Hi! I’m Felipe, and I’m an addict


Thank you. To cut straight to the chase, I’m an addict of YouTube. This is a relatively new addiction that only began in the last year. Before then, like so many others, I was a casual user, but now it’s affecting my life, a classic sign of addiction.

Before, I just smoked it. Now I inject it.

acastro_180403_1777_youtube_0001.0What makes YouTube so compelling is that it’s visual, and you can find virtually everything on the website. While the internet as a whole is the Library of the World, YouTube is the Library of the Visual World.

Want to watch last night’s Tucker Carlson show? Want to watch everyday people walking the streets of London in 1901? With original sound?

Want to watch Hermann Göring in full Nazi regalia, including a swagger stick, shortly after being captured and strolling a sidewalk on a sunny afternoon in Germany and chatting amiably with a U.S. Army officer?

A young Tom Cruise channeling Bob Seegar in Risky Business? Or the real answer to why there is no Palestinian state? Scientists explaining why there is no cause for climate alarmism? Jesse Pinkman’s first shot of heroin in Breaking Bad? (The best drug depiction I’ve ever seen.) Or Jax Teller’s death ride in Sons of Anarchy?

Concerts, travel, history, it’s all there to see in color or black & white.

I’m glued to my desk, which is why I’m here today. I need help! I suppose the first step is to find a sponsor. Who will hold my hand?

Sadly, YouTube is owned by Google, a thuggish arm of the political left. Dodging anything related to Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., is an endless goal of mine on general principles. But my addiction has kept me hooked on YouTube. Addictions do that.

Ask Jesse Pinkman.

Let’s look at browsers. Google’s Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, and there is a reason for that. It is very, very good. But the principled among us know it should be avoided. Doing so can be darn difficult.

Over the past few years, I’ve tried scads of alternatives. Firefox (not much better if you want to dodge the thuggish left), Opera, Vivaldi, Edge (meh), Yandex, Maxthon, Comodo Dragon, Comodo IceDragon, SeaMonkey, Avant, Midori, Puffin, Pale Moon, even Dissenter.

They work to varying degrees. Sometimes they work fine, and then they don’t. None work as well as Chrome. However, recently I found this:

Brave: a better mousetrap

Brave was born in 2015, the brainchild of Brandon Eich, one of the founders of Mozilla (Firefox). In 2014, he was the CEO of Mozilla, and then he did something politically incorrect. He let it be known he opposes gay marriage.* Oh, dear!

Adiós, Eich! Don’t let the door smack you on your way out, you Nazi homophobe. And we don’t want to hear any of your mea culpas! Will people never learn apologizing to the left not only does not work, it is counterproductive? It digs your hole deeper.

New ImageFirefox’s loss was our gain. He co-founded Brave. I tried Brave a couple of years ago, and found it lame, not ready for prime time, and it wasn’t. I never returned till a few weeks ago, and what a surprise. It’s Chrome-like, and you can use Chrome extensions. It’s also easy to import Chrome bookmarks, etc.

It’s very much like Chrome, but better. Better than Firefox too.

So, at least in this, I have freed myself from Google. One small step for a Gringo, one giant leap, yada, yada. Brave rightly brags that it’s “safer, faster and ad-free.”

I remain hooked on YouTube, however. I need help! Sad.

* * * *

* So do I, by the way. Let’s stick to civil unions. All the legal rights but without the “marriage” word, which makes many people cringe. Just dodge the word.

22 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Felipe, and I’m an addict

  1. People who don’t have lives have computers. It fills the emptiness. I can go to Youtube and watch people live their lives. I can watch pigs being killed and processed into all sorts of meat products, but I cannot do this in English. YouTube wants me to sign in to prove that I am at least 18 years old. I have long forgotten my password. But I can see this in Spanish, Russian or Tagalog. I guess it is only English speakers that are restricted.

    YouTube, like Flickr, now plans on milking our addiction. If we don’t sign up for something, we will be subjected to unending ads. Worse, the news sites that I visit now ask me to remove my ad-blocker. No way! And those online newspapers want me to pay a subscription fee to read their lies. It ain’t gonna happen.


    1. Señor Gill: I have loads of free time. You can call it empty. I call it free. That is a prime cause of my YouTube addiction. Yes, you must sign into Google to access your own YouTube site, but if you don’t sign in you can still see whatever you want with the exception of things they don’t want you to see if you’re a minor. For that, you gotta sign in with your Google account. If you can’t recall your password, retrieving it is easy.

      As for ads, Brave automatically blocks them in a slick way. Unblocking, if one wishes, is fast and easy. If a news site insists I unblock their ads, I simply go elsewhere. Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller is over the top with ads, one of the worst news sites for that. I block them. And if a news site insists that I subscribe, I go elsewhere 99 percent of the time. There are still good freebies out there. There will be less every year.

      But it’s good to see the other side’s perspective. Why should they provide us a service for free? Fewer and fewer news sites are doing that. I get it. Currently, I’m only a paying member of Mexico News Daily.


  2. ” So do I, by the way. Let’s stick to civil unions. All the legal rights but without the “marriage” word, which makes many people cringe. Just dodge the word.”

