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IT’S AN OVERCAST, cool morning here at the Hacienda. I’ve been outside doing chores like cleaning the birdbath, wiping the patio table and chairs, chopping up banana leaves, that sort of thing. Abel the Deadpan Yardman comes mañana for what likely will be the final grass cutting of the season. The rains seem to have ended.

Back indoors now, and I found this video and a few more featuring this young German woman. She’s 19 and apparently making quite a splash online with straight talking against the excessive leftist nincompoopery in the Western World.

She is Naomi Seibt.

Some are calling her the conservative answer to that unfortunate, manipulated, uninformed, mentally ill, strident, Swedish girl Greta Thunberg. I am not badmouthing Greta. All of those adjectives are lamentably accurate. Her hippie parents should be jailed.

I enjoy bringing intelligence to your attention. If I had a Patreon account you could reward me financially, but I do not have a Patreon account, but thanks anyway.

While on things political, I would like to point you again to the just-published Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of his Presidency by Doug Wead, a former adviser to two U.S. presidents. I mentioned this book in passing on another post recently. I had just begun reading it then, but now I’m on the home stretch of the 448-page work.

It’s incredible and sad that so little is known about the very significant accomplishments of the Trump Administration due to the news media’s deliberate obfuscation since Trump took office almost three years ago. As I’ve mentioned here repeatedly, about the sole source of accurate info has been White House newsletters. You must subscribe.

But now this excellent, informative book is available.

Wead points out that the Trump phenomenon is unique in that his election win was not the traditional matter of one party defeating the other party. It is more accurately described as the Outsiders defeating the Insiders. The Insiders include Republicans and Democrats both, which explains why so many establishment Republicans oppose him still.

And it explains why the Insiders, particularly hysterical Democrats, are still pushing anything they can invent to eject the Outsider Trump from the Oval Office.

The book cites the huge economic successes, the defeat of ISIS (heard much about that?), the release of numerous American hostages, the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing, the big employment gains, getting NATO nations to pay their “fair share” for defense, the improved NAFTA (still not ratified due to Democrat stonewalling) and the considerable reduction of federal regulations that gets government off your back.

The list is very long, and most of it is ignored by the partisan news media and their apoplectic clients in the Democrat Party.

Buy the book. If you’re a clear-headed conservative, you’ll love it. If you’re a confused leftist, well, you’re not going to buy the book, are you? I’ve led you to the water trough, and now it’s up to you to insert your snout. You’ll be a better person for it. Trust me.

The morning overcast is burning off now, and it’s time to go downstairs for cereal and banana. Lunch at 2 p.m. will be smoked chops, stir-fried zucchini and tiny pasta.

Did you listen to Naomi?

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  1. I suppose there isn’t any way this young lady will head any UN committee on global warming — oops, I mean climate change any time soon. Too bad.

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    1. Patzman: Nor will she be invited to visit the Pope or be welcomed aboard Hollywood celebrities’ Learjets and yachts or be suggested for the Nobel Peace Prize.

      Sensible talk gets you nowhere much these days. She has been threatened by Antifa there where she lives in Germany, however.

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  2. Sorry Felipe, I’ve been busy putting together a Christmas tree and some lights outside. You should give your acute Trumpism a rest and get a small Nativity scene. I’ve even given up reading about Ukraine, blah, blah.

    So Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays (the hell with Bill O’Reilly, the sexual predator cum promoter of keeping Christ in Christmas), and have a good, peaceful time. Ask your wife and tag along some posadas near your Mountain Kingdom, to get a whiff of the humble faith that guides some of the people around here. It will lessen your constant political agitation.



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    1. Señor Lanier: The paperback version of the book won’t be out till late next year. If I thought there was even a small chance that you would read it, I would gift you one, but I suspect it would be a waste of my hard-earned cash. Coming at the problem from another angle, if there were some way I could wean you from The New York Times, perhaps some clear light would enter your noodle, but that too I cannot do. My hands are tied. And, of course, many people get wiser with age, but again you are almost as old as I am, so that does not seem to be working either, as it did with me.

