Oh, those Democrats!


bernTHERE’S LOTS of loco in American politics, primarily on the left-hand side.

For instance, the Democrat Party is chockablock with people who dis “old white men” as being the source of all problems.

And yet, who are the current front-runners for next year’s Democrat nomination for president? One assumes the polls are based on questions put to Democrat voters.

Bingo! Two old white men! Joe Biden is 76 and would turn 78 just weeks past next year’s presidential election and would turn 82 in his hypothetical, first presidential term.

It’s even worse for Bernie Sanders, a year older than Joe. Ole Bern would turn 83, if he’s still breathing, in his hypothetical first presidential term. Sitting presidents who seek re-election win more often than lose, so both would be pushing 90 at the end of their second terms.

So these guys are certainly old — really old — and definitely white.

Don’t Democrats pay attention to what’s coming out of their mouths?

You just gotta chuckle at them. I sure do.

crenshawI have nothing against white men, old or young. Here’s who will get my support for president after Trump completes his second term. The one-eyed Dan Crenshaw. He’s got quite a political future ahead of him.

He likely should wait till 2028, however, because presidents who complete two full terms are almost always followed by a president of the opposing party.

Trump will be president for eight years, of course.

Alas, I probably will be either in the ground or hopelessly senile in 2028, but I wish Crenshaw well.

16 thoughts on “Oh, those Democrats!

  1. When I drive into town I often am not heard saying, “crazy old white man.” One can just tell. I will have to check into Crenshaw.


    1. Señora Peggy: You’re not heard saying that because you’re not a Democrat. As for Crenshaw, he’s great. I’m a big fan. I see him as the future of the Republican Party.


  2. These loonies will for sure put Trump back into the White House and probably get us the House back to boot. They hate President Trump so much they cannot function.

    I see in the news that Ms. Ocasio Cortez says that cauliflower is a racist vegetable. I wonder what her standing is on black-eyed peas? I also see that Candace Owens was suspended from Facebook because she is a racist. She made some comments about the black family. Things are getting really insane lately. Jerry Nadler had some sort of fit. It looks like all their dirty dealings are going to be public knowledge soon.


    1. Señor Gill: I cannot imagine that Trump won’t be re-elected. The Democrat lineup so far makes Hillary look attractive, and that’s saying something. I imagine what Candace Owens said about the black family is that it was better off 70 years ago than now, and it was. Their illegitimacy rate is through the roof.

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    1. Señor Lanier: You are not in the penalty box, and Lord knows where your lost comments went. Do you actually hit the “send” button? They did not come this way. I check my spam and trash files regularly.

      What is Gravatar? You’re a hoot. See that photo of you to the left of your comments here? That’s your Gravatar. The official description of Gravatar is “a service for providing globally-unique avatars.”


  3. Bernie isn’t a Democrat, as I am inevitably reminded on several blogs I read. Many people hate him because they blame him for Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016. Personally, I think he would have beaten Trump (but then I thought Hillary would too, so what do I know?).

    I think what elected Trump was 50 years of neoliberal economics. Policies that were supported by both Republicans and Democrats, like shifting of the tax burden from capital to labor, globalization of finance and industry, and deliberate weakening of unions resulted in 50% of the people in this country having essentially zero net worth. These people figured why not take a flyer on a reality TV businessman. An economic system where 50% of people have nothing to lose is not compatible with democracy.


    1. Creigh: Sure, Bernie’s a Democrat. If you run on the Democrat ticket, you’re a Democrat regardless of how nutty you are.

      As for what elected Trump, who cares? Not me. I’m just having fun watching him do his thing. By the way, if Trump had been facing Ole Bern instead of Hillary, Trump would have won by an even larger margin, far larger. That’s what I think.


  4. Would Rep. Crenshaw be eligible to serve as President? He was born in Scotland to U.S. citizens. I am not sure how the requirement “natural born citizen” would apply in his situation.


    1. Karl: A similar question arose with Ted Cruz who was born in Canada. His father was a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Cuba, and his mother was born in Delaware. He, of course, was runner-up for the GOP nomination in 2016, so I imagine the issue was not anything that would have blocked his nomination. It would not have gone so far had it been impossible for him to be president. I imagine the same would apply to Crenshaw. Both his parents were U.S.-born, making his situation even less complicated than that of Cruz.

      During the nomination process in 2016, lots of Cruz haters, and they were legion, were saying he was ineligible to be president. I imagine the same will happen to Crenshaw and with the same results.

      I am a yuge fan of Cruz and think he would have made an excellent president. I believe he would have presided more or less like Trump is doing but with less thin skin.


  5. If you haven’t, watch Ben Shapiro’s interview with Crenshaw on the Shapiro Sunday Special. I have to say that I found him quite clear-headed and sensible when I listened.

    And as an aside, it’s interesting (and for the Democrats, not in a good way) how the Democratic Party is becoming a gerontocracy. You look at all these vigorous young Republicans — Crenshaw, Cruz, Rubio, Haley, Paul, Walker, among others — and then compare them with the doddering Pelosi, Sanders, Clinton, Schumer, Hoyer, and the others. The only young, nationally-known Democrat, Ocasio Cortez, is an idiot, and probably considered as such by a large percentage of her own party too. Doesn’t bode well for the Dems. Yet it’s amazing how much of a pass they get for their doddering leadership, and their general lunacy.

    As you know, I’m (still) a registered Democrat, but the Party has left me behind. Until they rejoin reality, I’m probably going to be voting Republican. And for a gay person, that’s not the horror it used to be. Sure, there are plenty of Republican homophobes, but for most, particularly the younger ones, sexuality is just not an issue at all. And whatever anyone says, I believe gay marriage is here to stay, and full legitimacy for gays will stay with it.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where there are more political kindred spirits than in either the Bay Area or Boston.


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