Sunday drive in October

Strawberry Lanes these days.

BACK IN TEXAS it was a delight to drive the state’s mid-section in Springtime and see the seas of wildflowers, the bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and so on.

We get something similar here, but not in Springtime, in October. In Springtime here, everything is dry as the proverbial bone.

So we took a drive on Sunday, heading to the tiny town of Tupátaro. First, we ate in a restaurant there which served some excellent Sopa Tarasca, a regional specialty, and some dreadful pollo en mole. We won’t return to that restaurant.

On departing the restaurant, we walked a block farther to visit the church again, something we hadn’t done in a couple of years. It’s one of the most spectacular churches in the state. It’s not large, but it’s old, the 1700s, and what makes it special is the wooden ceiling that is painstakingly painted. The link above will give you a view.

Taking photos is prohibited inside the church because, you know, the flash will do harm, a common belief in these parts which is pure nonsense.

But here are two photos I snapped outside.

First, in one direction.
And then in the other direction. A minibus is passing.

Later, nearer home, we stopped at an ice cream joint and lapped up lemon ice, which is a good way to end a day driving in the pink-flowered countryside.

And walking in ancient churches.


8 thoughts on “Sunday drive in October

  1. I concur with you. October is one of the most delightful months in your part of Mexico. And you highlighted two of the reasons that I particularly enjoy. The cosmos turning the fields a delightful pink — and that church which has its own particular solemnity any time of the year.


  2. Felipe: Oh, how I regret not visiting Tupátaro in my previous visits! So beautiful is the church and I’ve never seen a painted ceiling as this. How have we missed this? The churches were always the main draw for our daily outings. And worth the trip even for the excellent Sopa Tarasca and the dreadful pollo en mole, lol. Next time for sure! Your strawberry lane neighborhood is lovely as well.


    1. Leisa: How did you miss the Tupátaro church? Good question because it’s not that far from our mountaintop town. You can get there in about 20 minutes or so. I’ll give you directions the next time you come.


  3. October is a mighty fine month here in TX as well. The heat subsides and everything just looks better when its cool. Spring is nice too.
    Old churches, old people, they pretty much go together.


    1. Ricardo: I remember Texas in October fondly. Wish I could be teleported there for a brief spell just now. Houston would be good or even somewhere out there in the boonies. As for spring, it’s our worst season here. Stuffy and dry as a bone.


    1. Dave: Yep, been a week today. Everything is fine. I guess nothing of note has occurred to me, so I’m just chugging along.

      Dunno why your comment went to Moderation. Maybe you used a different email address.


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