Tolerance and winning

WE HAVE three issues today. 1. The video above where even Marianne Williamson concedes that conservatives are the tolerant ones, not her party. 2. Great news that a state Senate seat in Texas (including Latino San Antonio!) has flipped Red for the first time in 139 years. 3. A fun bonus video just below. Don’t miss that!

As for the emotionally challenged Greta Thunberg herself, her parents should be jailed for child abuse, and the girl sent to live with foster parents who’ll put her in school.

14 thoughts on “Tolerance and winning

  1. Someone has all the facts, and he was told by someone else that these are the facts, but I can’t tell you who that someone else is, and there were lots of some others, and I can’t tell you who they are either. Now that you have all the facts OK. These are not facts. They are a last-ditch effort to derail the winner of the last election and try to stop him from winning the next one. Tolerance and live-and-let-live, that is the conservative way.


  2. I want to know how come the Bidens get to keep all of the bribe money from Burisma plus the 150 billion dollars the Chinese paid Biden’s son?
    They bought the vice president of the United States. These Democrats will sell us Deplorables out for a few bucks. Their aim is a one party kleptocracy.


        1. Señor Lanier: You answered your own question. It came from the Chinese. Okay, I’ll admit the amount seems a tad overboard. Perhaps it was a typo. I can’t know everything, try as I might.


  3. I am disappointed by nastiness from the left that I see some places on the internet, but then large areas of the internet just seem to be nasty. That’s not limited to the left.

    What really surprises me is the tolerance shown by the right for lies, infidelity, nasty tweets, suborning of violence, admiration of dictators, to say nothing of obstruction of justice, dangling of pardons, ignoring appropriations law, trillion dollar deficits, hiding embarrassing Presidential conversations, etc etc. At least when it’s done by one of theirs. They didn’t seem to be tolerant of wearing of tan suits, though.

    Tolerance, in and of itself, isn’t a virtue. Some things should be tolerated and other things shouldn’t be.


  4. Some really good people are still voting for these thieves. The big lie still works. The Democrats say they are the party of the working class, but notice that they never use the term “working class,” but instead say “middle class.” The idea of work offends them and their social parasite supporters. Republicans believe that wealth is created by working, saving and investing. Democrats believe wealth is gained by taking it away from others. Again, this will not end well.


    1. Señor Gill: I am fond of the quote that I have permanently placed on the right-side column here.

      “Once the party of the Working Man, Democrats have become the party of the Screaming Woman.”


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