to you. Bring the Significant Other. You’ll both enjoy being on the good-natured side.


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