Sober view of Trump

“It’s almost as if Don Rickles were running for president.”

FORMER FOX NEWS star Bill O’Reilly writes books now and then, and they’re always big sellers. But I’d never bought one till now. His latest is The United States of Trump, and it’s a goodie, a sober look at the phenomenon in the Oval Office.

trumpIt’s a 320-page history, neither pro nor con, as objective a view as you’ll find, of Donald John Trump, his childhood, the ups and downs of his real estate empire, his family life, his The Apprentice fame and finally his spectacular leap into politics.

Love him — as I do — or hate him, it’s a well-written and informative bio. O’Reilly looks at Trump’s pluses and minuses, his touchy personality, his love life, the near collapse of his real estate empire in the 1980s, its resurgence in the 1990s, his driving ambition, his tendency to steamroll opposition, his love of self. You name it, O’Reilly addresses it.

O’Reilly, clearly a conservative but who claims to be an independent, is what journalists are supposed to be, but so rarely are anymore, objective. Believe it.

The quote at top is O’Reilly’s. He is referring to Trump’s 2016 race, a campaign that shoved the boundaries of normally accepted presidential standards of behavior onto new ground, a territory where gravitas does not exist, where only victory matters.

Buy it. Read it. You won’t regret it. Thank me later.

32 thoughts on “Sober view of Trump

  1. I read O’Reilly’s book about Lincoln and actually it was a good and enjoyable read. But to label O’Reilly a paragon of journalistic sobriety is right up there on the scale of risible absurdity with Fox News’ former motto, wisely abandoned in 2017, to be “fair and balanced.” C’mon.

    And I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you, Felipe, but the Trumpster is going down like a brick in water, probably by the end of the year. If the debacle over Ukraine doesn’t bring him down, his shameful abandonment of our Kurdish allies in Syria certainly ought to. Or is all that “fake news”?


  2. Somehow Democrats seem to have forgotten how they sold out the South Vietnamese. So many good people died because of them. The Kurds and the Turks have been fighting since the beginning of time. They learn to have hatred of each other from childhood to death. Us in the middle of their problems does not help anyone.

    Remember the Armenians? No one lifted a finger to save them.


    1. Señor Gill: Not sure what this has to do with Trump, but you are right. The Democrats, mostly with the hand of LBJ, really botched the Vietnam situation, but then Nixon, hardly a Democrat, screwed it up even more. Plenty of blame to go around. Both parties.

      As for the Middle East, they’ll be trying to murder one another for another thousand years. Best that the U.S. stay out of it when it does not affect the oil production.


  3. Just who were we supposed to be helping in Syria? The murdering Turks or the murdering Kurds?

    As to President Trump, he would have to be convicted in a Senate trial, and that is not going to happen. If it did, Vice President Pence would mind the store, freeing up Mr. Trump for campaign activities. Democrats keep telling themselves the same lies. Beto wants to remove the tax-exempt status of churches that will not marry gay folks or churches that will not allow abortion. I think that will sink him. Also, a certain portion of the Democrat Party is preaching their “Hate White people” agenda. I suspect about seventy percent of the people who actually bother to vote identify as “white folks.” Things will work out, but until then, it will be painful.


    1. Señor Gill: As we both know, the Democrats are out of touch with reality and clear thinking. Trump will not be convicted even if he is impeached, and he will sail into re-election handily. And deservedly so.


  4. El Presidente is so easy to hate. I have never had the urge to have a beer or two with him. Of course, I would say that about the last several, including the most recent past. It’s not the beer I avoid, it’s the folks who have held that office.
    I’ve always understood that we really don’t need a nice guy (or gal) in that office. We need someone who fits the times and gets the job done.
    Often, we have not had that. At the moment we do.
    The upcoming election will be an interesting period in time.


    1. Ricardo: Political Correctness is a cultural rot eating away at Western Civilization. It’s mostly restricted still to the non-Hispanic nations, but it’s trickling in my direction more every year. Not good, to say the least. In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of Trump’s personality is that he pushes back at that, something virtually no one in power has done for decades, surely not in the United States. Quite the contrary. Trump pushes back with a vengeance. That is the thing I most like about him. It is that one thing, his total disregard for PC that keeps the left in a constant state of hysteria. They had grown so accustomed to keeping everyone silent and cowed.

      As for his re-election, it’s a sure thing, especially when you look at the candidates the Democrats are considering. A lousier lineup you’d be hard-pressed to find.


      1. Serious question: Is there a difference between political incorrectness and boorishness? Where is the line, and has President Triump crossed it?

        To be honest, I’m less concerned with Trump’s political incorrectness/boorishness than his disdain for the rule of law and undermining of the bases of democracy, particularly the free press and independent judiciary.


        1. Creigh: Better question, I think: Is there a difference between political correctness and suppressing free speech in a ham-fisted manner?

          As for Trump’s undermining democracy and disdain for the rule of law, I don’t see it.


          1. Sr. Z, I’m thinking you are asserting that we must choose between political correctness and suppressing free speech in a ham-fisted manner. I’d say you have excluded a pretty big middle by presenting the situation as a choice between those two things. We all know that there are some ugly babies in the world. Nothing in the idea of free speech forces us to point out specific cases, or if it is for some reason necessary, to do so in a less than respectful way.

