The blessings of Trump

I BRING THIS to you as a public service.

If you’re already a Trump fan, it will just reinforce your wise choice. If you’re not, then it will just twist your knickers! So this video is dual-purpose.


13 thoughts on “The blessings of Trump

  1. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I have to agree with this young lady. There is a contest from the left to see who can go even further than the last bad idea. I can only hope they start falling off the edge soon and into the dust bin of history.


    1. Kirk, P.S.: I’m a little slow on the uptake at times. Just occurred to me why you said you have no dog in this fight. You’re Canadian, right? Even so, I think everyone has a dog in the fight because what happens in the U.S. has global repercussions. I’d like to think that being out of the U.S. permanently means I have no dog in the fight either, but I do. As the U.S. goes, so does the world to a great extent. There’s no escaping it.


    1. Gerard: The young lady presents numerous reasons for supporting Trump, concrete reasons with details.

      And your response? Name-calling, which is the default response of Democrats in recent years. The sole alternative is simply screaming. That’s what you guys have. Name-calling and screaming.



      1. Well, to be fair, as Mr. Keller pointed out above there are ideas in addition to any name-calling and screaming that might be happening. It’s true that some consider those ideas – like universal health care and affordable education and an America’s-greatest-era tax structure – to be socialism, but then the same socialism label was leveled at Social Security and Medicare and they seem to be pretty successful, and also highly popular.


        1. Creigh: I’m quite fond of Social Security. But if it did not exist, I would have made other life plans. And yes, the Democrats do have ideas. It’s not entirely about name-calling and screaming.


  2. As you know, I am not a Trump fan. However, this young woman lays out the road map that is going to lead to a lot of people who are not particularly happy with the president to support his re-election. Watching the mau-mauing of Biden is an omen of what lies ahead in the Democrat primaries.

    I watched Spielberg’s Lincoln again two nights again. He made it partly as a rebuke against the Republican House who opposed Obama’s policies. The analogy is rather transparent. Now, that the political control has changed in the House and the White House, the analogy works just as well. Though, I doubt Spielberg would be happy to hear that.

    I had lunch last week with a couple who are charter members of the Resist Trump movement. The wife said he was dead meat because his popularity must be somewhere around 10%. She knew one who supported him. When I pointed out that Trump’s current popularity (50% positive to 49% negative according to one poll) was higher than Obama’s was at the same point in 2011, she became almost apoplectic in disbelief. She accused me of passing around Russian-inspired propaganda.

    I have a greater faith in the American voter than do you. But these encounters disenhearten me. The Democrats have a great opportunity to hone a message that a majority of the American people could support (they showed that type of flexibility in the 2018 House election and completely muffed it in the Senate races). I suspect they will take the purity road as they did with McGovern and the Republicans did with Goldwater.

    Liberal democracy in America functions best when its parties speak to people as a nation.


    1. Señor Cotton: I remain cautiously optimistic that one day you will see the light and jump enthusiastically onto the Trump Train as all clear-thinking people have long done. As for the Democrats’ mau-mauing Biden, it sounds delightful, but you surely would be labeled an unrepentant racist in some (Democrat) circles with that witty observation even though I see it actually is in the dictionary, lower-case, in the way you intend it. Kudos to you. Never heard of that usage.


  3. I am afraid facts do not matter any more. The media, propaganda that is, pits one faction against another. The depth of hatred is extreme.

    The Trump administration could work all sorts of miracles, and the never-Trumpers would hate him even more. We elected him because he saw the problems and promised to do something about them. He brought jobs home. His specialty is bankruptcy, and our nation is pretty much there.
    And yet the Democrats keep promising all sorts of benefits without any idea how to pay for them. If we confiscated all of the nation’s wealth, we still would not make a dent in the national debt. The Democrats offer no solution. In fact they don’t even recognize the problem. They call him cheeto, and they mock his polyester hair. I don’t care what he looks like, and I don’t care how many women he has had. I don’t care!

    We elected him to fix the situation, not to be a rock star. And our nation has become the destination for all the so-called downtrodden in the world. Everyone wants to be there when the piñata is busted. This will not end well.


  4. It is always good entertainment to watch the comments grow when you post these pro-Trump videos.

    I have slowly come around to the opinion that the USA may do better than I first thought, and you often predict; that is, the younger set just may turn out to be more conservative politically than given credit for.

    Being a fairly old codger, I hope to live to see it.


    1. Ricardo: Pro-Trump posts invariably receive less feedback in spite of most regular commenters here being politically conservative. I think it’s indicative of how cowed people have become by the forces of political correctness. As for your optimism, I surely hope you are correct. I, however, remain pessimistic.


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