The weekend update

MEXICANS VIEW Friday and Saturday as the weekend, not Saturday and Sunday. At least that’s what my child bride tells me.

So I wonder what Sunday is. Maybe it’s just the day you go to Mass.

This business of Friday and Saturday being the weekend is akin to Mexicans’ thinking that a week has eight days instead of seven, and two weeks amount to 15 days instead of the 16 they would have if one week has eight.

Where’s the logic? There is none.

These are a few examples of why I say living in Mexico is like living in Alice’s Wonderland. There’s always a huge cat grinning in a tree somewhere.

Phil in Arizona emailed me yesterday, asking about the progress on the upstairs terraza dome. I’ll tell you what I told him. There is none. We’ve been shopping for glass, which turned out to be a whale of a lot more costly than I anticipated.

I finally got a price of 98,000 pesos, which is a bit over $5,000 in dollars. The initial price I got from the first business I asked was a stunning 280,000 pesos, almost $15,000 U.S.

That’s what I paid for the Honda CR-V new, and it’s one-fourth of what we paid to construct the entire Hacienda. Sure, those were 10 and 16 years ago, respectively, but still.

On Wednesday, I made the 50 percent deposit on the 98,000-peso deal. They say it will be installed in two to four weeks. Don’t count on two weeks. With luck, it’ll be four.

* * * *

Stunning stupidity

In one week more, I’ll have a story to tell. It’s a very Mexican story, one that made me steaming mad, and I do not get mad easily. I’m still mad.

It’s a two-pronged story of stupidity. But, for reasons I will explain in another week, I cannot get into it now. It may bring bad luck. I am superstitious.

And as things stand so far, all is well. Fingers crossed.

20 thoughts on “The weekend update

  1. Inflation. It controls everything.

    To quote that famous philosopher, “Stupid is as stupid does.” We have all been there.

    And expect the best. It’s a blessing that our worst forecasts so often turn out so wrong.


  2. Sounds like a four-day workweek with Sunday being a bonus day down there. As for the glass, the price doesn’t sound bad considering y’all will soon be using the terrace year-round. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thirsty: Of course, the glass price I settled on would be a steal above the border, but it surprised me down here even though I guess it should not have. It’s a whale of a lot of tempered, thick glass.

      Dunno why your comment was sent to the moderation pile. I didn’t do it. WordPress is flawed.


      1. Felipe: During my long and unstoried career, I did art glass, not to be confused with stained glass, which entails painting and firing the glass. In a course I took (which gave me a university credit) it was explained that glass is an anomaly. It is between solid and liquid. That is why when you look at a window that is several hundred years old, it has sag lines. So, when you are sitting on the terraza 300 years from now, don’t be surprised if it falls on your head. Also, during that career, I designed, contracted and supervised supply and construction of numerous greenhouses used for salmon hatcheries and growout. We used the plastic stuff because when we ran the numbers on it, calculating a life expectancy of seven years, it was not worth the cost to use glass.

        As for the Honda, they’re long-lasting.


  3. I didn’t realize it was tempered glass. No wonder it cost so much. NOB we would have to use tempered, but I assumed you would no such requirements. One thing about glass: it lasts forever unless you break it. You can’t quite say that for your Honda. I’m curious how it is going to be installed. In old skylights, and some greenhouses, it is overlapped like shingles. Better start collecting prices on caulking compound. Phil


    1. Phil: I’m not sure about the Honda. Ten years now, and nary a lick of trouble. As for the glass, it will not be overlapped like shingles. And as for caulking compound, that will all be done on installation and not by me.

      Mexicans can do anything.


  4. It was like ten days or two weeks, depending upon how you figure it, without a post. I was afraid you were crushed under the weight of those box beams and some really expensive glass.

    I worked glass for about three years. I think you would do better with wire glass or laminated glass. Just my opinion. Tempered glass cannot be cut. They have to make the panel to fit the opening. Some of the old guys used to say that the outer quarter inch could be trimmed, but I never saw anyone do it successfully. Good luck with the project.


  5. I’m on the edge of my seat for the outcome of both events … glass ceiling and superstitious stunning stupidity story! It must be good because you’ve been very quiet of late.


  6. I wondered about the glass. Your descriptions sounded expensive. Just the frame would have been incredibly expensive here, as I believe you pointed out.

    I look forward to read what has you steamed. I’ve read a lot of comments on things you’ve written that would have jerked my chain, but you always seem to keep your cool. Must be pretty stupid to rattle you.


    1. Ray, P.S.: As for the obstreperous leaving comments here on occasion, and my keeping my cool, note that they are no longer leaving obstreperous comments. There are many ways to skin the cat.


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