      In brief, it seems you are a lost cause and will continue to be uninformed about the terrific Trump presidency and Trump himself. Again, I think he will go down as one of America’s greatest presidents in time. Just you wait.

      As for Christmas or Mexican posadas, I am neutral about the former and I take great pains to avoid the latter hereabouts. They just conflict traffic.

      As for my being constantly agitated about politics, it’s something we all should be agitated about. Bad things happen often.

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  3. I’ve wondered who set Greta up as a featured speaker at UN. I must’ve missed that information. A discerning observer would look into her eyes and know she’s a brick shy. My book queue is lengthening with your new recommendations. I have to wait to purchase, though, with my Audible credit at the end of each month (assuming the book has an audible edition). I shall listen to your YouTube recommend.

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  4. You are right on. Keep educating people with your blog. The media are doing a terrible injustice to the American people with lies and distortions of the truth. The liberal leftists have no resemblance to the old Democratic Party. Keep up the good work speaking the truth.

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    1. Kirsten: Your positive feedback is much appreciated. Future comments will not be moderated. FYI.

      I agree that today’s Democrat Party is a far cry from what it was even 30 years ago, but there is one surviving characteristic from way back, and that’s the design of the welfare system which has been a catastrophe for black Americans. That still exists today, and something needs to be done about it. Democrats caused it.


      1. Kirsten is good people. We went to high school together and her father was a big supporter when I ran for the legislature. You might remember she featured in an essay while I was in Oregon.


        1. Señor Cotton: Of course, I failed to make that connection based solely on the name. Thanks for the info. Clearly, she is firmer in her backing of the Blond Bomber than you with your, well, you know, hems and haws. Perhaps if Kirsten and I join forces we can firm up your support for the great U.S. president. Let us pray so.


  5. I often hype the White House newsletters as one of the few sources of accurate information. I just received one in my email inbox. It reveals the following:

    Today’s jobs report.

    The unemployment rate fell to 3.5% — matching its lowest level in 50 years.

    Economists had expected the economy to add 185,000 jobs. It added 266,000.

    Economists had predicted 15,000 more manufacturing jobs. We got 54,000.

    Compared with last year, average hourly wages are up more than 3%.

    The number of Americans working rose to 158,593,000—a record high.


    Finally, here is one paragraph from today’s report of the Council of Economic Advisers:

    “From [the end of the Great Recession] to the end of 2016, average wage growth for production and nonsupervisory workers lagged that of managers, the bottom 10 percent of wage earners lagged that of the top 10 percent, those without a college degree lagged that of college graduates, and African-Americans lagged that of white Americans. Since President Trump took office, each of these trends has been reversed, contributing to lower income inequality.”

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  6. Nature does what nature does. Nothing is static, everything changes, be it slowly or in a twinkling of an eye. Mount Pinatubo put out more pollution in a day than mankind has in all of its existence. Extinction is the eventual fate of all organisms.

    So, why is the left so hung up on climate change? Well, I suppose it is just another way for the elites to put us Deplorables back into the freezing caves, naked and starving. Meanwhile, the elites buzz around the world in their jet planes and limos.

    So, it is just another liberal lie. Remember about 40 years ago they were preaching about peak oil, and we all were supposed to be riding bicycles in a few years. It was a huge lie.

    The Democrat Party is hell bent on making our nation a one-party kleptocracy. God help us if they succeed.


  7. Is it wrong to call out a crook, even if it is a Democrat? Should President Trump have ignored Biden’s crooked deals? Did you see how mean and vile Biden turned when that old guy in Iowa questioned him on the issue? He called him old and fat and challenged him to a push-up contest, but he never addressed the issue. The American people know a crook when they see one.


    1. Señor Gill: Biden was acting like Trump in that exchange, but when Trump does it, it’s justified. Biden, on the other hand, is clearly not presidential material.


    1. Loulou: Yes, a sharp young German, very intelligent, perceptive and well-spoken, but I suspect you want to start casting aspersions based on her nationality! Tsk, tsk, tsk.


  8. As recently as 1978, almost all the world’s scientists and weather experts agreed a horrific ice age was on its way. Check out this youtube video compiled by PBS,


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