The early anniversary

Just after returning late in the afternoon. Note brown grass of Springtime at left.

WE CELEBRATED the first stage of our two-weekend, 17th anniversary on Sunday by driving clockwise around the lake and stopping at the German restaurant.

I had German sausage and sauerkraut, and my child bride went for trout a lá pistachio. Both were above average. Next weekend, we’ll repeat the route to celebrate again but at a different joint. Lots of restaurants to be found out there, especially if you drive clockwise.

Seventeen years is a long time to be married, especially if it’s a third marriage, which it is for me but not for her. She’s not a repeat offender. I was married to my first wife a bit over five years, to my second a tad over 10 years though I lived with No. 2 about 19 years.

So we have another two years to top all relationship records for me.

I like being married. My head drifts and my heart cracks when I’m single. I tend to lose my mind.  If I’d done it right in the first place, marrying a Mexican, my entire life would have been different. I highly recommend Mexican wives.

Mexican husbands, nah, not so much. I hear things.

Photo I like, the various elements. Stone, brick, color, mushroom, clay tile, Nissan tail light.

21 thoughts on “The early anniversary

    1. Perry: Gracias. And yes, the bougainvillea is impressive. Keeping it in check, however, is a monumental, never-ending task. Bougainvilleas never stop growing, ever.


  1. Happy anniversary senor. Nice photos indeed. I’m curious. Wouldn’t you pass the same number of restaurants if you drove counterclockwise ?


    1. Brent: Thanks for the positive feedback. Always appreciated.

      As for the direction of driving around the lake, you get to the best restaurants quicker if you drive clockwise. One can head out from the Hacienda in the other direction, but you’ll take longer getting there. I guess it depends on one’s level of hunger.


    1. Ray: Thanks. Less time than you, I know, but you’re not a multiple offender. As for its being an oddity up there, it’s just one of many examples of a crumbling society. Sad. It’s a good time to be old.


    1. Peggy: Normally, I would recommend a Mexican spouse for longevity. However, since you’re not a lesbian, you’d be looking at a Mexican guy. Alas, I can’t recommend one as spouse material. I’m sure there are some exceptions, but lord knows where.


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