One of God’s gifts


I’VE GOTTA lot of Mexican relatives. Some are nicer than others, and some are better-looking than others. This is one of the nicer, better-looking ones.

Her name is Chandra. When asked a couple of years ago why she is so pretty, she unhesitatingly responded: Because God made me this way.

Chandra is 8 years old. She has a brother, Jaime, who is also nice and good-looking. Jaime is 12, and he’s teaching himself to play the guitar. He’s also a choirboy.

Chandra and Jaime’s mother is named Alma, which is Soul in English. She is about 34 and quite beautiful. Their father, our nephew, died two years ago of cancer. Those were bad times, but things have improved.

Chandra and Jaime are always glad to see me. I like that.

I’m always glad to see them too.

I saw Chandra this afternoon at the coffee shop downtown where her mother is working part-time. The bunch of folks at the table behind her are more of my Mexican kin.

21 thoughts on “One of God’s gifts

  1. These days it’s dangerous for old white men to comment on the beauty of female children. Still, what you said is true. She’s a real cutie. I hope her Mom finds love after going through the tragedy of losing her husband. My half sister is in the same situation. She’s beautiful and intelligent but still not ready to consider suitors.


    1. Brent: Dangerous above the border for sure, but much less so down here where we embrace PC to a far less degree. However, the new mayor of Mexico City, a member of el Presidente Moonbat’s party, recently declared it okay for boys to wear skirts and girls to wear pants to school. Freedom and all, and equality too. The leftist plague is growing. Lord knows when we’ll start inviting Mohammedans to come on in. But I digress from the point of the post. Your fault.

      Even good-looking widows have problems finding new mates when they have not one but two children, and minors at that. It’s a serious stumbling block for them. As for your half sister, might want to point out to her that she has disadvantage already. Waiting till she’s older will make it worse. Older single women have far more trouble finding mates than do older single men. It’s just how Mother Nature operates.


      1. Yes. My fault. But seriously it’s got so bad up here that just sitting in the stands watching a kid’s soccer game invites scrutiny. I realize Mexico is different (thankfully.) And you’re right. My half sister is in her late 50s and it will get harder every year to find a suitable mate. I don’t really think she’s looking, which is okay too. I’m not sure I would be looking for anything serious if my wife disappeared for whatever reason. As things stand, I’m incredibly lucky and it appears you are too.


        1. Brent: Things are far better here on the PC, “equality,” victimization front, but the plague is spreading south slowly. Sad.

          If your sister is in her late 50s, she’s already got slim chances of finding another mate. After 50, a woman can usually resign herself to being single the rest of her life. As for my being lucky, now yes, most of my life no. Oh, well.

          Your comment went to moderation because, I think, there was a typo in your email address. I didn’t moderate you.


  2. He is right! Don’t pay too much attention to kids. Taking pictures of them will really get you in trouble. You will be labeled a creep and a pervert. Worse, you are a white guy. That means that you are guilty of all the woes of modern society. Beware of screaming women in their pink hats. Dirty old man!


  3. Little girls wearing pants to school. Little boys wearing skirts if they choose. The end of the world is quickly approaching!

    In other news, the polar ice caps are melting. The oceans are rising. Yawn!!!


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