Democrat smoke & mirrors

THE DEMOCRAT propaganda machine known as The New York Times* recently ran a front-page photo of a drowned man and child who was strapped to the man’s back.

The clear message was that this tragedy was the fault of President Trump.

Note that I said drowned man, not father, because we do not know if the man was the father of the child. The child could easily have been the man’s “ticket in.”

As Ted Cruz reveals in this video, the percentage of men sneaking over the border in 2014 with a child was about 1 percent. Now it’s about 50 percent. Why is this?

Something called the Flores Agreement from decades back says migrant children could be held briefly, not long term. Adult illegals can be held for long periods. Anyone with a lick of sense sees what this means: Bring a child! Any kid will do.

The child will not be put on the street alone.

If the Flores Agreement was decades back, why is this happening now? It was widely publicized during the Obama administration. Obama, not Trump. And rulings by activist (leftist) judges also magnified the effects of the Flores Agreement.

Nowadays, male illegals know it’s smart to have a kid in tow. How do they get a kid? They steal or buy one. Here’s an interesting piece in the San Diego Union-Tribune.


On Monday President Trump signed a bill providing $4.6 billion for humanitarian border assistance, legislation the Democrats stonewalled for weeks. The White House said this is just a short-term remedy to the border crisis. Well, duh.

What is really needed is a much longer border wall. Ask the Israelis.

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* Once a respected newspaper. But not anymore. Sad. If you want accurate news about the ongoing accomplishments of the Trump Administration, go to the White House website, and subscribe to “Updates.” You’ll get an excellent newsletter, about the only way to get non-hysterical information about the good work under way.

11 thoughts on “Democrat smoke & mirrors

  1. I agree about searching for work-arounds to get news from periodicals about high-profile current events in the USA. None of the hysteria-based garbage coming out of the what-used-to-be-venerated, big-time U.S. newspapers and magazines is worth a flip. The same histrionics has bled into every single broadcast news source I can find as they’ve all become editorialized, strongly left-leaning opinion pieces. Journalists don’t exist any more. They are entertainment mongers.

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  2. We used to have two good newspapers here where I live. They were both owned by the same company, but they each had their own staff. They shared the same printing plant. The evening paper, the Gazette, folded, and the morning paper was sold to the Gannet Corporation. And now we have a rag that is just one or two sections, mostly ads and Trump hate. They publish cookie recipes and reviews of restaurants that normal people could never afford to eat at. They recently published an article boasting about their diversity. I really don’t care about who they employ, I just want to know what all of those gunshots and smoke was about. What happened to the news? I am sick of their “We are so good” attitude. That and their “I was so discriminated against” articles I can live with once, but to have that all the time is too much. It is mostly a waste of money now. The thing is women-written and Democrat party-driven. They cannot see both sides of an issue. They are activist and promote only their opinions.


  3. Thanks for the link, señor. We need all the help we can get locating someone willing to tell the truth out there. I have quit reading our local rag. It was recently acquired by USA Today. Things changed quickly and not for the better.

    I am convinced that one is not well served to spend energy reading a newspaper published in a town with a population greater than 10,000 folks.
    Until recently, I occasionally watched CBS Evening News to keep an eye on what the official leftist line was for today. I gave up with their most recent personnel shift.


  4. Really, I can only conclude that the Democrats really don’t care about migrants or the well-being of illegal immigrants. Right? If they truly cared, they’d have taken Trump’s offer (which horrified most Republicans) of a path for citizenship for all the DACA “kids” in exchange for border wall funding and immigration reform. No deal. And the treatment of illegals detained is the same now as it was under Obama. And let’s not forget that during the 2012 Obama/Romney presidential contest, the Democrats proudly boasted that Obama had deported more illegals than anyone in history. And now, if they cared about migrant children, they’d pass some legislation to discourage their dangerous attempts to enter the country.

    Frankly it’s pathetic just how craven is the Democrat manipulation of this human tragedy. (See AOC’s recent crying jag at a border parking lot.) Indeed it is only surpassed by the amazing inability of most to see it for what it is.



    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we don’t think our gov’t should be incentivizing child trafficking.


    1. Kim: As we both know, what the Democrats care about these days, and nothing else, is somehow, some way, kicking Trump out of the White House. Nothing else matters. That is 100 percent of their focus. Sad.

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  5. Maybe we should melt down the Statue of Liberty and make border fencing out of it.


    1. Creigh: Don’t think that is necessary. We can have both! The statue and a nice, high, fence backed up with a crocodile-infested moat. And Mexico needs to do the same on its southern border. Wall and moat!


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