Run, don’t walk!

A YEAR AGO, a gay New York hairstylist, Brandon Straka, began the #WalkAway Movement. If you get your news from Huffpost, The New York Times, Washington Post, Mother Jones and their unsavory ilk, you likely know nothing of it.

The movement exploded like a Mexican skyrocket. People are publicly abandoning the Democrat Party in droves. There is no counter movement of people leaving the Republican Party because it’s a one-way boulevard. Voters are abandoning the party of victimhood, socialism, race-baiting, fake Indians and, increasingly, anti-American Mohammedans. I walked away about a decade ago. I’m a trailblazer.

Great anniversary video. Break out the champagne!

12 thoughts on “Run, don’t walk!

  1. I’ll do you one better, Felipe. I’ve effectively walked away from nearly all political news, right or left, which has become like agitation and propaganda, rather than informative. It’s making people grouchy and humorless, rather than better informed. Grrr.


    1. Señor Lanier: And in what state would we be if all people ignored political news? Not a good one. I submit that what you’re doing is precisely like the ostrich with his head in the sand. I also submit that much of what has you grouchy and humorless comes from your own party. Save yourself! Walk Away! I did, and I feel so much better for it. As blacks are discovering, being Democrat is not a requirement for them, lots of gays are coming to the same conclusion. Straka for one, and our mutual pal Kim G.

      Time to wake up and smell the java!

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  2. Wow! A teary-eyed “I need a hug”! Funny stuff, amigo! So many walked away the Democrats took the House last year. Once again we’re seeing an alternate reality from the right. I hope you don’t frantically delete many of your blog posts when your homey gets run out of office. #Runaway


    1. Gerard: Straka is getting lots of hugs these days and deservedly so. Yeah, the Democrats retook the House, but that’s historically what happens in that scenario. They’ll lose it again. Take it to the bank. As for my homey losing next year, there is no chance of that. Hold onto your sombrero!


  3. Oddly enough (not really) the walkaway fellow, although he denies it, have used stock photos in memes to portray people who supposedly have joined the group! So much for truth in advertising. Shocking!


  4. Sr. Felipe, you’re late to the party. The whole former Confederacy had converted from being Dixiecrats to Republicans by the 1990s. The last Democratic governor of Texas, and just about the last Democratic statewide officeholder was Ann Richards, elected in 1990.

    As to no Republicans switching, Elizabeth Warren was previously a Republican. And I’m proud to note that my home state elected no Republicans to state wide office in 2018, switching the governorship and the last congressional district from R to D.


    1. Creigh: It won’t be the first time I’ve been late to a party. And I never said no Republicans had ever switched parties. There is simply no WalkAway Movement from the GOP. As for the faux squaw leaving the Republicans, good riddance. You guys can have her.


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