Photographic memories

I’VE LABORED the last few days switching photos from one internet provider (SlickPic) to another (Flickr). There were over 500 shots, so it took quite a while, especially since I passed some of them through a service that gussied them up.

I reduced the 500+ to 425 but only 248 are visible to the public. You can see them here.

When my second wife kicked me to the curb in 1995, I left behind almost all photos taken during the 19 years I spent with her. And when I moved to Mexico in 2000, I culled even further. Most photos I have now were shot since I moved south.

But not all.

There are lots, and almost all are digital, i.e. online, nowhere else. One reason I moved to Flickr, which is far better than it used to be, is that it’s free (up to a point), and the photos will not vanish one year when I fail to pay. That could happen when I’m dead, and I want my child bride to have access to them.

During this process I came across some photos I’d not noticed in years, and I’m going to show a few to you. The first was taken in Mexico City in the 1970s. I was sitting with a French friend I’ve known since we met in the Air Force in 1963. He is a legal immigrant.

Atop the Torre Latinoamericana in Mexico City.

That’s me on the left, of course. I weighed about 225 pounds. Nowadays, I weigh about 165, making me rather skinny at 6′-3″ tall. I prefer the adjectives svelte, lean or trim. Skinny doesn’t sound good. I trimmed down around 1980 with a bit of effort.

Felipe in drag.

And here I am beardless, a bit earlier than the above photo. I’m in the French Quarter of New Orleans, an extra in a movie titled Octoroon. The movie won no Oscars. Quite the contrary. It went straight to drive-ins. I was only in the first scene, walking down a sidewalk.

Oddly, I’ve always wanted to be an actor, and would have done theater work in New Orleans or Houston except for the fact that my newspaper career always had me working evenings, and that’s when theaters present plays. I never had a chance.

Thwarted by fate. I coulda been somebody!

And here is a photo of me and my mother that was taken during a visit to Georgia shortly after I relocated to Mexico. She died in 2009 at the age of 90.


Now let’s look way back to 1956. Here I am in, I think, the 7th Grade. I’m the kid in the middle. The boy on the right is Larry. A few years later, he lost a leg in a grisly highway accident during a nighttime hayride.

Are you old enough to remember hayrides?

Another boy, a friend of mine, was killed in that same accident. I had been invited to go, but I didn’t, and I don’t remember why. Luck, I guess.

New Image
Look at those multicolored loafers I’m sporting.

It’s been a fun few days looking at the past.

12 thoughts on “Photographic memories

        1. Ms. Shoes, P.S.: You have jogged my memory. I recall now they made me shave my pirate beard if I wanted to get the job. Guess they wanted someone who resembled a Louisiana dandy of the time, not a pirate who just sailed up the Mississippi from the Gulf of Mexico.

          By the way, being a movie extra has to be the most boring job in the world. Never again.

          I never saw myself. As mentioned, it only played in drive-ins. When I went to the drive-in to see it, I arrived a bit late and never spotted myself. I had been told I was in the very first scene. I would have watched it a second time, but it was a double feature, and I didn’t want to sit through the other movie.

          Oh, well.


  1. Interesting pics, señor. Your generosity shines through. My guess is that most of us would not share this much of our history with the blog world. Or, maybe it’s just me.


  2. It’s fun to take a trip down memory lane once in a while. We have also culled many of our old photos. When my Dad died I inherited boxes of my parent’s old slides as well as some from my grandparents. It was interesting going through them all, but I threw about 95% out. I’m relocating my elementary school class pictures this week as they’re digging up a time capsule from 1969. This will be happening this Wednesday and should be interesting. I doubt if anyone will recognize me or I them. Thanks for sharing your past.

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  3. Long ago it must be
    I have a photograph
    Preserve your memories
    They’re all that’s left you

    (Paul Simon, “Bookends”)

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