Embracing the lifestyle

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Felipe relishes his pineapple.

NORMALLY, EVERY weekday morning, I sit on the downstairs veranda with fruit — usually pineapple chunks — following my exercise walk around the neighborhood plaza.

But this morning, I changed my tune. I went upstairs, took a seat atop one of the new chairs that we purchased from Amazon. They are more comfy than the hard rockers on the downstairs veranda, and I ate my fruit. That’s me doing it.

We’ve been enjoying June since the annual monsoon began a couple of weeks ago. The temps have dropped considerably. This morning around 5 a.m., I even rousted myself out of bed to close the windows. It was chilly in there. I went back to sleep.

My child bride might have been in this photo too, but she skipped on the exercise walk because she was busy in the pastry kitchen, baking for her weekly sale tomorrow on the principal plaza downtown. I usually walk solo on Fridays for that reason.

Since this post is solely about the photo, that’s all I have to say right now.

14 thoughts on “Embracing the lifestyle

  1. Just wondering, will rain water run off the tiles and drip on the love seat? I hope not. You’ll have to invest in gutters if that happens. Phil (Word Press shows me as phxxer)

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    1. Phill/Phxxer: No, it’s a solid glass roof above, and down at the end where the rainwater all ends up, there is a gutter that shunts it off to the side.

      As for your name, you should have the option to choose whatever you want whenever you leave a comment. Look further up when you’re leaving a comment. Assuming my memory is correct.

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  2. Your space has come together nicely. That pesky passive voice obscures the fact that you were the active voice in putting together what looks like a great spot to read and write. And, of course, to eat fruit.

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    1. Señor Cotton: Since the area is huge — it covers the main bedroom downstairs, a big bathroom, hallway and walk-in closet — it will be coming together quite gradually over upcoming months, perhaps years. A work in progress.

      As for the passive voice, that sort of thing does not bother me so much as it does others.


  3. Looks beautiful! So you take the cushions in at night?

    Soon you will be hosting all the parties for your Mexican relatives

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    1. Cathie: No, the cushions stay put. The material is for outdoors. No problem. As for hosting the Mexican kin for parties, well, no, I don’t think so. We settled that issue many years ago. We do have small gatherings for lunch now and then. Then they head home, and all becomes peaceful again, the way I like it.

      Don’t know why your comment went to moderation. Blame WordPress. I did not do it!


    1. Carole: Now that’s not a bad idea. Lord knows there’s enough space out there. My wife wants a hot tub. There would still be plenty of room left over.


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