Drowning in irony

OUR NEW leftist president (known by his initials AMLO but whom I prefer to call El Presidente Moonbat) was inaugurated December 1st and quickly began to openly and malevolently encourage Central Americans to enter Mexico and head to the U.S. border with invasion on their minds. Not surprisingly, the illegals have flooded over from Guatemala.

Moonbat assisted them in various ways — transportation, food and Lord knows what else — until President Trump — the Blond Bomber whom America is so fortunate to have in the Oval Office — decided to take action with the tariff threat.

Moonbat folded like a warm tortilla.

He sent troops to Mexico’s southern border to stem the tide. The government has also begun to check identification of long-distance bus passengers in the northern border zone in spite of indignant cries of “invasion of privacy.” Yeah, sure.

As Central American illegals continue to pile up on our end, we Mexicans grow increasingly unhappy with the situation. According to a new poll published in El Universal newspaper, 61 percent of Mexicans want stricter border controls down south to keep out the illegal aliens. The percentage is up from 49 percent last October.

irony-alert-ironicI’m sure you can see the irony here, ¿no? We can invade the United States and demand our “rights,” but when Central Americans invade us, well, we don’t like it one little bit. Get them out of here, damned illegals!

Unlike in the United States where illegals do menial jobs cheaply and vote for Democrats,* we Mexicans have no need for people to do menial jobs cheaply. We already have lots of paisanos for that, and you cannot vote here unless you have a voter ID** which is only available with proof of citizenship.

Yes, in many ways we are sharper than the Gringos.

But Mexicans made a big mistake in voting for Moonbat.

Update: Another poll, this time by El Financiero, indicates only 36 percent of Mexicans want Mexico to accept illegals being shipped back from the United States.

* * * *

* How do you think Hillary won the popular vote?

** Full color, laminated and mugshot. I have one!

38 thoughts on “Drowning in irony

  1. Hey, I supported Meade, and I’d do it again. AMLO hasn’t been as bad as expected. Let’s not say that the folded; instead, let’s say that he understood the reasonableness of Trump’s demands, and he acted in the best interest of the Mexican republic. I’m happy that his rhetoric doesn’t match his actions. Day by day, AMLO is beginning to see the light.

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    1. Ms. Shoes: I too voted for Meade. AMLO has not been as bad as expected? Good Lord! He’s worse. You are not paying attention. My wife watches his daily morning news conference at 7 a.m. and reports back to me. By 8 a.m. breakfast, she’s got smoke coming out of her ears. AMLO is seeing the light? I can hardly believe what I’m reading here.


    2. Ms. Shoes, P.S.: My eyeballs cannot stop rolling in my head at your thinking AMLO is doing better than you expected. His cancellation of the much-needed CDMX airport was pure spite against the previous administration. He’s canceling government programs that provided lots of help to people, preferring direct cash handouts, i.e. blatant vote buying. His referendums, asking “the people” what they prefer about this, that and the other, stuff few people are qualified to answer, is a violation of the Mexican Constitution. No matter. He does it anyway. Budgets of public health facilities are being slashed. He needs cash to hand out to the people to win their continued love, and that is what he is doing, handing out cash directly. He constantly badmouths and name-calls previous presidents to sow division and public ill will against those who oppose him. You can take it to the bank that he’ll be getting the constitution changed so he can be re-elected, a president for life.

      Yeah, he’s really better than expected. Hold onto your sombrero. This is just getting started.

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      1. As only a media-informed outsider, way up in Canada, this is all so interesting. I’m wondering how much Mexican politicians might be influenced by the cartels, etc. — fear of, like, being killed!? That would certainly affect the way that they lead. Please enlighten me!


        1. Nelson: What are we in? The Twilight Zone? I visited your blog this morning for the first time in months, but I said nothing, and now here you are with a comment, also the first time in months. Are you psychic? Inquiring minds …

          How much are politicians here influenced by cartels? Hard to know. It definitely happens. Our mayor right here on the mountaintop was secretly taped chatting with a cartel honcho a few years ago. She got booted from office for it, if I recall correctly. That the bad guys send death threats to officials is a sure thing. It all makes for a very difficult situation.

          And now we have this new ding-a-ling president. Jeez.

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          1. Thanks for the info. I’m sure you have a unique perspective on it all down there. And — oh wow — that is a weird coincidence. I haven’t viewed your blog in about as long! I love stuff like this. In fact these little messages from the universe often validate or encourage decisions I make or directions I choose. Today’s coincidence with you supports that! (I’ll be posting an update to my blog later.) Many thanks for saying hi. Cheers!