            As far as Trump’s disdain for democracy, I’ve often wondered how you felt — as a former newspaperman — about his labeling the press as enemies of the people, going so far as to be seemingly fine with the murder of an American journalist by Saudi Arabia. Are you OK with that?


            1. Creigh: I don’t know to what you are referring with the “ugly baby” thing. I imagine you read somewhere that Trump called a baby ugly. What’s important to remember always is that the majority of what you read about Trump in the mainstream media is either blatantly false or twisted to make him look bad. The mainstream media have their own jihad going where anything Trump is concerned. As I’ve noted repeatedly hereabouts, if you want actual, true news about the Trump Administration, go to the White House website and subscribe to its newsletters. Sadly, that’s about the only source available, including much of the conservative internet.

              My former occupation has become, to a huge degree, the enemy of the people.

              As for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, he was not an American journalist. He worked for the Washington Post, but he was a Saudi. I don’t think Trump “was fine” with Khashoggi’s murder. I think he put relations with Saudi Arabia — a nasty regime but a very useful one for the U.S. — ahead of the murder of a Saudi dissident in Turkey. Where is the U.S. national interest in that? Gotta look at the big picture.


              1. The ugly baby reference was just an example of a thing that people typically refrain from saying even if they believe it is true, because there’s generally no benefit to anyone from saying it and they don’t want to be perceived as, well, boorish.

                And–sucking up to a regime that promotes fundamentalist Islam regionally and beyond? Surely you’re not defending that? I can’t think of a single thing Saudi Arabia has that we need that bad. Never forget, Bin Ladin and most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi.


                1. Creigh: Ah, so that kind of ugly baby. Live and learn. Thanks. But yes, Trump often says things that could just as well have been left inside his brain instead of flowing out of his mouth. I admit that. No one is perfect. I still love him. Actually, that’s why lots of us love him. He’s not a slick politician with well-practiced scripts. Like Hillary, for instance. His mouthing off is a huge part of why the PC Legions are ever in a state of apoplexy. How great is that?

                  Can’t think of anything Saudi Arabia has that we need badly? Try oil. That’s more than sufficient. When the global economy weans itself from oil, we can tell the Saudis where to get off, but that day has not arrived and won’t for a long, long time, if ever.

                  International relations and personal relations often, likely usually, have nothing in common. Nations usually have to put up with nasty regimes for various, self-serving reasons. In one’s personal relationships, it’s common to tell jackasses to take a hike. Not so easy at times with nations. Especially those with oil wells.


  5. Señor Felipe, interesting video, especially for an old Gringo who missed serving in Nam by a hair and only by unearned good fortune. Over the years I have known well several guys who were there. With each of them it made a lasting impression on the rest of their lives.

    As the video points out, it is not always easy to tell who is your enemy. It is often even harder to know what your place is supposed to be in the events unfolding around you.

    Sounds kinda like life!


    1. Ricardo: I too missed Vietnam by pure happenstance and good luck. I am quite glad about that. The Vietnam War was started with good intentions and with good reason, according to the mindset of the time, but then it went straight to hell. Sad.


  6. I think Trump will win easily in 2020. Despite daily attacks from unhinged Democrats and the leftist media, Trump has done a lot of what he promised. None of the current slate of Democratic candidates has a chance of beating Trump. He is not a presidential puppet like so many previous presidents. More like the disruptor-in-chief. Refreshing, to say the least. I’d like to read that book, but right now I’m reading Roger Stone’s book, “The Making of a President.”
    Our Canadian election is this coming Monday, and the candidates are so uninspiring I don’t think I’ll vote for the first time ever. As a friend of mine says: “Don’t vote. It just encourages the bastards.” Cheers!


    1. Brent: I wish you could vote in the U.S. elections, but we’ll have to get along without you. I have no idea who’s running in the Canadian elections but, were I you, I would definitely vote for the least objectionable ones. Staying home these days is not a good option, in my opinion. Cheers back at you!


      1. Well, I won’t be staying home. We’re flying down to your adopted country for seven weeks. Can’t wait. It’s rainy and depressing here, and no one seems happy. We’ve got the extinction rebellion nutcases blocking traffic during rush hour yesterday and our city is going to ban fireworks on Halloween as part of our quest to be the least fun city in the world. I’ll be glad to be in Mexico with the heat, cheap tacos and no politics … at least for me. I’ll tune in to the next Democratic debate for a little comedic relief.


        1. Brent: You make Canada sound so appealing. Rain, depression, climate quacks blocking streets. Ban on fun.

          Heat down here? Not where I live, which is the best part of Mexico. Well, if you don’t mind the narcos.


    1. Ya-Ya: The proof, as its said, will be in the pudding. The Blond Bomber will be re-elected handily, and by a considerably greater margin than last time, no matter how many illegal aliens the Democrats truck to the polls with the driver’s licenses they obtained as IDs. Trump was an unknown to many people in 2016, but his good work is now visible to all who are not still rolling about on the floor, kicking their legs and pounding their fists, and howling like underage banshees.


  7. The Ukraine thing certainly isn’t going to sink Trump, even if he continues to handle it as badly as he handed Russiagate. But it might sink Biden, for whom the news gets worse every day. And if Biden is out of the race, the rest of the bunch are simply too radical to get elected in the general election.

    Democrats are beginning to face the problem the Republicans faced for years: anyone who can win their primary is too far from the center to win the general election.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’d love to see all the dirt on Shifty “least-credible-person-in-Washington” Schiff come out.


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