Double dose of irony

I POSTED A piece on June 20, Drowning in Irony, about the anger many Mexicans feel due to people from south of their border invading Mexico without permission, which is to say illegal aliens from (mostly) Central America.

The irony, of course, is that Mexicans feel they have every right to sneak into the United States illegally, but when other people from even farther south sneak into Mexico illegally, well, that’s another matter altogether.

This is irony involving Mexicans.

And now we have irony involving people who embrace Political Correctness, specifically England where PC maintains a steel grip these days. The British government enforces diversity, inclusion, tolerance and all that hooey on a daily basis. If you don’t toe the line, a prison term is a real possibility. Just ask Tommy Robinson.

Birmingham, England’s “second city,” is infested with Mohammedans due to England’s Politically Correct, open-arms approach to immigration, which Mohammedans have taken advantage of to a monumental degree. The cash benefits are great!

“Inclusion” is, of course, integral to Political Correctness. So we now have this school in Birmingham that is dead set on forcing a LGBT curriculum on pre–schoolers.* You can imagine how that sits with Mohammedans, none of whom embrace “inclusion.”

Especially with homosexuals whom they prefer to murder.

This is our second dose of irony. 

Many of Birmingham’s large Mohammedan population do not even speak English, and their womenfolk walk about covered in black sheets. Assimilation? Ha!

The woman doing the interview in the video is Katie Hopkins, an English, conservative, incendiary whom you either love or hate. I love her. Not normally a fan of Mohammedans, Katie keeps her cool here and makes excellent points.

When more loony leftist irony comes to my attention, count on me to post it here. Their core, fatal problem is they don’t understand human nature.

* * * *

* The mind reels, does it not?

15 thoughts on “Double dose of irony

  1. It is not that they don’t understand human nature; it’s that they just don’t care. This never affects those who own and operate our society. It is only us Deplorables who must live with those who follow a religion dedicated to hatred and murder. The elites live in their own world. They are immune.
    That they embrace a faith that is at odds with their promotion of homosexuality is their error. Gay folks hold tremendous sway in the media, entertainment and educational fields. Now they have to deal with their error. Who will be the first to go splat?
    I suspect the case against Jeffrey Epstein will expose a lot of dirty linen.

    Time will tell.


    1. Señor Gill: Yep, that’s always the case. People run scared. That’s the advantage of living in another country and being retired/unemployed.

      Leftists are thugs.


  2. While I don’t have firm opinions on how or who people love or how they worship, I find it strange that folks will not express their views on these subjects. As long as they do not attempt to kill others, me included, I don’t care.
    I know people have their own opinions, but the climate for free expression is not good. Again, this will not end well.


  3. OK, since we have been called out, now I have to defend the honor of thugs.

    You say “The British government enforces diversity, inclusion, tolerance and all that hooey on a daily basis.”

    The American Founding Fathers put it this way: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men.”

    Where in that sentiment is there allowance for arbitrary discrimination based on the wishes of a Sr. Felipe Zapata?

    I am well aware that we have historically not always lived up to the Founders’ ideal, and continue to fall short today. But us liberals keep working on it. And here’s something that liberals understand about human nature: it’s often nasty and brutish, and no civilized country allows it free rein.


      1. There are a few usages that get mangled like that. The one I find frustrating is “stemwinder” which for me brings up an image of a speech so interminally boring that the listener is compelled to give their watch stem a few twists to make sure it hasn’t stopped. And yet I’m informed by authorities (including Wikipedia, I think) that a “stemwinder” is an unusually rousing speech.


        1. Creigh: I had never heard that word, or at least I do not remember. I’m not as young and fresh as I once was. But yes, the dictionary says it’s a rousing speech.


    1. Creigh, P.S.: Whoops, didn’t answer your question. There is no allowance for arbitrary discrimination based on my wishes in that sentiment.

      However, I am a YUGE fan of discrimination, which used to have dual meanings, one positive and one negative. But now it’s pretty much just considered negative. But not by me. Sometimes one must be discriminating, make choices. It’s smart and wise.

      By the way, I do not think you are a thug, but too many leftists are. Sad.


  4. Sr. Felipe, you always touch a nerve posting on these sensitive political areas.
    I guess that says a lot about where we are in these times.

    I know folks of pretty extreme positions both left and right, and the most extreme among us seem to have at least one trait in common: look at the other side and assume all are as extreme as the worst in the group.

    A deep breath on all sides is in order. None of us have all the answers that fit all of us. I believe there was a time in our history when we could do this. At least a majority could. We need to find a way back to that.

    A nice start would be less screaming, more thinking, more discussion.


    1. Ricardo: You are right. There’s too much hysteria at present. The hysteria that continues against the Trump presidency is a thing to behold. As far as finding a way back, well, I’m not optimistic.


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