Al Gore was right

White roses peek through the middle of the golden datura late yesterday.

WE’RE THREE/FIFTHS through the annual monsoon, and things have gotten weird.

It’s stopped raining, hasn’t rained in a week or so. Normally, it rains every day during the monsoon, which runs from June through October, sometimes less.

Can’t complain too much, however, because by September we’re sick unto death of the daily downpours, the mud, the dirty cars, etc. But there’s something spooky going on. Maybe Al Gore was right. How many years did he give us before the world ends? Don’t recall.

But enough about that. Let’s shift to more serious matters.

Here’s an interesting video. Jesse Jackson praising Donald Trump, plus other black leaders speaking the dismal truth about the Democrat Party.

It’s uplifting.

16 thoughts on “Al Gore was right

  1. Putting up your Mexican flag will do the trick. Every year, without fail, before night falls on the Mexican flag we put up, it rains. And yesterday was no different. The azure sky turned to gray and water fell from the sky, just as it always does.


  2. It’s stopped raining here, and we’re short in rain for the year. So more rain is fine with me. Maybe should start putting up the Mexican flag.

    As for Jesse, I’ve never listened to that gasbag and I’m not going to start now.



    1. Alfredo: So, it’s unnaturally dry up your way too? I cannot believe the rainy season has ended. This is just an uncharacteristic lapse, or I hope so.

      As for the video, ole Jesse is speaking in the first two minutes or so. The rest is about other stuff, other people. Jesse goes away. I keep hoping that one day you’ll wake up and smell the java. One day. You’re a bright guy.


    2. Alfredo, P.S.: Referring to Jesse Jackson as a gasbag is horribly racist. I have reported you to the New York Times, the Washington Post, Huffpost, the Daily Beast, Mother Jones, the U.S. State Department and the Justice Department too. Your name will be placed on a Watch List at the border. I suggest you don’t attempt to cross that border ever again. You’ll be safe here in Mexico. Maybe Stew can pass through for solo shopping trips to San Antonio. You brought this upon yourself. Sad.


  3. We’re nearing the end of our monsoon (mid-July to mid-September) and have only had a quarter of an inch of rain in 6 or 7 weeks. It’s hot too. These things happen, but we still hope for some rain.


    1. Creigh: One of the numerous advantages of being where I am is that it does not get hot, at least not the sort of hot it gets where you are and where I used to live in Texas and Louisiana. Almost always cool and nice. Ahhh!


  4. It started on time and there were some big storms (the huge hail storm!) here in Guadalajara, but it seems to have calmed down quite a bit lately.


  5. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both Judas Goats. They are in it for the bucks.
    Our summer rains have failed us here also. But there are dry episodes in the geologic history of the area that lasted for long periods. The Indians basically abandoned the area and went south to Mexico.
    All the people that came from the east to live here may have to move on to Hawaii or Fiji. Or, maybe Mexico.


    1. Señor Gill: Jackson are Sharpton are more jackasses than Judas goats, to my way of thinking.

      As for the rain, Moon Magic has happened again. It rained here this afternoon just because I mentioned it. Believe it.

      As for folks moving on from where you are, please send them to California or Hawaii. We have far too many Gringos down here as it is. Thanks in advance.


  6. We had not yet had a good rainstorm here until you had your say. Yesterday we had one of our blessed arroyo washers. Even a waterspout in one of Manzanillo’s bays.

    Keep up the good work.


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