First day of fall

AUTUMN’S ARRIVED, and it’s still raining. I shot the video yesterday from the bedroom. Yesterday also was my child bride’s birthday. She turned 59 though she still looks 40.

One more year, and she can get Mexico’s Old Folks Discount card, which I’ve had for years. That gets you into museums, etc., free most of the time, but its best feature is travel discounts, often 50 percent. The two of us will be able to use buses and planes for the price of one. Of course, we almost never use buses or planes, but we may rethink that habit.

Our last flight occurred in 2013. A trek to Mérida.

Just before that, 2012, a trek to Havana.

Nothing since, at least by air.

We celebrated the birthday with a lunch out and have a trip planned to Querétaro next weekend to continue the birthday festivities a full week. Among the thrilling activities planned for Querétaro will be a visit to the new H.E.B mega-supermarket which has traveled down from Texas. Perhaps we’ll see some Lipton tea.

Querétaro is one of Mexico’s best cities.

The rainy season has about a month to go, although it could stop on Oct. 1 as it did one year. Normally, however, it drags on into October and sometimes dumps rain on the eve of the Day of the Dead just to be annoying and muddy. Hope not.

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  1. The odds are that you’ll see tea, some of it may be Lipton, and some of that Lipton tea may have yellow packaging. But it won’t be Lipton Yellow Label, which is a product much different. It says so, right on the box, identifying it as “Yellow Label.”

    The Inapam discount on plane fares doesn’t apply to already-discounted fares and to a bunch of other fare classes, and since plane tickets are advertised at full retail price about as often as oriental rugs, the Inapam discount is ilusory.

    And a happy birthday to Doña de Zapata!


    1. Ms. Shoes: I’m not a tea fan. I find it insipid. I made the reference due to Al Lanier’s mentioning it on his blog entry recently about his visit to H.E.B. But now that you mention Yellow Label, perhaps I’ll buy a bit if I see it. Maybe it will change my mind about tea.

      As for the Inapam discount, when we flew to Havana, I got a fat price reduction from Interjet. It can work. My child bride’s ticket cost way more than mine. It can pay to be old.


  2. Still expecting high temps in the 90s for the rest of the month and into early October here in Texas. Happy Birthday to your beautiful wife.


  3. I mentioned before that my wife and I spend our winters in Mazatlán. Recently we’ve decided to explore different parts of Mexico each season. This winter we’ve added Querétaro to our list. Good to know that it’s one of your favorites.


    1. Don Guillermo: Querétaro is great. It’s one of my two favorite cities as far as possibly living in. The other is Puebla, but it’s too close to the volcano Popo. I saw a documentary on Pompeii a few years ago. Put the fear of God in me. No way I would live anywhere near an active volcano.

      Querétaro is clean and has lots of modern conveniences. The downtown is Colonial, beautiful and well-tended. Has great shopping and good weather. It’s also relatively easy to drive down the autopista to Mexico City for visits. And it’s a quick jump over to the Gringo-infested town of San Miguel. There are advantages to visiting there too.

      I don’t understand living in the sweltering environs of Mazatlan, but I suspect your coming from Calgary has a lot to do with it. A polar opposite, so to speak.


  4. Thanks for the Querétaro review. It sounds great! We’ll go for sure. TAR has started direct flights from Mazatlán. As for Mazatlán, it’s actually very pleasant weather from Nov. to April. Very similar to a Calgary summer, not too hot, dry with cool evenings. We actually wear light jackets most evenings in Dec. and Jan. What we miss in Calgary is the ocean. We have plenty of mountains. With Mazatlán’s great beaches and beautiful historic Colonial downtown it’s perfect for us. All year around? Not so much. Summers are brutal. Very hot and humid. I’ve been every month. Also we have year around direct flights (around 4 hours) from Calgary, so it’s easy to get back and forth if there are any family emergencies.

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