Life in the slow lane

Where two of the three curtains were raised briefly last week. A better view.

WE SHOULD have long departed the monsoon season here, so last week on a bright, sunny day, the latest in a fairly long line of bright, sunny days, I decided to raise two of the three canvas curtains on the upstairs terraza.

The three of them had been down since June when the monsoon season began. Guess what happened. That very afternoon, dark clouds appeared and some light rain fell. I lowered the curtains again. Maybe I’ll raise them again in mid-January.

Dang climate change! Why doesn’t Greta come to Mexico and snarl? We need her.

Curtains up or curtains down, it’s a great place to sit. I go out there at times with my Kindle when I have free moments in my harried, jam-packed days. I sit, begin reading … and nod off. It’s stunningly relaxing out there. The chairs, like the air, are soft.

Of late I’ve become more aware of changes brought by advancing age. The urge to get things done is reduced. You’d think the urge to get things done would increase due to a shortening timeline, but that’s not what happens. You shrug. Go with that old flow.

As Hillary Clinton famously said: What difference does it make?

I still get stuff done but in stages. Since it hasn’t rained much in recent weeks — apart from that light sprinkle I mentioned — it’s time to start watering the yard by hand. I have hoses rolled up here and there. Last week, I rolled out the longest one into the grass.

That was enough work for one day.

A few days later, I rolled out another to make it longer because the Hacienda’s yard, unfortunately, is too large. Yesterday, I connected the two. Whew! This morning, using another hose altogether, one beyond the Alamo Wall, I watered the ivy on the wall’s backside plus some greenery in planters outside my child bride’s pastry kitchen.

I breathed a sigh of satisfaction. Things are being done.

Want to hear an amusing story?

During the last presidential election, I noticed somewhere online that my last ex-wife was a Bernie supporter. Yes, it’s shocking, but she lacked my political wisdom due to my being here in Mexico while she remains unguided in Houston.

I’ve never been certain that she reads The Unseen Moon, but a few months ago, she emailed to ask why I was a Trump fan, proving — to her credit — that she is a Moon fan. I gave her a few of the many available great reasons, and I got no response.

Her birthday is December 6, so I sent her a Trump MAGA cap via Amazon, the embroidered version, not the cheaper painted variety. Again, silence. So few Democrats nowadays sport a sense of humor. We conservatives laugh a lot. We are happy people.

magaShortly before sending the MAGA cap to my second ex-wife, I ordered one for myself from China via eBay, a cheap, painted version. I would have purchased the pricier, embroidered cap were I fairly sure it would arrive intact.

Some of you may recall what happened to the Trump coffee mug I ordered from eBay in 2017, not long after the Blond Bomber invaded the Oval Office. The mug was removed from its bubble wrap by Mexican Customs, broken into about 10 pieces, repackaged and sent on to me. I glued the larger pieces together, and now it’s a pen holder on my desk.

Take that, disgruntled paisanos!

My cap is en route. Be interesting to see if I get it in one piece. Sad.

Maybe now I’ll go back to the yard and water two or three more plants. Or connect two more hoses. As usual, there is no rush.

Oh, there’s a guy named José here painting, gussying up the Hacienda. I’ll have photos on that when he finishes. Probably be a week or more. We like to be stylin’.

The Hacienda is always cutting edge, both the buildings and the occupants.

21 thoughts on “Life in the slow lane

    1. Leisa: Come on down. We’ll sit out there and chew the fat. Well, as much as I am capable of chewing the fat. You may have to chew most of it, but that’s all right. It will get chewed. Yes, the view is far better than average.


  1. Houston and Austin are goners in blue/red terms. San Antonio is still pumping red, but we have a Dem prezzy candidate in Julian Castro. He retains a finger-hold on the debates, but I think he will wash out soon. In Houston over the past week, some school kids on a bus wailed out a little guy who had — once — worn a MAGA hat that had been seen by these colleagues. There was video of them beating the crap out of him for a good 15-20 minutes. Girls did the most pounding. Your seating area up almost in the clouds does look dreamy. Reminds me of the hamacas we had hung on our pier with palapa in Belize. Unsafe to do that, though, unless there were someone wide awake and watching the beach trekker sneak-thieves.


    1. Carole: I have seen that video, at least a small part of it, of the kid getting pounded. Just one more — of far too many — videos of people being physically assaulted for supporting the president. But the other side does the same, right? Remember all those videos from 2008 to 2016 of conservatives beating up people who supported Obama back when he was president? No? Of course not. Because there weren’t any.

      As for Belize and the sneak-thieves, I have read lots of negative stuff over the years about Belize. Not a place that interests me for that reason.


    1. Ms. Shoes: There are standards for receiving the invite. It’s not for every Tom, Joe and Harry. You, of course, made the cut, something for which you should be quite proud.


  2. I know two people who have MAGA hats. An old man from Mt. Hermon, Louisiana, used to wear his red hat en route from Mt. Hermon to Mandeville, where his granddaughter was getting tutoring with me. The other one is you. I forgive both of you. I have a fondness for old men, I guess. By the way, the place looks fantastic. Happy Kindle Days to you.


    1. Laurie: But I do not have my MAGA cap just yet. As mentioned, it must make it through Mexican Customs without being torn apart or otherwise defaced by disgruntled, ill-disciplined government officials. That remains to be seen. As above the border, the Mexican media also misreport habitually on President Trump. They claim he dislikes Mexicans which, of course, he never said because it’s not true. He, like me, opposes people entering the country illegally. That applies to lawbreakers from any nation. I hope Mexico builds a beautiful, high wall along its relatively short border with Guatemala. Wouldn’t that be nice?

      I’ll be posting a photo of myself with my hat when and if it arrives intact. I think it will look good on me.


  3. I’ve been wondering how you are able to handle all that excitement and exertion in your life. Now I see it: You’re such a happy guy.

    Saludos. señor!


  4. Very nice terrace, Felipe. Now you need to stop doing all that work and relax on it.

    It is sad that anti-Trumpers are so unhinged that the sight of a MAGA hat triggers a fight/flight response. I’ve got a MAGA hat and a Drain the Swamp hat plus a Trump/Pence 2020 T-shirt and an Infowars shirt. I don’t have the guts to wear any of them out in public. Some of us Canadians are rabid when it comes to Trump. Perhaps I’ll wear my Chinga Tu Madre Donald T-shirt which I bought in Mexico. So many decisions …


    1. Brent: That’s a lot of Trump gear for a Canuck. So some of you Canadians are rabid when it comes to Trump? Lots of Americans too. Wear a MAGA hat in public in the U.S., and you risk getting punched in the face by those tolerant Democrats. Sad.


  5. Keep your finger out of your nose. It seems some loonies think some one was flashing gang signs or something at the game. They can take offense at the slightest gesture. Maybe they need to be offended.


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