New face to the world

wall before

WE’VE HAD A painter here for some days. He’s still not quite finished, but here is a portion of his good works. He’s been working alone. That’s his car in the photo above.

Below is the roof to the kitchen/dining room. I forgot to take a “Before” shot, but the first photo is how it looked after a power wash. It was really nasty with 16 years of grime up there. The second photo is how it looks as of yesterday.


That red shade is waterproofing paint. There are lots of flat roofs in Mexico and this treatment is very widespread. It was not done when the house was constructed, so this is the initial application. Luckily, we had no leaks over the years.

And here is a photo of the inside of the front gate, which got a new paint coat as did the sides of the driveway ramp plus the two posts on either side of the gate.

That’s a water tank on the gate’s right side, one of three above-ground tanks on the property. The other two are over twice the size of this one. There’s also an underground cistern and yet another tank on the house roof. We’re well-watered.


The painter will continue working today on some additional details, and he’ll be bringing a stone-and-cement man to level a part of the Romance Sidewalk that has sagged a bit. Old romance can do that if you aren’t careful. Sag, that is.

I speak from experience.

16 thoughts on “New face to the world

  1. I like the outside of your place. There’s an artist from Cancun working in San Miguel who does beautiful, really amazing murals. Should I send him over to fill some of that expanse of wall?


    1. Señor Lanier: If you pay him, sure!

      Related to the topic is the fact that graffiti is not widespread around here. Nowhere in town is graffiti a big problem. I’ve heard it said that Mexicans think graffiti, where it does happen, is an import from above the border, a bad habit picked up by some of our illegal paisanos who’ve spent time up there. Maybe that’s true.


  2. Well, it is different. But now is the time to enjoy some of the things Mexicans cannot abide. When my wife is away, I have wieners and sauerkraut. I eat as many donuts as I want. A nice roast would be great with mashed potatoes and gravy. Mexicans cannot make gravy; at that certain moment, they cannot resist adding in chili. For some reason, they detest cranberry sauce. A nice tuna fish sandwich would be nice. It is your time; enjoy it.


    1. Señor Gill: You’re a humorous fellow. As for gravy, it’s not that Mexicans cannot make it, it’s that they never have and never will. They have no clue. But anyone with a decent recipe can make it, of course. I miss gravy. One of our neighborhood restaurants serves mashed potatoes occasionally, but it just sits there with no gravy, no nada. And yes, they want chili salsa on every single solitary thing. Our deceased amigo, the one who was murdered last week, once ate lunch here at the Hacienda. I had fixed a yummy shrimp dish, and it was just perfect. He looked it and asked if we didn’t have some chili salsa. We did. We brought it out, and he dumped it all over my pièce de résistance. Never invited him to lunch again. And he wasn’t some ignorant peon either. Incredible.

      As for a nice roast, I have not eaten roast in the last 20 years. Hot dogs, yes, sauerkraut, yes. I try to dodge donuts, which is part of why I remain sleek and trim. Mexicans don’t like cranberry sauce? Didn’t know that. I’ve never seen a Mexican in the vicinity of cranberry sauce, so I cannot verify your claim. If I recall correctly, when my wife and I used to go to Atlanta to visit my mother for Thanksgiving, I think my wife did eat the cranberry sauce. She does love Gringo Thanksgiving.

      I’ll be dining solo in a good restaurant this afternoon. Don’t know what’s on the menu, but I’ll enjoy it.


  3. Colors look very good, and looks like he did a nice job. Peace and quiet I appreciate my time with no one around.


    1. Kirk: Thanks and, yes, he’s doing a nice job. Still not finished. He showed up this morning with his wife who promptly started sanding one of the two wood windows that will be repainted. With a power sander. The wife, that is. Never had a worker arrive with his wife before. It’s making lots of noise, so there’s no peace and quiet here at the moment.


    1. Ms. Shoes: You inadvertently brought up an issue. We live in a relatively hardscrabble area, and I would prefer not to call attention to ourselves, but that’s not easy. The first couple of years here, we kept the street wall as we found it, grubby white, like most walls hereabouts. But then we painted it, and got all snazzy. We, at least from the street, did not fit in anymore. I do not care if neighbors think we are putting on airs. I just prefer they walk on by and not notice us.

      But dem days are long gone.


  4. Here it is Monday, she will be home; no more walking around in your undies. I sure hope she likes the new colors. If not, they will have to be repainted.


    1. Señor Gill: Yep, she’s on a bus at this minute from Guanajuato. I’ll be very glad to get her back. As for her not liking the colors, she saw them before she left. All is well. As for “they will have to be repainted,” you clearly do not understand Latinas who have never been polluted by Gringa feminism, and I weep for you. Truly, I do.


      1. And I weep for you, who hasn’t eaten a roast in 20 years. Things have been busy here. Some guy one street over buried his 83-year-old grandfather in the back yard. I guess his retirement check and Social Security checks were direct deposited. Better living through creative accounting. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your child bride.


        1. Señor Gill: Yep, been a long, long time since I’ve had a nice roast on my plate. Mexico, in comparison to the United States, is a culinary wasteland. Sad but true. Plenty of tacos, however.

          Felíz Navidad to you two. Santa’s already in his sleigh making his rounds as I write this. May he fill your stockings with care.


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