Six-month project ends

IT’S FINALLY FINISHED, renovation of the upstairs terraza.

The idea was born last summer when a small leak developed that resulted in drops of water dripping into the bedroom below. That was the proverbial last straw after years of having lakes in the terraza during the five-month rainy season.

That’s lakes, not leaks.

Due to poor drainage, the terraza was basically unusable during the annual monsoons and, due to having almost no roof above, it was not that pleasant out there during the months of glaring sunshine either.

It was wasted space.

It’s nice to have peace and quiet here again. And a great spot to sit.

Everything, including the furniture, totaled about $12,000 U.S.

Below are a couple of photos taken during the project.

Removing the small roof of wood beams and clay tiles last January.
Installing glass atop a steel superstructure many weeks later.

12 thoughts on “Six-month project ends

      1. You could consider using a piece of 2×4 wood attached to the metal with an adhesive. Drill a hole in the wood before you do the adhesion. Voila, basket hanger.


  1. That space is going to be terrific for entertaining visiting relatives, especially during the holidays when they’ll need a space to sleep off that sheep’s head stew. I was concerned that the view of the neighboring love station would be impaired, but it appears that you’ll still have a view.


    1. Ms. Shoes: Your memory never fails to amaze. Sheep’s head stew indeed. Oh, the horror!

      Yes, while the view over to the sex motel has been reduced a bit, we still can peek into some of the windows. But most customers keep the curtains closed over there. Likely just as well.


  2. Looks really good, more space to enjoy. Sheep head stew sounds just as appetizing as beaver head soup.


    1. Kirk: Ms. Shoes’ reference to sheep’s head stew is a reference to a meal my Mexican kin brought here 16 years ago one Christmas Eve. It had the entire head in it. I was appalled and went directly to bed.


  3. Well, what about some goat’s tail tacos?

    Up here NOB we’re concerned about how you’re going to spend your time now that the project is complete.

    Saludos, señor!


    1. Ricardo: Goat’s tail tacos. Never heard of that, but Mexicans will put about anything into a tortilla. My wife has eaten grasshopper tacos. Yuck.

      As for how I’ll be spending my days now that the project is done, no problem. Time fills itself. Sometimes productively, sometimes not.


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