Sexual nincompoopery

PRAGER UNIVERSITY — PragerU as it’s called — is not a brick-and-mortar institution that offers degrees and such. It’s a media organization best known for its five-minute videos on what should be, but often is not, common-sense issues.

The outfit’s driving force is Dennis Prager who, during the 1990s, had a syndicated television show that I loved to watch when I lived in Houston, Texas. Prager is smart, articulate and entertaining. And he’s a very conservative Jew, so much so that he occasionally gets into controversy with his strict religious notions.

I ignore most of those notions because I really like the videos you find on PragerU’s YouTube channel. YouTube is less enthusiastic and does its best to silence him when possible. He’s currently involved, I believe, in legal action against YouTube’s censorship.

Let’s wish him all the luck.

The above video is a good example of PragerU’s common sense. Democrat “progressives” (insert chortle) advocate plenty of cultural lunacy these days, and one example is that there are oh-so-many sexes. Pick one that you feel is a good fit. Slip it on!

No, really. Don’t laugh. It’s true! They actually think that. And they’ll pound you into the dirt, figuratively or literally, if you say otherwise.

Sane people will tell you there are two sexes, but I maintain there are three. Male, female and deranged. And you cannot choose. The universe deposits you into one of the three categories. It’s out of your hands. With luck, you’re not in the third.

I landed in the first, but the second is pretty sweet too.

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  1. You are a male or female. No amount of wishing or threatening me is going to change that. I don’t say that to be mean to anyone. It’s just a fact, Jack. Get over it.


    1. Ricardo, P.S.: Look what I just found on YouTube. You can go to Mercado Libre, which is sort of a Latino, and there’s a department to buy unisex clothing. But it’s the presentation that’s interesting.


  2. Just yesterday, I came across the title “Mx.” I had never heard of it before, I don’t remember where I read it. Just as well.


  3. And now I came across another new one: Latinx. (Taking the place of Latino/Latina). What’s next? I wonder how you pronounce it?


  4. I can’t wait until some of these juveniles that are being sexually reassigned by their stupid parents come of age and start suing those doctors that mutilated them. The malpractice settlements will be huge.


    1. Señor Gill: I don’t get the impression from reading the news that there is much of that going on, the actual whacking off of penises or trying to add one to little girls on the part of parents, if it’s happening at all. I doubt any surgeon in his right mind would do that. Seems what’s happening is simply that leftist (Democrat) parents are letting their little boys go to school in dresses and pretty hairdos, that sort of thing. And letting their little girls walk about in Army fatigues and butch haircuts. Along with that is the psychological abuse and forfeiting completely their parental duties.


  5. There is a lot of hormone therapy going on, especially in younger kids who identify — feel, convinced to be “born” the opposite sex than they are. The media doesn’t cover this. It’s too controversial. And thanks for putting me on to Prager!


    1. Carole: Of course, but what the PC-leftist-Democrat-Party contingent is embracing has nothing to do with science or reality, as the Prager video points out so well. Plus, it’s hurting women more than anyone. Sad.


  6. On another note, the House of Representatives is going to have an impeachment inquiry in a couple of hours. It seems that they are really unhappy about Rudy Giuliani nosing around about Joe Biden’s son’s bribe taking in the Ukraine. He who smells it has it under himself.

    Also, the Fed is getting ready to put billions of dollars into the system because of the repo crisis. Banks at the end of the day must have a certain percentage of their of currency on hand. If they don’t, they borrow it from other banks. But if that is not possible, then the Fed.

    This sounds like 2008 all over again.


    1. Señor Gill: I hope it’s not 2008 all over again, and I take heart in the knowledge that you are a perpetual doomsayer. A fun doomsayer, but one nonetheless.

      As for the incessant impeachment nonsense, I always ask myself: Impeach Trump for what? It’s just an endless pipe dream for those folks.


  7. Estimado Felipe: Before you, and apparently your commenters, keep pummeling people who are different from them, let me remind you of a Joan Baez song titled “Be not too hard for life is short,” though I doubt she is one of your favorite singers.

    Much of what is balkanizing American society nowadays is prejudice, meanness and judgments against other people because they are different from us. We keep throwing darts at each other instead of trying to find some common ground.

    Prejudice has been around forever, and inevitably is based on certain people puffing their chests to feel superior by pounding on other people, or even exploiting them, be they Jews, blacks, Hispanics, women, transgenders, gays, Arabs or whatever. It’s a guilty pleasure to be prejudiced, to proclaim yourself superior, not one of those defective or inferior people — over there.

