The bougainvillea shot


IT’S THAT TIME of year again, the time for the annual bougainvillea shot.

I include my child bride for the sake of perspective. And, as in all years, the monster plant has been trimmed back. Abel the Deadpan Yardman did that about two months ago in winter. Yes, this is the trimmed-back look.

My child bride is dressed for the gym, by the way, an every-Monday occurrence, along with each Wednesday and Friday.

Now that I have removed the behemoth nopal, the too-tall, trash-tossing pear, another smaller pear and the trash-tossing peach tree, this beefed-up bougainvillea is the lone, remaining yard annoyance. Perhaps one day I’ll have it removed too.

It is rather attractive, however, and it does not toss rotten fruit, just dead blooms.

When I walked toward the kitchen this morning not long after dawn, I noticed this light play on the wall of the living room, so I photographed it.

It’s a colorful world.


12 thoughts on “The bougainvillea shot

  1. Both great photos, Felipe. Your child bride is wearing the perfect colour of gym pants to compliment the bougainvillea. I thought those shrubs bloomed in the fall but what do I know? 😉 We just booked our fall trip to the Yucatan as it’s my birthday tomorrow, so I insisted on it. One year I got called up for jury duty, but because I had a trip already booked I didn’t have to do it. A little-known Canadian fact.


      1. Gracias, señor. (I don’t know how to add the accents) My wife is taking me to lunch at the Trump tower (yes, we have one that is the site of many protests). I’ll be wearing my ‘Drain the Swamp’ hat and my ‘Trump/Pence. Keeping America Great’ T-shirt. What could possibly go wrong?!

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        1. Brent: You gotta have the correct keyboard to do the accents, etc., correctly. My favorite, so to speak, error is when people put an apostrophe at the end of a word instead of an accent over the word. It’s a totally different animal, not a legitimate substitution.

          Have fun at lunch, and watch out for leftists tossing rocks and glasses of water. They do that, you know. Classy.


  2. Your bougainvillea makes a statement with its magnanimity. We have a couple put in last early fall that we hope will spring forth this year and look as good as they did as greenhouse dwellers here in our backyard. One has red leaves as its color production. I bought it because I believed it to be unusual looking. The other is pale pink.


    1. Carole: Yes, bougainvillea comes in a variety of colors, red being the most common. And yes, my monster bougainvillea makes a statement for sure, but it’s still a pain in the keister. Not so much as those other things I’ve cut down, but still …

      Good luck with yours, but be careful what you wish for, especially in the bougainvillea department.


  3. Nice shot, señor. The señora certainly adds to the picture, and the bougainvillea is outstanding. Just cannot grow the flower like that up here.


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