Vote Democrat fer sure

I MAY HAVE posted this last year. I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to check.

No matter. It’s almost precisely a year more till the next presidential election, so it’s a good time to encourage you to vote Democrat and get that nasty Trump out of office.

This young blonde does a spectacular job of telling us why a Democrat vote is the only reasonable option. Down with Trump, the most appalling president in U.S. history!

So un-presidential, gruff and rude.

Vote Pocahontas or Bernie or Beto or whomever. Please!

14 thoughts on “Vote Democrat fer sure

  1. Baito has gone buh bye. Probably the smartest thing he has ever done, aside from being a live-in nanny.


  2. I assume you posted a video. Our internet sucks because we’re on an island (Holbox) which is growing exponentially thanks to rampant tourism. The infrastructure hasn’t kept up. A common theme in many popular destinations. Anyway, it seems that your former country is slowly going insane. Forget building the wall. I think Trump should start building asylums … and build them big because when he wins again in 2020 you’re going to need them.

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    1. Brent: Yes, it’s a video and an extremely entertaining one! And yes, my former country is going insane, but it’s a minority of the population. Sadly, it’s a very powerful minority. Big Tech, the education system, showbiz.

      But your nation isn’t too far behind, if at all.


      1. Felipe … If Brent’s home country is Canada as is mine, I don’t believe we’re behind at all in the insanity department. Not much to be proud of. Keep up the great posts!


        1. Don Guillermo: Yes, Brent is a Canuck like you, one of the smarter ones. Oh, I know Canada is just as bonkers as the U.S. I was trying to be polite.

          Actually, the U.S. is mostly sane. It’s just that the Loony Left has firm control of areas that matter a lot. The media, entertainment and Big Tech. Very, very bad and dangerous situation even though, I am convinced, most Americans do not buy into it. I hope the same can be said of Canadians.


  3. That couldn’t have been made by the Democrats because they lack ALL sense of humor.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m really sad that I missed all the ruckus of “Straight Pride Day” last month.

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  4. Yes, indeed, that is the same video as last year. Actually, I’m almost as lazy as you and did not check to see.
    Fits the situation anyway.

    Saludos, señor!


    1. Ricardo: We are now seven days shy of one year till Trump is re-elected. Gonna be a fun time!

      A hair over three years that the Democrats have been thrashing on the floor, screaming and hollering and crying because Hillary did not get “her turn.” And what is their solution? Looks like it’s to be nominating one of the ding-a-lings on their campaign list. Can’t help but chuckle. It’s like a Mexican telenovela.


  5. Great video. Looked up more that they have done, also great to watch. Lots of people have money that they worked for that the government should have, Billionaires for now until that is gone, then the next group, millionaires, and then eventually to everyone else’s money.


    1. Kirk: Taxes are necessary, of course, but they must be collected in an intelligent and fair manner. Even more importantly, the money must be spent intelligently. Infrastructure, national defense, etc.

      It’s not been done intelligently for a long, long time. Both parties are guilty, but Democrats are more guilty.


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