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  2. Department of Beating a Dead Horse: The now disbanded commission, appointed by Trump, to investigate voter fraud by Martians, Mexicans and other aliens didn’t come up with anything. That is why it was disbanded. I don’t know why Trump doesn’t just admit he won the electoral vote but not the popular vote (just like George W. vs. Gore) and just leave it at that. According to the Constitution Trump’s victory is perfectly legit without bringing up the specter of millions of votes by undocumented immigrants. You won, Donald, now shut up.


      1. Which bank? Trump Lose Your Savings and Loan (free weekend at a Trump casino when opening an account with $10usd )?

        That has to be one of your most far from the truth posts ever. You’re hilarious!


        1. Gerard: I am an amusing fellow at times, but that illegals can and do vote in the U.S. is a fact. Many places only require you to flash your driver’s license to vote and they simply take your word that you’re a citizen. California is one of a number of states that hand out driver’s licenses to illegals as a matter of course.


          1. Trump’s commission could have used you. They couldn’t find any. But alternative facts seem to rule these days. The phenomenon has apparently reached even deep inside Michoacan.


          2. I’ve noted before the importance of having a good bullshit detector. One of the principles of BS detection is the more you want something to be true the more skeptical you should be that it is true and the more you should require evidence. It’s my guess that illegals are far more concerned with not attracting attention to themselves than they are with voting. And no, you can’t just flash a drivers license, you have to be registered to vote.

            On another subject, I’ve never understood the desire to restrict drivers licenses to citizens, which was a persistent dream of our last Governor. To get a drivers license you should have to present good evidence that you are who you say you are, live where you say you live, and have demonstrated competency to operate a motor vehicle. There are obvious reasons for this that have nothing to do with citizenship,


            1. Creigh: Who knows how many illegals vote? Nobody. I have no doubt whatsoever than some do, probably paid to do it by your party. Especially in California.

              No, you cannot vote just with a driver’s license. You have to register, of course. Registration forms normally ask if you’re a citizen. Many, probably most or even all of them, just require you to check yes or no. That’s it. No proof is required. They take your word for it. I have investigated this. So, after registering, you just head to the polls, flash your DL, and vote. That’s all there is to it in the United States. In Mexico, one must have a voter ID card, which you can only get with concrete proof of citizenship. Most use their birth certificate. I used my naturalization papers.

              I agree with you that getting a driver’s license should not be restricted to citizens. That would be silly. Many people are legally in the U.S. who are not yet citizens.


              1. I don’t know how many mojados vote, but it seems almost all of them are driving. No license, no insurance, no good sense about motor vehicles.
                My wife says that hit and run is the Mexican national sport. It seems to be true. Straight from the back of a burro to a Buick. Wham, bam, adios. Lo siento mucho.


                1. Señor Gill: Quite a few people drive here with no insurance. No driver’s licenses either. That’s why having your own insurance is so important. I’m insured up to the gills.


  3. Mexico News Daily, a periodical to which I subscribe, is reporting rioting in Chiapas by African illegals detained there. They demand better conditions from Mexico. This is a tactic long used in the U.S. by Mexican illegals detained here and their answer has been better living conditions than they had in their home country.


    1. Carole: Yes, I saw that. I too subscribe to MND, a good rundown in English on Mexican news and easier than plowing through the pompous, turgid prose of Mexican newspapers.


  4. “Folded like a warm tortilla” is the best line I’ve heard in a while. So glad you endorse its use.

    MexicoNewsDaily.com and your blog are my two most reliable sources of Mexican news.

    Please keep telling the truth, sir. I know you will.


    1. Ricardo: Thanks for the compliments. Always nice to hear.

      MND is a good news source. However, it’s just a news collector from other sources. No matter. It’s quite useful.


  5. Your information finally made it clear to me who is helping the immigrants get to our borders. I also had heard that your healthcare was decreasing. I find it amazing that you have to find your own BLOOD if you desperately injured.


    1. Beverly: You don’t always have to go out on the street to find your blood transfusion, but that seems to be one option, apparently an increasingly necessary one.


    2. Beverly, P.S.: There is also a good bit of suspicion that organizations funded by George Soros are underwriting the migrants’ voyages through Mexico. Plenty of blame to pass around.


  6. Well AMLO had his fun poking a stick in Mr. Trump’s eye, but now it is getting serious. Paybacks are a bitch.

    The wife’s cousin was volunteering with her church group to aid the immigrants, but now there are more immigrants than church members. Worse, the church is out of funds. Christian charity ends with bankruptcy.

