Dismal month of May

Sea of crispy grass. In eight more weeks, this will resemble a jungle in Chiapas.

WE’VE JUST BEGUN the worst month of the year. The best month is November, but this is the miserable month of May, the final wheeze of the dry season. Next month will bring the refreshing, daily downpours.

But for now, it’s dead grass and dust. We keep the windows closed for the most part to keep dust and heat outside. Well, what passes for heat here, which is a cakewalk compared to a summer in New Orleans or Houston, my old haunts.

People here complain about “the heat.” My child bride is especially prone to this. I snort and tell her she should spend a few summer days in Texas or South Louisiana. Then she would know heat. What we have here in May is a bit of discomfort, nothing more.

Speaking of the daily rains which are heading down the highway toward us, we’d like to get the entire glass roof atop the upstairs terraza in place before the skies open. Next Wednesday marks a month since I paid the deposit. They’ve installed six panes, and they have about 50 more to go. I’ll stop by their place Monday to bitch and moan.

Other news is that a nice couple just vacated our downtown Casita yesterday after a two-month stay, so it’s available for vacation rentals now. Just so you know.

For you, a special price. The Moon discount.

But back to May, we’ve actually been blessed a bit this year. It seems less unpleasant than previous Springs. We’ve used the air cooler less than usual upstairs in the evenings while we munch on salads and watch Netflix. And while it’s a tad warm in the bedroom as we drift off to sleep with the windows open, when 5 a.m. arrives it’s quite chilly.

Mornings are good here. Most things are good here.

10 thoughts on “Dismal month of May

  1. We’ve had horrendous fires on the mountains this past week caused by campers! Still smoldering in some areas. Communities came together to help the bomberos with water, food, tools and volunteering. Need the rains! Lots of smoke and dust here and at Lakeside. Get your glass up! And those curtains made. I think the rains are going to come with a vengeance this year.


    1. Felipe, will echo Peggy’s comments. May in Gringolandia is not starting off very well. Fires were worrisome, but we were in no immediate danger. Weather has been very warm and dry. Rain birds are singing so maybe the rainy season will start early this year. It’s pleasant in the morning but uncomfortable at bedtime. Hope you get your glass installed before the rains start.



      1. Troy: Well, sure it’s warm and dry. It’s May! The worst month of the year down here. No fires over in this direction that I know of, and thank the Goddess for that. As for the rain, I want it nice and dry till I get our glass roof completely installed. I’m gonna go nag them this coming week, get them off their duffs.


  2. Maestro: If I may dare to paraphrase one of Jennifer Rose’s most recent and pathetic puns, your post about the dry weather took the words right out of my rain gauge, which has been bone dry for six or seven months.

    Fortunately, like your place, our hilly location, compared with San Miguel’s Centro, which lies at the bottom of a bowl, gives us some cool breezes late in the afternoon (like right now) and evening that cool the place down. Otherwise, it’s just dust blowing around, stirring up the trash, mostly plastic, along with cowshit particulates and smoke from brush fires Not a good scene.

    I’m just describing, not complaining. We just got back from Florida where everything was green all right, but the heat mugginess was awful. It could be worse, much worse. And out the window I see some gray clouds promising relief, maybe overnight.

    I must let you go to continue lighting fireworks in honor of the Holy Cross.



    1. Señor Lanier: I used to mess with a rain gauge, years actually, but then I lost interest. It rains every day in the rainy season, and then it doesn’t. I accept whatever. Maybe I’m becoming more Mexican.

      But we do not get cool breezes in the late afternoon. It does cool down due to the sun setting, but our upstairs really holds onto the heat in the early evening, so much so that at times we have turned off Netflix early and fled downstairs where the higher ceiling makes a significant difference, notably cooler. That has not happened so far this year because, as I mentioned, it seems less warm so far this spring than most years. May it continue so. By 5 a.m. or so, it’s cooled considerably every day.

      As for Florida, and the entire southeastern U.S., you can have it, weather-wise. I spent almost my entire life there before wising up and flying over the Rio Bravo. As for rain, I hope it holds off till we get our upstairs terraza fully covered with glass.

      Holy Cross? I leave the fireworks to the Mexicans.


  3. Here in the desert, we are blessed by low humidity. It does get hot during the day, but mornings are cool and fresh. I have visited Florida in the summer, when even a walk on the beach at sunrise is a hot muggy affair.


  4. May is a perfect month here on the coast. The weather is milder than what it will be in a month or two, the rains have not yet begun (but will be welcome when the heat slides up the thermometer), and the crowds of tourists are between onslaughts (to resume once school lets out in July).

    When I bought the house, I used the pool all of the time. Even in winter. As you said about yourself, I must be getting more Mexican. The pool was simply too cool for me this winter. But, on Saturday, it was warm enough to stand in while reading The Economist. It is days like this that make me realize my great wisdom in retiring here.

    Perfect? No. And the heat of September will be proof of that. But it is pretty darn good for a boy from Powers who never imagined he would be bleaching his head in Mexico while reading a British magazine


    1. Señor Cotton: Seems our two towns reside in very different climates. But if you take the entire year into consideration, I’ll stick with the usually cool weather hereabouts. It’s normally delightful.


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