My feeble mental capacity

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TRUMP FANS have become accustomed to violence, both verbal and physical, from Democrats since the Blond Bomber was elected, which sent the lefties into endless hissy fits.

Ensconced here on my Mexican mountaintop, I don’t fear being punched in the face so much as my fellow Trumpians do above the Rio Bravo. But I have had verbal run-ins with berserk, uninformed leftists, and I have known others who’ve had similar experiences.

A lifelong friend and her husband recently rented a vacation home in San Miguel de Allende where they stayed three months. She is a retired university professor with a specialty in Chinese history and culture, and her husband is also a retired teacher.

They are not bumpkins from the hills of West Virginia.

And they are YUGE Trump fans. During their stay in San Miguel they met what seemed to be a nice couple who invited them to their home one night for supper. During the evening’s conversation, my friend mentioned being a Trump supporter.

Get out! Get out! Get out!

So they departed. In the middle of dinner.

Recently, I emailed an old friend who is now living near the Gringo-infested, Mexican town of Ajijic, Jalisco. She and her husband were about the first people I met after arriving on the mountaintop from the state capital in September of 2000.

They lived directly next door to my rental. We socialized a lot. They were big party people, and I got invited over frequently. They were fun folks, chain smokers and boozers who drove an old, beat-up Ford Thunderbird sedan on its last legs.

They left our town years back due to health issues that were exacerbated by the thin mountain air. They headed to lower altitudes and moved around quite a bit.

Last week, not having heard from them in a long spell, and not knowing where they lived, I emailed her, inquiring about how they were doing and where they were. I also mentioned that I recently ran into some other old friends of theirs on our plaza.

Those people are not friends of ours, she said. They are Trump supporters! Bear in mind that these two couples were thick as thieves back then. So I responded in a jocular way, saying I too am a Trump fan. Hoo-boy! Here’s her response:

“So from your right-wing sources Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars and Russian internet trolls, you have become a supporter of a lying, corrupt, climate change denier and sexual predator who puts children in cages and hates Mexicans.* Good choice, idiot!!!”

I intuited from this that they vote Democrat. Prove me wrong.

Well, so much for them. From what I hear, lots of conservatives have lost long-term relationships, not just friends but family too, due to leftists’ inability to accept diversity of opinion. But I embrace my idiocy!!! Three exclamation points! Sad.

* * * *

* Not even one of these accusations is accurate.

(Moral to this story: Don’t booze, smoke, drive beat-up Thunderbirds or vote for the Democrat Party. Trust me on this. You’ll be a better person for it.)

And now this:

37 thoughts on “My feeble mental capacity

  1. Si, señor ! Many of us have encountered this prejudice against people with differing attitudes and beliefs. I find it amazing that most of these folks are unable to sort out the unwavering beliefs they hold based on thin air and speculation.

    Here on the Western frontier of Texas we still have many dyed-in-the-wool Democrats who vote that way because their parents did (same reason they’re Baptists or Catholics or ???). I know several of these folks who will not speak to you if they suspect you’re a Trumper.

    Sad. We can all do better than this.


    1. Ricardo: I too was a firm Democrat until I wised up. Wising up is possible and advisable. Lots of folks are wising up about the Democrat Party of today, which is the reason for the rapidly growing #WalkAway campaign where folks of all religions, races, genders and sexual persuasions are announcing to the world, “I’m not a Democrat anymore!” I’m looking forward to and curious about this #Unsilent movement that’s on the horizon, the one that’s mentioned in the video. People are not fleeing the GOP, just the Democrats, and how great is that?


  2. I suspect those hard heads are listening to CNN or MSNBC. The media lies! People need to attend or watch a Trump rally. The Democrats’ Identity politics are turning groups of Americans against each other. They tell gays that every one hates them. They tell black and Latino people that they are marginalized and abused. They say the successful cause the poverty of others. All religions are holy to Democrats except the Christians and Jews. The push a “hate White folks” agenda. But I ask you, what is the eventual goal of the Democrats? I am afraid it is a one-party kleptocracy.


  3. Trump-induced insanity is indeed rampant these days. It has infected normally sane people, including you. How else to explain your obsessive posting about Trump? You don’t live in the U.S. and vow never to go back. You have a beautiful wife and home in Mexico. Your money is in Mexico. You profess to love Mexico. Why keep ranting about Trump? Take a deep breath and enjoy the years you have left.


    1. Señor Lanier: First off, I do not rant. I settled this issue in a post years back. See here:

      My posting about Trump is my meager contribution to pushing back against leftist lunacy and ham-fistedness. More people should do it. Many do not in the United States because they rightly fear losing their jobs, their friends, their relatives. I hope what appears to be a new movement, the upcoming one mentioned in the video (#unsilent), will inspire more conservatives to stop self-censoring. Conservatives are too quiet and polite, so much so that it, I imagine, genuinely surprises you to see me saying what I say. Leftists have become accustomed to scaring us into silence.

