The awakening yard

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Miniature roses and golden datura abut the Alamo Wall.

PLANTS THAT have sat dormant through dusty springtime are coming to their senses. Blame the rain. There are good and bad aspects to this transformation.

Among the good are that our rose bushes make roses and — mostly good but not entirely — the golden datura creates its reportedly hallucinogenic blooms. Alas, after a couple of days, they shrivel up and drop to the ground where I have to pick them up.

But the datura is mostly a positive thing here. See this brief video.

One definite downside to June and the upcoming months is that the grass wakes up which requires me to hire our neighbor the Deadpan Yardman to mow the lawn every Saturday. Weedeat too. I wish we had no grass at all. That’s my dream.

I’ve been on a successful plant-removal campaign the last year or so. The only trash-tossing plant left is the loquat, and I’m working up to that one. My child bride will be a hindrance. I’d also like to replace more grass with stone and concrete, but not this year.

Oddly, in spite of my wife’s opposition to my plant murders, she wants to zap the monster aloe vera. It tosses no trash. She just doesn’t like the look of it. We have two about this size. It does need to be trimmed back. I’ll give it that.

In late summer, the aloe vera puts out big, lovely flowers that last for weeks.

And, of course, if you get a burn, it’s there to provide solace. Tons of it.

The aloe vera does have a wicked look. Reminds me of me.

6 thoughts on “The awakening yard

    1. Señor Cotton: I had to look up Audrey II, and perhaps you have a point too. I rather like the rakish charm of the monster aloe vera.

      But it does need a trim. Little by little, I’m getting the yard into military order. It does not happen overnight. I envy your lack of grass.


      1. I am amazed at the people who try to cultivate lawns here at he beach. They harbor mosquitoes and scorpions — two guests I do not want to invite to my house.


        1. Señor Cotton: One the nice things about my mountaintop zone is that I’ve never seen a scorpion, not one. Alas, mosquitoes are another thing altogether.


  1. My lovely bride said, “Oh, my God” about your aloe vera. She has never seen one that big. No, giant would best describe it. I like the grass. I have had acres of it and do like the look, old habits, I guess. The grass I see down here is sure not what I would call grass back in the hinterland, but green is a nice color.


    1. Kirk: It is certainly a healthy hunk of aloe vera. I have another just like it. I planted them both when they were itsy-bitsy things and, like the monster bougainvillea I recently removed, it just grew and grew and grew.

      I planted aloe vera in my backyard in Houston back in the 1990s, and it never did squat. Must be something about the Mexican atmosphere.


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