Smacked by a freeze

But warm enough by noon. And sunny!

YESTERDAY MORNING, I found the birdbath frozen over, first time this season. Must have been a soft freeze because the banana trees weren’t burned too badly.

Overnight freezes are common in winter, and it always warms up quickly after the sun rises, but they still do damage to the yard, sometimes severe.

Around noon, I sat a spell on the yard patio, putting my footsie up on one of the web chairs for you to see. It was lovely out. Nary a cloud, and the sun was nice and warm.

Today is Three Kings’ Day, which is when kiddies get their gifts in Latin America. I wish it were otherwise. I wish they got gifts from Santa instead because then we’d have just two traffic-jammed, abutting holidays instead of dragging it out another week for the Trio of Kings to come on camels, a real pain in the keister.

By today, even Mexican adults have had it up to here, but then they do it all over again the next year. Sometimes I think self-abuse is a genetic trait of my (relatively) new paisanos. Luckily, I was not born here, which gives me a saner approach to it all.

Let us now forge on to Carnival and Easter Week and beyond!

For Carnival, which is a dreadful mob scene in our ramshackle barrio, the worst place in town to be, we’ll be enjoying a great getaway in Guanajuato.

* * * *

(Monday morning update! It froze again last night. Oh, dear.)

10 thoughts on “Smacked by a freeze

  1. Felipe: Can’t you aee? Nativity scenes knocked down by the wind! Frozen bird baths! These are all signs from GOD that climate change is REAL and will soon lead to the destruction of your mountaintop, unless you all change your ways and begin recycling and using alternative fuels before it’s too LATE!
    Just saying…


    1. Señor Lanier: Of course, climate change is real. It’s been changing for eons. Whether we can do anything about it is another thing altogether. I leave you with this:


    1. Ricardo: Carlin hits the nail square atop the head with that video.

      And saludos to you too. Today dawns a new world hereabouts. All the festivities are over as of yesterday, and most of the tourists have gone back where they belong, and it’s possible to find a parking spot downtown again. ¡Qué bueno!


  2. It seems as if some people in the San Miguel area experienced a false spring. That followed by a frost means no fruit this summer.


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