Gussied up for Christmas


OUR TOWN IS decked out for Christmas.

I found these two photos on Facebook. The top one was shot by Jorge Villegas. The bottom was shot by Miguel Angel Garcia. I can take no credit.

This is our principal plaza. It’s very big.

The huge Christmas tree goes up every year. Till about four or five years ago, a flammable material was used, but not anymore. I was, by pure chance, walking on the plaza that fateful afternoon when a little kid tossed a match onto the tree.

I watched it all burn to the ground. Happened fast. They managed to rebuild it before the 25th, and it’s been made of fireproof material ever since.

You can say what you want about Mexico, but some parts are very pretty.

It’s not Kansas, Toto.

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13 thoughts on “Gussied up for Christmas

    1. Carole: There was a specific area of Houston — I think it was a primarily black neighborhood but I may be remembering wrong — famed for Christmas decorations. It was spectacular. My last wife and I usually drove there for a look-see every Christmas season. It was fun. We get Christmas lights on houses in our neighborhood here too, but not all that much. Maybe I should put some out.



      1. Oh, no, the outside trees that are wrapped in light strings are extraordinary but so much trouble to put up and then store for the next Christmas! Our ‘hood has competition which is also extraordinary and dazzling.

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  1. Today is the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. There should be a lot of happenings in your neighborhood. It is not my religion, but it is my wife’s. I always avoided the praying, but showed up just in time for the menudo. And then there was pastries.


    1. Señor Gill: Oh, yes, we are Guadalupe mad today. I just returned from downtown where an endless parade of taxis and minibuses, all adorned with balloons, is winding through the streets interminably. And here in my hardscrabble barrio, they’ve erected a sound stage on the neighborhood plaza for a rousing concert tonight. We will sleep with silicone earplugs. The size of the stage would do Elton John proud.

      We Mexicans never miss an opportunity to make lots of noise. We call it music, and sometimes it is. Other times, it’s just racket.


      1. I think my wife must have fifty some Lupes in the kitchen alone. She hasn’t gone to church except for funerals and baptisms since we got married. The refrigerator looks like a shrine. Her beliefs are more Indian than Spanish. I finally got her to stop burning those damn candles. Her friend Carmen burned her house down with those candles.

        For what it is worth, it seems there is a patron saint of burnt houses. It is St. Filomena. She is a Sicilian saint. Promise her something and don’t make good on it, and your house is toast.


        1. Thinking about it, I know you are correct about the noise. Play it louder. Different rules apply for Anglo society than for Mexican society. Anglos speak one at a time, Mexicans speak all at once. No one listens to any one. Volume always trumps logic. Make your point; speak louder. My father said that Mexican conversation was like a coyote in a chicken coop.

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  2. I think you should plant another beautiful Bougainvillea tree and let it grow so you may cover it with thousands of little twinkle lights!


    1. Dave: Well, now that I pretty much have wrestled the yard into submission, that ain’t gonna happen. It would be pretty, however.

      Again, sorry for WP’s obsession with sending your comments to moderation. I am not the culprit.


  3. I always want to put up Christmas lights, but somehow don’t. This year I bought 4 more strings of lights just before Thanksgiving. Then I got them home and remembered that the reason I seldom put up lights is that by late November, it’s darned cold outside and I don’t want to be on the porch hanging up lights.

    But maybe I’ll do it today.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where electric “candles” in windows are a favorite decoration.


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