Brian Fey’s new digs

BRIAN FEY WHO lives on a nearby mountaintop took an unplanned swan dive off a two-story (or more) building a few weeks back. I wrote about it in a post titled Brian Fey Cannot Fly.

Since that near-death experience, he’s been through surgery and pain, remaining hospitalized until Thursday when he was transported by ambulance to the humble home of a nurse who will tend to his needs for a few months more.

Till he gets back on his feet, literally.

Brian was quite a bit short on funds before the swan dive, and a GoFundMe page has been set up for his benefit. I kicked in a bit, and you can too if you wish. Here’s the link:

Brian is a very talented artist, and he touches on that issue toward the end of the video at top. Just so you can see how talented, watch the following video too.


4 thoughts on “Brian Fey’s new digs

  1. GoFundMe is a lifesaver for some people in dire need. My son, a computer geek with tons of geeky friends who never see each other in person, started a fund for a mutual friend. The friend was on a work assignment in Bogota, Colombia, last week when he became ill with what was diagnosed at first to be listeria. Unfortunately, he died of meningitis. In a foreign country with no family or friends, lapsed into a coma, and died within something like 36 hours. All the geeks came together to fund expenses and support the family in their need to get from Albuquerque to Bogota, deal with bureaucracy in both countries, repatriate their loved one and survive the grief. All possible due to a GoFundMe campaign. It sounds like Brian is on a positive trajectory.


    1. Carole: Yes, GoFundMe is a superlative service, one of the many things available these days through high-tech, stuff we never imagined as youngsters. As for Brian, yes, it does seem that he’s on a positive trajectory. I visited him a couple of times in the hospital, and he’s upbeat, which is good. The hospital is only about 10 minutes from the Hacienda.


    1. Ms. Shoes: He’s got a very positive attitude, and he’s encountered quite a bit of good luck over the past couple of weeks. The Goddess willing, that will continue.


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