      We have two common internet buddies whom I can think of easily, and both keep their online mouths shut on politics out of apprehension. They would deny it, but it is true. I will not name them here. One lives in Morelia, the other in Melaque. Of course, there are scads of others.

      As for my now residing in Mexico, having abandoned the United States, well, alas, what happens in the U.S. affects the entire world. Wish that were not so, and I could ignore what’s going on up there, but I cannot. No one should.


      1. Felipe, insanity nowadays affects both sides. Have you watched Fox? Or clips of folks at Trump rallies? Or Trump going on and on, often incoherently? He sounds like Fidel. Or Don Lemon on CNN? That’s not intelligent political debate. It’s nutty babbling.

        And by the way, thanks for correcting my original comment. You get me so riled up I forget to put verbs in sentences.

        Now take your wife to the parque and buy yourselves a cup of coffee. Decaf preferably.


        1. Señor Lanier: Saying the situation is about equal on both sides is far from true. No, I do not watch Fox. Do you know Fox is slipping into the dark side? Kinda like Chick-fil-A. Sad. Yes, people at Trump rallies are enthusiastic. It’s about the only place they can wear their MAGA hats without getting spit on or punched. Did you check out the link I left on a comment below? It’s lovely. Yes, Trump is bombastic at his rallies. It’s fun. I do not watch CNN or Don Lemon. I do check out the NYT website at times to roll my eyes.


      2. I do not deny that I try to keep my online mouth shut about my political beliefs, because a) I know that I won’t win any wars online, and b) it does scare away potential business. Yes, that does amount to apprehension. And I do live in Morelia.


  4. So true what you said. I just happen to be wearing my “Chinga tu Madre, Donald” T-shirt which I bought on Isla Mujeres just to counter my pro-Trump gear. It’s clear that many Mexicans don’t like Donald Trump very much. They have been misinformed. I’ve developed a test for Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome. People who hate Trump are sort of like crack addicts. They get fidgety when they need another hit of Trump hate. It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about. They must inject Trump, and they are looking for a friendly, supportive response like, “Yeah, that horrible orange ignoramus is a racist, lying, misogynist pig, blah, blah, blah.” They get all upset if you don’t say something along those lines. Then you get that fight/flight response. I’ve got a cousin in France who won’t even watch the news anymore. When she visited a couple of years ago, Trump was mentioned, and she got so upset she had to quickly get away from the spot Trump was mentioned, and she forgot her purse! Another friend of mine in California just emailed me out of the blue and was raving about how that $@%&! Trump had started WW3. Clearly unhinged. We’re dealing with a kind of mental illness here which is likely to cause some deaths if Trump is re-elected. I’m glad to hear that the Covington kid Nick Sandman has settled a lawsuit with CNN for their slanderous coverage of their pro-life rally.

    Meanwhile, I’ll stick to wearing all my pro-Trump merch in my apartment. Canadians are just as violent and hateful as Americans when it comes to Trump.

    Have a great day.


    1. Brent: Take that anti-Trump shirt off right now! You hear me? You should be embarrassed. I swear.

      If I want Trump Hate gear, I just have to drive to San Miguel. I hear it’s quite common there. But since I have sworn off visits to San Miguel, that won’t be possible for me.

      Mental illness? Of course. That has been well-established.

      Now go put on your MAGA hat and head outdoors. Man up!


      1. Now don’t get an embolism over my wearing my anti-Trump shirt. It’s just a joke. I just thought it was rather funny to find so much anti-Trump gear in Mexico. Why are they so worked up over Trump? Trump has led to your pathetic socialist president raising the minimum wage. Mexicans should love Trump. Anyway, I shall not wear this shirt out of our apartment even to do laundry because there’s a very pretty Mexican woman on our floor I wouldn’t want to upset. (Actually she may really like the shirt.) And forget about wearing my MAGA hat outdoors. I don’t have a death wish. I have worn my “Drain the Swamp” hat though. It is far less triggering.


        1. Brent: Whew! You had me going there for a moment.

          Of course, Mexicans dislike Trump because the leftist Mexican media have repeatedly told us he hates Mexicans. He doesn’t, of course. He dislikes anyone sneaking into the country sans visa, as he should. And most of them are Mexican due to the physical proximity. Were Kenya the abutting nation, it would be Kenyans sneaking over the border … like Obama did.


          1. I guess Mexicans believe the lie that Trump thinks all Mexicans are bad hombres and rapists. He doesn’t, of course, and never said that, but that doesn’t stop the media from repeating the lie. And here’s another test for stage 4 TDS. Ask the person afflicted if they can name one great thing Trump has accomplished. They can’t. Their brains won’t allow them to consider that possibility.