    And now, that part of our society that for various reasons have been dependent upon the social welfare system are realizing that there is only so much money to fund these programs. The butter is getting spread pretty thin now. They don’t want to share their bounty with these interlopers. A good many of these Central Americans cannot even write or read. They have no real skills. What do they think they will do for a living in this country? How is someone that arrives in this country in a wheelchair going to support themselves?

    Worse, it seems that most are not immunized against those diseases that we had eradicated in this country. Measles and mumps are what they bring us. And now, we have Africans pouring over the border. Hello ebola.

    The local newspaper says that they came via Ecuador. They claim poverty, but they have been seen with rolls of hundred-dollar bills. Just where does this money come from? They seem to come from countries that have no regard for their people, no education or sanitary healthcare. The Democrats say the U.S. should invest more money into these nations to provide employment, but that money would only fund new palaces, fancy cars and European vacations for the elite.

    The people who run and operate those countries seem to think that pushing their unemployed off on another nation with earn them a plethora of remittances. I think they should have stayed where they came from and fixed those nations’ problems.

    I see New York is giving driving licenses to the illegal immigrants. Worse, they are giving them tuition assistance that those born in this country cannot access. This will not end well. The parasites will kill the host.


  7. Congratulations on stirring the pot once again. Couldn’t we just talk about building projects and bougainvilleas? (Just kidding.)

    I’ve got no horse in the race, but I hope that Trump prevails in 2020. Judging by the Democratic candidates so far he’s got a good chance. Our inept PM just met your blond bomber yesterday for some reason. I think he’s looking for a mentor because he clearly has no clue. Canada is quickly devolving into a Balkanized shithole country. We’re adopting progressive laws based on eternal victimhood and identity politics. Sad really.


  8. If ICE begins deporting thousands of these people, will AMLO go looking for Anglos to deport and confiscate their property? Seems like we have seen this before. Sençñor Zapata may find himself dumped in Nogales.


    1. Señor Gill: I am a Mexican citizen, so I cannot be deported. If Gringos without citizenship get deported, well, that’s okay with me. Most of them anyway, not all. I like some of them.


  9. I don’t know if there is any thing to this:


    Will it just be me and the cats here on Monday morning? About five years ago, ICE took away the two guys living next door. They left the women and kids. One guy was back in one day. He had to work the next day. The other took advantage and went to see his family. He was back in about two weeks.
    Comrade AMLO may send you some visitors. Shall we keep a light on for you?


  10. It is not true. He relented and cancelled the raids. I guess we can plan Sunday dinner now.


  11. The following is a comment by Kim G. He had trouble posting it here for some reason. He sent it to me via email:

    “Well, I don’t know about other states, but in California, the so-called “AB-60” driver’s license cannot be used for ID and has a special mark to indicate that it has been issued to an undocumented alien.

    From the DMV website:

    What is California AB-60?
    California Assembly Bill 60 ( AB-60) is a bill passed into law that, in effect, allows undocumented immigrants to the United States to apply for a California driver’s license with the CA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

    Previous to this bill, driver’s licenses were only issued to California residents who could prove their legal presence in the United States, usually by providing a Social Security number. Per AB-60, a California resident who cannot prove their legal presence in the U.S. can still apply for a driver’s license as long as they can prove their identity AND California residency, as well as pass all required tests for an original driver’s license.

    This is a special driver’s license that:

    May NOT be used for identification purposes.
    MAY be used to drive anywhere throughout the state of California.
    Has a distinguishing feature and notice on the front of the license indicating that it is for driving purposes only, per the AB-60 law (i.e. “DP” instead of “DL”).
    Cannot be used against the license holder to determine their immigration status or citizenship, or detain them in any way for reasons other than valid traffic violations.
    NOTE: California AB-60 does NOT allow for the issuance of a commercial driver’s license (CDL). To obtain a CDL in California, you must still provide a valid Social Security number.

    So I don’t think such a license could be used to vote. That said, when I lived in California, they never asked for ID at the polling places, but that was more than 20 years ago.

    All that said, I can’t believe that we don’t have illegals voting in this country. The states with the most illegals were openly hostile to the Trump Administration’s efforts to audit the voter rolls and most didn’t provide the requested information. The only question in my mind is how large the illegal vote is, e.g., does it affect elections or not. That is currently unknown.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I seem to recall that they are now asking for ID when voting.


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