    For the most part I agree but where is it said that deists, theists, dogcatchers or others* get to define the word marriage? No one should be denied equal rights because someone’s religion is offended. Let them cringe. I would think you of all people should agree.

    *Closeted Republican politicians or conservative preachers

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    1. Gerard: Doesn’t say anywhere the deists, theists, dogcatchers, etc., get to define the marriage word that I know of. But my take is that it’s better to use “civil unions” instead of “marriage” for the advancement of global peace. Give ’em the same legal rights. I don’t care what gays do — with the exception of adopting children. I’m against that. Just leave the marriage word alone. Why stir up ill will without need?

      In spite of what the gay community would have you believe, they’re a tiny percentage of the population.


  3. Señor Felipe, I am shocked! You, someone who vehemently despises political correctness, is afraid of someone getting their undies in a knot on a question of semantics! No one is trying to stir up ill will. If some religious fanatics get offended, p#ss on ’em. Es su pedo. Churches have the right to decide who gets married within their beliefs but outside of their church they don’t. I don’t know if you and your child bride had a church wedding but I am sure you are aware a church wedding in this country don’t mean squat legally. That crap got straightened out around 100 years ago and it has worked just fine.

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    1. Gerard: Don’t be shocked. Semantics do matter, and I support the Judeo-Christian tradition in spite of not being a Christian. It’s a great tradition in spite of some Christians going overboard. Mohammedans go overboard far worse.

      No, we did not do a church wedding. Just had a nice ceremony with a judge in the patio of my sister-in-law’s coffee shop downtown. A good time was had by all. Yes, I am aware a church wedding here means nothing legally.


  4. Biggest problem with Google and YouTube is that it’s a confirmation trap: People search for and consume superficial snippets of information that confirm whatever they already believe. Difficult to beat that trap. Better to read books on your Amazon Kindle even it’s owned by Jeff Bezos who, alas, also owns the Washington Post.


    1. Señor Lanier: It’s difficult to not prefer reading things with which one agrees. In an ideal world, we would be more wide-ranging, but this world is far from ideal. Same for human beings. I do read books on Kindle too.


  5. Google is weird. Google “Hell,” and you will get all sorts of websites wanting to sell you a hotel room in Hell. Google “Heaven” and no such offers show up. Just weird, but I don’t see myself ever needing a hotel in either place.


  6. I read text. I rarely have the patience for video.

    Some people might worry about privacy, I don’t. As the old saying is, “If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product” and I’m at peace with that. People can make their own judgement as to whether that is worth it, but if it needs to be private use the telephone, not the internet. Nonetheless, I’ll look into Brave.

    Also, the “equitable under the law” thing to do is civil unions for everyone, gay or straight. What you call it in your church or in your private life is your business, but as far as the state is concerned it’s civil unions for every competent couple who wants one. (I’d be fine with threes and fours too, but how things like divorces, inheritances, and custody would work in that case is beyond the current understanding of our legal system, so it’s probably not practical.)


    1. Creigh: You have little patience for videos? So you don’t watch movies? Or TV?

      As for privacy, I don’t sweat it either. People get all worked up about, for instance, Facebook “stealing their information.” If they don’t have their credit card numbers and PINs, their Social Security number, maybe their home address, I have never seen what the fuss is about. Plenty of reasons to dodge Facebook and its nefarious ilk, but it ain’t because they’re stealing your info.

      I think marriage is a civil union that goes under the marriage label. Do the same with gays. Just don’t call it marriage. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking with it.


      1. No TV, no movies. I think the only movie I’ve seen in more than 20 years was Crazy Heart (Jeff Bridges as a country musician, 2009). I do listen to the radio, because the radio does not turn me into a zombie. I can do other things while the radio is on.

        One of the great privileges of my life was to live as a young adult in a town with no TV, zip, nada. This was before cable, satellite, internet, etc. We had to make our own entertainment, and we did. Life there was good, and I’d go back in an instant.

        My mother was effectively an invalid for a number of years before her death, and TV was about her only diversion. For that reason I do not condemn it completely.

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        1. Creigh: Interesting. You’re an odd bird in 2019. After my last divorce, I went five years in Houston without owning a television. I did not miss it at all. When I got down here, I bought one entirely to hear Spanish and simultaneously read English subtitles. I hoped it would improve my Spanish, and maybe it did. When I got married, I found myself with a normal person who likes TV, so we’ve had one ever since. But all we use it for is Netflix movies and series (some of which are extremely good). There are no commercials on Netflix. We do have commercial cable TV, mostly for the WiFi that is included. On rare occasion, we turn on a regular TV channel for a bit. The endless, droning ads are incredible. I don’t know how anyone stands it.

          But Netflix is great.


    2. Creigh, P.S.: Brave’s privacy thing is not why I like it. I like it because it’s not Google, and it really works well. In some respects, better than Chrome.


  7. I too am a recent convert to YouTube . I’ve got about 30 or so bloggers that I watch regularly.
    From acrylic painting techniques to RV Nomads, or gay, black Trumpians, I watch daily…
    I’m hooked 🤪😳


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