Let’s laugh at leftists!

This would be funnier if it weren’t so true.

A CLEAR-THINKING amiga sends me this sort of stuff on occasion. Here are two you will — or won’t if you vote for Democrats — find entertaining.

People who still vote Democrat (I long did!) are always entertaining and worrisome at the same time due to the growing prevalence and danger of their nutty notions.

The above illustration focuses on Democrats’ loony love of Mohammedans, a religion that runs completely counter to the gods of diversity, equality, women’s rights, gay rights and all that other stuff Democrats crow about every day.

Go figger.

Bonus issue: Democrats also weep about the “oppression” of Palestinians, a totally bogus oppression, which they attribute mostly to the beastly nation of Israel, the only spot in the Middle East where women walk free and democracy reigns.

If you want to be knowledgeable about this faux oppression, watch this.

Now to the photo below. Perhaps you don’t know — if you read the New York Times, Huffpost, Slate, etc. — but there’s been lots of questioning about whether Michelle Obama is a transvestite. It seems some photos of her appear to show a crotch bulge.

I do not subscribe to that belief, nor do I think Weepy Barry was born in Kenya. There are — and continue to be — lots of reasons to dislike those two, but their gender and birthplace are not among them. You may disagree. Feel free.

Nothing gets past the queen.

16 thoughts on “Let’s laugh at leftists!

    1. Karl: It is, and quite truthful too. A leftist reader indicated to me on his own website that he thought that strip was criticizing Mohammedans. Actually, it’s criticizing Democrats. He missed the point entirely. They tend to do that.


  1. I find it strange that so few people are willing to comment upon a religion that seems to be based on hatred and murder. Excesses in all other religions come in for all sorts of criticism and humorous snide remarks.

    Democrats find it enjoyable to mock us Deplorables who do the work and pay the taxes. Yet they embrace the very ones wno want to toss their gay and LGBTXYZ friends off of tall buildings. Black lives matter, but not to those folks when they catch one eating pork ribs.


  2. I also find it strange that those who celebrate diversity want diversity for others, but not so much for themselves. If we bused migrants to the Canadian border and told them “run for it,” would the Canadians continue to be so judgmental of the U.S.?


    1. Robert Gill,

      Two things.

      I don’t think the Mexican government is busing citizens or other Latin Americans to the southern border and, secondly, there are many Central American refugees at the Canadian/U.S. border. They are entering the country as refugees and are being processed. There are many Canadians complaining about the numbers, but the difference that I see is that not everything is being blamed on these immigrants by our PM. For the record, I think our PM is a useless poser, an elitist apologist and an habitual liar and has embarrassed our country since he came into office. Much like your leader only from the left side as opposed to the right


      1. Karl: The Mexican government, especially since AMLO took office six months ago but before him too, is complicit in assisting (encouraging) the thousands of Central Americans heading up the middle of our country to the U.S. border. Perhaps complicit only in looking the other way, but I tend to think complicit in actually assisting them with transportation, money, food, you name it. There is powerful evidence of that. And since Trump threatened the tariff thing, well, Lordy me, just yesterday, Mexico agreed to make some meaningful effort in blocking the invasion from the south. Will they actually pull it off? Time will tell.

        Yes, the Canadian PM is a useless poser, but Trump is a national hero! For some reason, I view him as the 21st century’s Teddy Roosevelt.


        1. Oh come now, hombre! The agreement was in place long before the tariff threats! I know you have trouble with facts but that only works in your world. Not the real world. Sad.


      2. Yes, some love making problems for others. It takes guts to face up to these politicians. Schadenfreude! The people of Tijuana and Baja California had to support these pawns in this dirty trick. Nothing moves, not a leaf falls from a tree in Mexico without the presidents authorization.

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    2. Señor Gill: Their love of diversity does not include diversity of opinion. All other sorts of diversity yes, skin tone, nationality, religion (except Christianity), gender, etc. yes.

      But diversity of opinion, nah.


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