June dawns beautifully

Fresh coat of paint, a ceiling fan and two curtains.

AND WE’RE STILL working on the upstairs terraza’s renovation. Yesterday it was painted. The same color as before, but now it’s gussied up like a Saturday night hooker.

You can also see the two canvas curtains installed recently to keep out rain. Thursday night, not expecting rain, they were rolled up when a monster storm arrived, and blew in quite a bit of water. Not like in the olden days when we had a lake out there the entire five months of the rainy season, but it was a bother.

My child bride mopped it up early yesterday before the painter arrived.

We’re still grappling with how best to keep rain out. The curtains were my first idea, but due to high winds that sometimes accompany rain, I’m not convinced of their durability. We’re now thinking of awnings in those two other open areas.

The awnings would extend downward enough to keep most rain out, and they would be attached more firmly, and they would not obstruct the mountain view.

Toward the sex motel.

Facing the other direction, toward the sex motel, you see an oddly shaped open space that favors neither curtains nor awnings. Soon that will be closed off with the same reddish-brown canvas of the curtains, but permanently fixed with a steel frame.

This first day of June, however, debuted beautifully. It rained last night but none of it blew into the upstairs terraza, which is how we like our rain. Courteous.

It’s cool and sunny, but it likely will rain later today. May it be a mild one.

Life goes on.

16 thoughts on “June dawns beautifully

  1. How about some short bungee cords to hold the bottom? They would hold the curtains tight, but give when there was a gust of wind. It looks nice, and the ceiling glass is working out great, as shown by the shadows.


    1. Phil: The base of each curtain already has two hooks that keep the curtains from flailing about, same concept but with a little less give-and-take, of course. Time will tell. Yes, the ceiling glass is working fine.


  2. Congratulations! It looks great … and enormous, at least through the lens of the camera. No wonder you needed all that steel to span the open space and support glass. It could be a perfect place to set up a carnitas restaurant. Check with you wife what she thinks. You could charge extra for the view.


    1. Señor Lanier: It is quite large. It covers the bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet and hallway downstairs. As for opening a restaurant, don’t give my wife any ideas. Anyway, customers would have to parade through the house to get up there.

      Just found your comment in the Trash file. Odd.


  3. The terrace is looking good, Dude! But I’m betting bucks to bippies y’all will have a new sauna — until you get those shades in place! Still, a brolly will work in the interim. Cheers!


    1. Dan: Looking good indeed. It is. It would have been a bit of sauna in April and May in midday, but not now. But shade is in the works. It’s an ongoing project. God only knows when it’s gonna end.


  4. Felipe, that turned out great! We have an awning that blocks the Texas sun in the afternoon. It is attached to the edge of the patio ceiling and we have a tool that unrolls it straight down. When it’s not in use it is out of the way.


    1. Thirsty: If it rolls straight down, it sounds more like a curtain than an awning. We also have a tool that rolls ours straight down. And, yes, so far the project is looking good. Thanks for the feedback.


  5. It looks great! I’ve been watching your progress but was up at our cabin for the month of May so public wifi only. Just got back for a week so unlimited internet! Cheers.


    1. Ms. Shoes: Still no furniture aside from those two steel chairs in the photo, not really comfy. We have yet another canvas covering on order to close the weird-shaped opening that faces the sex motel. Then we’ll be ordering some patio furniture, comfy stuff, from Amazon. As for plants, my child bride wants plants out there, and I’ve told her that is entirely up to her. I’m as far out of plant business as I can get.

      Gifts? Maybe we’ll register at Liverpool.


  6. I was hoping we would beat you to the first rain of the season. But Guadalajara seems to have stolen ours. I am certain they would have gladly traded some flooded streets for our continuing sunshine. If we had oranges, we could be Florida.


    1. Señor Cotton: Clouded up some yesterday, but it did not rain. Day before either, but we’re obviously easing into it. It’s cooler. The Goddess is in her heaven, and all is right with the world.


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