Scenes from over there

Why is that old, pinche pendejo Gringo photographing me?

THE FAMILY coffee shop was closed yesterday (rare) so I was forced to hit the competition. There’s plenty of that around the plaza, competition, but my favorite is way over there, and it was there where I sat with a café expreso for a spell.

It was late afternoon. And quiet.

I never order café expreso at the family joint because the aging machine does not make good café expreso. But since I was sitting at the competition, I ordered expreso.

It’s a small world, they say, and as I sat there solo my sister-in-law walked by — on the way to her dentist  — and a bit later her son, our nephew, the Little Vaquero, walked by in the opposite direction, returning home from the gym. He’s 16.

I also shot the photo below. Like the first, it was while sitting with my café expreso. I didn’t even have to stand up. Call me the Lazy Photographer.


22 thoughts on “Scenes from over there

  1. Certainly wish you would ask the first guy what he really thinks of you taking that pic.

    See what happens when you break routine: more nice shots.



  2. Forced changes bring new perspectives even if it is just a view or a cup of café expreso. I kinda like voluntary changes myself, especially now in my life.


    1. Peggy: Yep, this forced change of a new coffee shop view did the trick. But I’ll be back at the old place soon enough. The coffee is free for me there.


      1. Ah, yes, Felipe, but is the coffee really free if the competition’s coffee tastes better? 😉


  3. Photography captures tell their own story. A handsome 20-something. Love the negro/blancos. Did I say this right? Lord knows what I’m really saying in Spanish when I visit SOTB.


    1. ….. my sometimes troublesome inquiring mind kept asking, is it espresso or expresso? Dictionary allows both with the ‘s’ being the Italian version and the ‘x’ being the newly adapted. But because you are a Mexican National, you can spell it expreso . 🙂


        1. I was wondering on that one myself. This is what WordReference says: English- espresso; Spanish – expreso. So since you italicized, indicating the Spanish, you are 100% correct.


          Kim G
          Redding, CA
          Where “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves” sits happily on the bookshelf.


  4. Now I am reminded why I keep checking your column. I love your black & white photos. I can’t even come close. And since it was there, I clicked on your Photo Gallery for renewed appreciation. I like the close-ups of people, and I never have the nerve to do that, or even ask if I can photo someone. Thanks.

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    1. Phil: Thanks for the positive feedback. I don’t have the nerve to get into people’s faces either. That’s where zoom lens come in. I was a pretty good distance away from the young man. He does seem to be looking right at me, but I had the little camera sitting flat on my table pointing in his direction. I doubt he knew I snapped him.

      Don’t know why your comment went to moderation. I didn’t do it.


  5. The guy in the picture has a look on his face like he’s been caught flat-footed doing something he shouldn’t. Good shot!


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