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  1. Too bad he doesn’t do mankind a big favor and leave with it. His performance today on the anniversary of 9/11 was beyond disgusting. If that doesn’t change your mind about him, I feel sorry for you. Truly sad.


  2. He did what he always does, he made it all about him.

    So whatever he does, you applaud? Just like he said, he could kill someone on 5th Avenue and people like you wouldn’t hold it against him. Sure makes a person wonder where that mindset comes from.


    1. Gerard: I applaud most of his actions, but not all. His recently revealed plan (that was canceled) to meet with Taliban leaders was beyond absurd. Thinking one can have a reasonable sit-down with murderous Mohammedan fanatics shows that the Blond Bomber loses it on occasion. Talks with the North Korean despot are a waste of time too. But he’s on track 95 percent of the time. Ain’t nobody perfect.


    2. Gerard, P.S.: And Trump would never kill someone on 5th Avenue. He’d do it in a dark alley in a quiet way. Perhaps piano wire around the throat. And, of course, it would be someone who totally had it coming. There are plenty of people who have it coming.


  3. He is a darn sight better than the alternative. The Clintons would sell us deplorables out in a minute. The Clintons take care of the Clintons, and God help anyone that stands in their way.

    The current national debt is $22.03 trillion. It will never be paid off, and now it looks like it will not be rolled over.

    Mr. Trump’s forte is bankruptcy. He is what we need now. We didn’t elect him to be nice, we elected him to be effective. I don’t care who he insults, and I don’t care who he offends.

    Hang on, there is a very hard and long road ahead of us.

    We need to audit the Fed, and we need to audit the gold depository at Fort Knox. Where did all of the gold go? We need answers. China drilled an ingot from Fort Knox, and it was tungsten with a gold overlay.

    Every nation that can is buying fiscal gold. They realize the Ponzi scheme is coming to an end. The solution to this massive debt is the printing press. Bond holders and investors will be wiped out.

    Good luck to you folks in Mexico. The U.S. gets a cold and Mexico gets pneumonia.


  4. “Where did all the gold go……China drilled an ingot from Fort Knox, and it was tungsten with a gold overlay.”

    That’s what they get when they buy Fort Knox gold ingots on Alibaba.com! Especially when it includes free shipping!


  5. Sometimes I wonder what people who call for an audit of the Fed expect the audit to find.

    Maybe they imagine that the audit will find that the Fed has been secretly creating dollars out of thin air. But what the audit will actually find is that all along the Fed has been openly creating dollars out of thin air. That is in fact the Fed’s job. And what does the Fed do with those dollars? Mostly, it buys bonds (future dollars) created by the Treasury out of thin air.

    So then what does the Federal Government do with the dollars and future dollars it has created out of thin air? It buys goods and services from the private sector (that’s us )– that we have created out of thin air — for the purposes of establishing justice, providing for the common defense, ensuring domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare as mandated under the Constitution.

    You might also wonder why the private sector is willing to accept dollars created out of thin air. We accept them because we need them to pay taxes, and if we don’t pay our taxes Federal marshals might kick down our doors and drag us off to Federal prison.

    Gold, tungsten, or any other physical substance of value is not involved in any of this.

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