            Then there’s those 3000-17000 lies Trump has supposedly spoken. Ask the TDS-afflicted to name one … and exaggerations, sarcasm and countering the lies of the MSM don’t count. They can’t! And yes, some of the worst cases do seem similar to drug addicts needing a fix. I could be talking about the weather, golf or how to cook roast beef, and they will find a way to inject Trump into the conversation. Like Godwin’s Law. (Look it up) Sad.


      1. Thanks for the offer, Alfredo, but we’re in a tiny apartment so not much room for plants. At least I can fold up my pro-Trump T shirts and store them in my closet. And, thankfully, I don’t have any ulcers. Laughing helps 😉 Cheers.


  5. Observing the comments made by the Trump supporters on this page I would say there is no lack of insanity by his supporters, either. I wouldn’t call saying that people who hate Trump are like drug addicts a good example of rational and intelligent thought. Nor claiming Democrats “hating white folks” as grounded in reality.


    1. Jonas: We Trump fans are not insane. We are enthusiastic!

      As for Democrats hating white folks, well, that is pretty much the official line these days. Minorities good! Whitey is bad!!!!

      And then they have the presidential candidate lineup so far. Bunch of white people. Go figger! It’s a hoot.


  6. I am about to take Danna on a motorcycle ride this morning up to a cozy Mexican restaurant that is located at the base of the Catalina mountains. It will be a lovely trip. Little does she know the owners are ardent Trump supporters LOL! If you recall my saying, Danna is an ardent leftist.
    Google Sammy’s cafe in Tucson if you care to know more, my friend 🙏👍


    1. Marco: No, I do not recall your telling me she was a leftist because I do not think you did tell me. I would remember that. Of course, I may just be slipping further into senility.

      Jeez, man, what are you doing in bed, literally, with the opposition? Have you no standards? I am appalled.

      I did look up Sammy’s. I wanna go! Looks great.

      Now quit telling people to “Google” something. Say internet search, and use DuckDuckGo. Do not support the enemy.

      Lord, what is to become of you? Repent!


      1. I repent!

        She HATES him, Orange Man Bad!

        I can’t even bring up politics, “That does not keep the bed warm at night…” according to my lovely. We actually get along marvelously, and both have sworn to walk on eggshells come early November, when OMB wins his second of many terms to come. 😉


    2. I’ve been there. They have doormen instructed to require MAGA attire for admission. By the way, the food there does not live up to the high expectations I had after reviews, but it just must be me. The place must be loved by many, it’s always fairly busy.


  7. We too hate Trump. My very close brother thinks he hung the moon. Guess what, we just don’t talk about it. I wouldn’t give up a friend or a family member over a difference in politics or religion. Pure stupidity. I still like you! I hope you still like me.


    1. Beverly: Of course, I still like you. A bit surprised, I’ll admit, but you’re still my good buddy!

      Here is my take on people who still vote Democrat: 1. Lacking information. Most are simply not paying close enough attention to what’s going on. And they are not as well versed in history as I would like them to be. Most Democrats are in this category, I think/hope. 2. Actual bad people. I put Michael Moore, Maxine Waters, Robert Di Niro and their unsavory ilk in that category. You clearly are in the first category. There is hope for you.

      Yes, breaking up friendships and dumping relatives over politics is ridiculous. Just talk about other things. It’s the civilized way.


  8. Check out Scott Adams’ Dilbert cartoon in today’s paper. I would send you a copy, but there might be a copyright problem.


  9. My cousin and I are part of a new “party,” online only, of pro-Trumpers. She’s an Illinois-an-ite in Joliet where they had a YUGE rally yesterday and even in bad weather, the pro-Trumpers were out in force. An anti-Trump rally meant to counter the pro rally fizzled on the same day. But, you bet, the feelings are raw between the two.


    1. Carole: How do I sign up with this new party because I currently am Republican mostly by default? I’m not too happy with the GOP due to so many of the officials not being much better than the Democrats. Trump is Republican in name only to a great extent. He is mostly an outsider.

      By the way, your comment went to moderation, if you noticed, because you had a typo in your own name. I fixed it.


  10. It’s a terrible time to be a politician. If you are on the right, most of your prospective voters are intolerant racists. If you are on the left most of your prospective voters are intolerant racists.

    How do they expect you to have time for graft and corruption when you’re having to deal with these kind of constituents? Between the Fox news, CNN and MSNBC interviews you must do to keep the level of animosity at a fever pitch, they are probably now saying, “What’s in this for me?”

    Every night I go to bed and weep for them : ‘((


    1. Señor Davis: Left or right, most voters are not intolerant racists at all. So we disagree on that point.

      But going to bed at night and weeping for the current state of Western Civilization makes perfect sense.


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