    I don’t pretend to understand the phenomenon of transgenderism better than you, which frankly seems to be pretty much nil. But before I climb on some bandwagon of prejudice against a certain group, I try to step back and think: How does that person’s life choices affect me? Why should I give a shit if a person wants to wear a dress, a turban, a sari or whatever? How does what people do in the privacy of their home have any bearing on my life, or whether they move in next door?

    If anything I have gained a certain amount of respect for the courage — yes, courage — of transgender people. Do you think it’s easy to try to live as a person of the opposite sex, something that you do casually, a frivolous choice, just to annoy you? Think of it, to even put yourself through a sex-change operation?

    How about a little kindness or understanding instead? Try it.



    1. Señor Lanier: You amuse me mightily. There is nothing in the Prager video nor in what I wrote that pummels people who are different nor is there a suggestion that one should do that. Nada, zip, zero. The Prager video simply states correctly that there are two genders and saying otherwise is ridiculous and damaging to society, especially women.

      The “prejudice, meanness and judgments against other people because they are different” exist these days to a spectacular level on the left side of the political spectrum. It is not conservative students and professors who raise holy hell — both verbal and physical — when people they disagree with are invited to speak on campus, often forcing the speaking engagements to be canceled. It is not conservatives who verbally and physically assault people on the street for wearing a shirt or hat with an opinion they disagree with. It is not conservatives who have been in a state of absolute hysteria for almost three years because their presidential candidate lost a fair-and-square election.

      I am not prejudiced against any group that does not try to tell me how to live. Alas, the same cannot be said about the people on the left who want to force everyone to recognize, for example, that there are scads of different genders and, if you don’t vocalize it correctly, get you fired from your job or spit on in a restaurant. Conservatives do not do any of that stuff.

      It’s “your people,” amigo.

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    2. Señor Lanier. P.S.: Not for the first time, I cannot help but think you live in sort of news bubble. You really do not seem to be aware of the verbal and physical violence leftists toss at conservatives across the land on a fairly regular basis. I do not read leftist news sources like the NY Times and WaPo, but I suspect they make no mention of this sort of thing. It would explain your lack of awareness.

      Your recent citing of the Stormy Daniels affair as if it were something that had not been thoroughly discredited (along with the shyster lawyer Avenatti who was pushing it all) was revealing and surprising to me.


    3. Señor Lanier, P.S. 2: Here are just two examples of how tolerant leftists accept contrary opinions, how they embrace the live-and-let-live philosophy. There are scads of other such examples available online. I imagine your news sources never mention this sort of thing.


  8. How one lives their lives is their business. But it is a decision that should be made by a consenting adult. But this craziness of twisting language and prosecuting folks for slips in gender identifications is insane. The trans community’s worst enemy is the trans community.


    1. Señor Gill: Persecuting/prosecuting people for their language is worse in England which, contrary to what most Americans think, I believe, has no equivalent to our First Amendment.


  9. If one dresses in an androgynous style and presents an androgynous appearance, they should expect a few miss guesses of their gender. It is not hate, it is just an error.

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  10. I also expect that parents pushing sex change pressure on children is extremely rare, and no respectable surgeon or psychiatrist would have anything to do with it. The only acceptable attitude for parents is “We’re going to love you no matter what your sexual orientation.” And come to think of it, that’s the only acceptable attitude for anyone else. Assuming anyone else has a reason to care one way or the other.


      1. Well, then, if you love someone (or even if you don’t) you should not call their feelings nonsense. You can call their beliefs nonsense, and sometimes you should. You can call their behavior reprehensible, and sometimes you should. But you shouldn’t call feelings nonsense. It is no more nonsense for boys to like boys than it is for boys to like girls.


        1. Creigh: Don’t believe I said it was nonsense for boys to like boys. I will say it is not normal, which it isn’t, obviously. Being gay is an emotional/mental quirk that has never been explained and likely never will be. I have nothing against gays in the slightest. I am convinced they are born that way, and nothing is to be done about it.


  11. And then the “Left” has the nerve to wander around muttering “science deniers,” meaning centrists and conservatives. Whatever you might think of climate science — and some parts are quite scientific (temperature records) while other parts less so (projection models) — the chromosomal basis for gender is about as settled a bit of science as you’re going to find. Sure, there are the one-in-a-million humans who confound that otherwise bright line. But it’s pretty open-and-closed.

    And yes, I now agree with you that leftists, particularly on college campuses, don’t want to have reasoned debates. I didn’t used to believe this, but it’s now inescapable. Worse, it’s dangerous and sad.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where there’s at least one transgendered person wandering the streets.


    1. Señor Gill: Yes, the lunacy is rampant. That’s because the leftists are firmly in control of the educational system from kindergarten to postgrad, Big Tech, and showbiz. The negative effects are widespread and horrendous.

      What your grandkids do to dolls is kinda weird, amigo.


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