Glass roof all done


WELL, NOT entirely done because lots of other aspects are to come, but the glass is all installed, and not a minute too soon. It rained in Mexico City a few days ago, and it even drizzled here briefly Friday while the guys were finishing our installation.

Maybe the rainy season will start early this year. It’s possible.

For those new to this project, here’s background.

It already needs a wash, but rain will do that nicely.
Pile of clay tiles that topped the partial roof on the upstairs terraza for 16 years.
We had regular windows here for two years, but the summer rains were a major problem. Leaks! So I had the windows removed and glass bricks installed. Problem solved.

Sharp observers will note that, due to having no walls, the upstairs terraza remains highly open to rain. This will be resolved with canvas curtains. Two are already on order.

Stay tuned!

16 thoughts on “Glass roof all done

    1. Ms. Shoes: A nice set of garden sofa and chair(s). Perhaps the extra TV we still have for those stuffy springtime evenings inside with Netflix and salads. Ceiling fan/light. And my better half plans to have a bunch of plants. I have told her, however, that I will do squat with plants. I am planted out. We’ll see. She likes to dream of green spaces, but she then does next to nothing to care for them. She has a “garden” of potted plants that she deposited outside her pastry kitchen. It looks like hell due to getting virtually no care whatsoever. It’s a mini-Chernobyl no-go zone, or rather it appears to be so.


  1. Very nice. Given your well-known proclivities for destroying all green living things inside the walls of your compound, I see no plants in this structure’s future.


    1. Ray: You’re a funny fellow, but actually my wife has all manner of green dreams for this space. I have told her that she’s 100 percent on her own with it. Count me out.

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  2. Well done, sir.

    You have inspired me. The pole of my courtyard umbrella has succumbed to dry rot or wet rot or something. It broke clean through yesterday. A replacement is needed. But I am not certain it should be replaced by a giant umbrella.

    That umbrella is so large, it interferes with the lines of the house when visitors enter. I am thinking of opening that space and installing a gazebo in front of each of the two planters on that side of the house. Or maybe two pool cabanas that are so popular with the all-inclusive resort set.

    Either way, I intend to join you in the home improvement world in the near future.


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