“Conservatives” riot in Mexico City

Black-clad “conservatives” conserve windows with rocks.

SOME WEEKS AGO, after a report of police brutality in Mexico City, a huge protest of feminists — their name, not mine, la marcha feminista — ended with extensive graffiti and vandalism against the historic monument known as the Angel de la Independencia on the city’s lovely, principal thoroughfare El Paseo de la Reforma.

The leftist government, both federal and municipal, made no effort to stop it. The restoration of the monument, the nation’s most famous, will be staggeringly costly, and some experts doubt that it can be returned to its original condition at all.

Leftist thugs noticed the total lack of government push-back.

Thursday, on the fifth anniversary of another event, vandals, 5,000-strong, again took to the streets to destroy, attacking downtown Mexico City offices, government facilities, private businesses and, of course, public monuments. Again, no repercussions for them.

The cops were busy elsewhere. Maybe coffee and doughnuts.

Our leftist demagogue president who harbors a Messiah delusion held his daily press conference yesterday at 7 a.m. He called the vandalism “excesses,” and rejected the suggestion that anarchists were involved.

Notice the Antifa-like attire in the photo.

The president said the protest had nothing to do with the political left, that it was, in fact, conservatives! The president habitually blames conservatives for all problems. When he’s not blaming conservatives, he’s denying problems exist at all.

It gets worse. The president said:

“Anarchism is productive, purposeful, a movement that is very profound in ideals.”

But he said it in Spanish, of course, because he is monolingual.

The repair estimate for Thursday’s damage has been put at a minimum of 100 million pesos (U.S. $5 million). You know, damage the rampaging “conservatives” caused.

Leftist lunacy in the United States looks contagious. Sad.

16 thoughts on ““Conservatives” riot in Mexico City

  1. It is throughout the world. Mostly Antifa-type rioters demanding justice by smashing, assaulting and burning with a mask on. Too many politicians turn the other way, afraid of being the next target.


    1. Kirk: Government in Mexico on all levels has been afraid of large groups in the street for decades. This began in 1968 with the Tlatelolco massacre of student protesters by the thuggish administration of President Diáz Ordaz and the (justified) international blowback caused by that. Mexican government flipped from one extreme to the other. Now it does little to oppose street protests, actually protests anywhere. It just sits on its hands and waits till it all blows over. This, of course, encourages protests (riots). Not good.


  2. No problem with pesos for repairing the damage. It will be paid for by selling the presidential jet. The jet sale will also pay for the Mayan train, and a long list of other programs. The jet is like a never-ending gold mine spewing out cash. When they sell it (well — they actually lease it) Mexican society will be transformed into a utopia.


  3. OK. First, it’s a shame the vandals went after the Angel of Independence, one of the most beautiful monuments in Mexico. The demonstrators should have done everyone a favor and vandalized all those other monumental sculptures all over the country, dating back to the 1930s, that look like bad Socialist Realism, which is awful to begin with. Like that thing sitting atop Janitzio island, near your mountaintop. Or a similarly huge and ugly statue of Juárez in Querétaro. Those things could use some sustained howitzer-caliber vandalism.

    As for the Antifas, when did they start wearing uniforms? Where do you buy those, Walmart? If so, the neo-fascists ought to don their own getups, so elderly bystanders like us, caught in the middle of street brawl, can tell one group of crazies from the other. Should we favor the neos over the antifas?



    1. Señor Lanier: I’ll pass on grading the worthiness of defacing this style monument over that style. Of course, Antifa thugs wear uniforms, and everyone knows full well what that is: black from head to toe, including the mask. And, of course, it usually includes their logo, which makes them feel official and all.


        1. Señor Lanier: We wear civilian clothes to make it harder to spot us. Everyone knows that. And, of course, we’re pounding people in the streets every bit as much as Antifa. There’s so little difference in the violence level. Everyone knows that too.


  4. My first thought was, “Well, that is what God made machine guns for.” But that would make us as bad as them. Perhaps some day, they will grow up and have their car burned by some crazies.


  5. Tear gas and billy clubs will certainly make it an unpleasant experience. That and ninety days in the county jail will take all the fun out of vandalism.


    1. Señor Gill: If only the government could learn that, but instead it runs in fear of the citizens. Odd but true. Well, at least mobs of citizens. It will do whatever if it catches you alone.


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