A week of misery

The swept sidewalk and the stone steps.

I’M ALMOST back to normal after a week of suffering from a cold.

It wasn’t a horrible cold as colds go, but no cold is a good cold. During the past week, I have done virtually nothing but sit it out, which is my approach to colds. My child bride’s approach, on the other hand, is to go to the gym and work out. She’s loca.

During the week, chores piled up. One, which had piled up far longer than a week, was to sweep the sidewalk out on the street. If you don’t sweep your sidewalk, it doesn’t get swept. The municipality does not sweep it. Our town has no street sweeper.

So I swept my sidewalk this morning. It had the usual collection of Styrofoam cups, candy wrappers and whatever else the slobs enjoy tossing out car windows.

Also this morning, I did my daily exercise walk around the nearby plaza. Thursday is market day, so there were stalls selling lots of stuff. I bought broccoli for lunch tomorrow. I have a nice spaghetti recipe that requires broccoli and garlic.

There were about 150 people lined up on the plaza for some reason or another, likely to benefit from some government giveaway.

In a month or so, we’ll start this year’s renovations. One must wait till the monsoon season ends. It used to end in October. Now it ends in November. Cursed climate change!

We need you, Greta Thunberg! Do you speak Spanish?

On the schedule is to paint the wall in the photo and get rid of that garish color we never requested in the first place. It was done a few years back during another series of renovations. I had asked for an adobe color. What I got was reddish-orange.

My attention must have been elsewhere when that paint was applied.

The stone steps rise to that steel door which leads into my child bride’s pastry kitchen, built in 2014. We added that door so the space could be used as a storefront one day. That day has never arrived and, I hope, never will in my lifetime.

Those stone steps are a very popular place for people to sit and rest a spell as they head down the sidewalk, especially kids. And lovers at night.

Thankfully, my head has mostly cleared up and chores are getting done. Scheduled for later today are buying breakfast biscuits in a pastry shop, washing the Honda (not me, a car wash), getting cash from an ATM and sitting at the coffee shop on the downtown plaza with my Kindle* and a nice, hot café Americano negro.

* * * *

* Just started Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of his Presidency which came out this week. It’s stupendous to have honest information about a man who’s turning out to be one of America’s greatest presidents. The author, Doug Wead, is a former adviser to two presidents and served as a special assistant to President George H.W. Bush. His numerous books are known for their primary sources (not partisan rumor).

16 thoughts on “A week of misery

  1. Get well soon. We need your posts. More comments on Inside Trump’s White House. I see a big landslide for Trump in 2020. Because of all the noise from the Democrats, you won’t see many telling the pollsters they are going to vote for Trump, but when they go to mark their ballot, they are going to remember the full employment, prosperity, growth, stock market upswing. Who could vote against all of that progress?


    1. Phxxer: Thanks. I’m mostly out of the woods today. And yes, Trump will win by a far greater margin than last time. Take it to the bank, especially with the comical Democrat nominee lineup they have so far. It’s so pathetic, I expect someone a bit more electable to jump in at the last moment, maybe at their convention. But that won’t keep Trump for winning again. He will. Buy the book. It’s really eye-opening. A few weeks ago, I recommended Bill O’Reilly’s new book on Trump. It’s also very good and even-handed. But that one was mostly a bio of Trump that focused primarily on his pre-presidential doings. This new one is an honest look at life at the White House today.


  2. Be careful with your painting scheme. I believe Pátzcuaro has official colors. Trump one of our greatest presidents? Your gripa must be making you delirious. Get back in bed and have some chicken soup. Get well.


    1. Señor Lanier: The official painting scheme does not apply this far on the outskirts of town. I can paint it any color I want.

      And yes, Trump is looking better every day, something you would know if you got your nose out of the New York Times and other Democrat Party, hysterical, propaganda sources. Sad! Read the book.

      I’m pretty much recovered. Thanks.

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  3. I like the color, but you might want to consider Guadi by Comex. It’s an older color, so you’ll have to thumb through the older color samples to get it right. Or you could lend me that Trump book, and I would be inspired to look up the color number. It is such a beautiful color, sort of a red papaya, that my neighbor proceeded to paint his house the same color as mine.


    1. Ms. Shoes; I’ll just ask the Comex store to show me guadi. Easy peasy! Thanks.

      As for loaning you my new Trump book, be a bit difficult since it’s on my Kindle. Anyway, you’re not poor, and I know you’ll want another original hardback for your collection of Trump memorabilia. The hardback is less than twenty bucks which is chump change for you people. So far, it looks to be a really interesting book. Highly recommended.


  4. Sorry about the upper respiratory. This is the time of year, especially after kids get back in school, they will pass virulent, contagious illnesses and we become hermits, staying around the domicile.


  5. I haven’t had a bad cold, the kind where you can’t sleep for three nights because of congestion, in over 10 years now. I start to get symptoms, and go for the zinc lozenges. The cold never gets full-blown and is usually gone in three days. Is it the zinc or something else? I don’t know (but I will now go find some wood to knock on).

    I looked at the blurb on the Trump book, and it talks about never-before reported stories including “how he turned around the American economy.” You probably want to take the economic news with a grain of salt: the economy has been growing since early 2009 but according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis there have only been 2 quarters of growth above the long-term baseline since President Trump took office. In fact, the only thing I see that has “turned around” under Trump is the deficit.


    1. Creigh: So the the economy began growing when Obama came into office!

      I’ve heard for years about the benefits of zinc. Maybe I should look into getting some. What I usually do is start inhaling vitamin C like crazy. Seems to work sometimes. Maybe zinc would be better. Thanks.


  6. You could try vitamin C and zinc together, but what you have to do is start dosing yourself if you even imagine you might be getting symptoms.


  7. Felipe,

    Glad you’re feeling better! Got a suggestion or two for you. Before you paint that wall, why don’t get rid of the garage door that’s never used and replace it with a small window? Then, get rid of those steps so runners like me will have an unimpeded path going down the sidewalk;-))



    1. Troy: That’s just what we need. An open window to the street so every Tomás y Gerardo passing by on foot can look into the elegant pastry kitchen and think: What would be the easiest way to break in there?

      So, no.

      As for the stone steps, you runners can run in the street, ¿no?

      But thanks for thinking of us! Enjoy the day.


      1. LOL, Felipe I was thinking something opaque but clear enough to let some light in and of course it would have bars to deter Tomas y Gerardo;-)

        Now about us runners, we prefer smooth concrete to rough cobblestones, especially us old runners.


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