Confederacy of dunces

THIS IS hilarious. And I’m a sharing sort of fellow.

The Democratic Socialists held a convention in Atlanta last weekend. I would say they all came out of their parents’ basements to attend, but there are old people visible too.

I wonder if my sister flew in from her home in the Socialist Republic of California.

Just so you know, I’m a he/him. “Guy” is fine too.

Below is a slightly longer clip if you want to howl some more. Part of the longer one repeats some of the above clip, but there’s quite a bit of additional hilarity available.

10 thoughts on “Confederacy of dunces

  1. I retired a little early as I had enough of the nonsense that was in the company I worked for, and it was only getting worse. I was tired of banging my head against other’s heads or sometimes just against the wall.


    1. Comrade Kirk: I retired in 1999. It was not nearly so bad then, and I was in the news business. Nowadays, I’m sure I’d have to put a gun to my head.

      One of the many great things about living in Mexico is that PC is virtually unknown here, and we call a spade a spade, so to speak.


  2. Hola, Felipe. We’re back from our sans internet cabin for a few days, so I thought I’d check in. Funny video indeed. My wife kept asking me if it was real or a hoax of some kind. Unfortunately, it’s all too real. It even rears its ugly head on our tiny island of under a thousand people. There are a small bunch of extremely aggressive progressives who are trying to take us over and “re-educate” us about LGBTQXYZ issues and how we’re all victimizers because we have white privilege and how pretty much all of Canada is “unceded native land.” Fortunately, most reasonable people aren’t buying it, but at some point we’ve got to fight back. These people are clearly deranged, but they’re also committed to what they view as a “revolution.”

    Hope you’re enjoying summer. We are.


    1. Brent: So you’ve come up for air in the real world for a few days. Welcome. As for the video, nope, not a hoax, just a sad commentary on our disastrous times. Good time to be old, of course. Were I just starting out in the adult world, I think I’d just put a gun to my head.

      Yes, those folks are deranged, but it does not take that many to bring down a society. The Bolsheviks, for instance, in Tsarist Russia were a small minority at first. Forceful mInorities can bring down empires and have many times.


      1. Not sure if it’s good to be old. I wouldn’t like to go back and try to do it all over if given the chance. I’d probably botch it up something awful. Yes, things are rather disjointed at the moment, but I think (hope) the lurch to the left has peaked, and the pendulum will swing back towards sanity … jeez, Louise. I think I better go back to the cabin for another month.

        I’ve been reading “The Power of the Dog” by Don Winslow to pass the time. You might enjoy it as it’s about your adopted country. Cheers 🙂


        1. Brent: I see advantage in being old only in some areas. Others, not at all. As for your optimism, I wish I could share it, but I cannot. I’m a lot like my father though. He thought we would lose World War II, but he was wrong. Maybe I am also wrong. Cheers to you too. Thanks for the book tip.


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