Oiling the cat


SOUNDS LIKE a chapter title in the Kama Sutra: Oiling the cat.

But it’s something more mundane in this case. The cat — a panther, actually — has posed on our front door for almost 17 years now. And the cat, like kitties everywhere, requires care, something I’ve put off too long.

I cleaned him this morning, the entire door too, and then applied a coat of 3-in-One furniture oil. The cat’s coat was dull before, but now he’s nice and shiny.

Cats like that.

The door design was my idea, and it was made by an artisan hereabouts during the Hacienda’s construction in 2003. There is an identical design on the inside of the door, but not being subject to the elements, the inside looks almost like new.

The inspiration for this was a panther vision I had under the powerful influence of psilocybin in 1997. It stuck with me, and now I see it daily.

This cat is my friend.

16 thoughts on “Oiling the cat

  1. I did not know the source of the cat. I always thought it was there to frighten off heathens and heretics who had breached your outer defenses.

    By the way, even though it is bad manners to laugh at one’s own joke, I rather like that phrase: “heathens and heretics.” Feel free to borrow it. I will undoubtedly use it myself. Maybe today.


    1. Señor Cotton: Certainly, the panther wears many robes, so to speak. He also serves to scare off heathens who may climb the outer wall. I cannot see heretics being interested in coming in, but who knows? As for the phrase “heathens and heretics,” I doubt I will have need of it, so it’s yours to copyright. But thanks for the kind offer.


  2. We have a Maya corn god panel in our living room, inserted into a doorway, that did go into the kitchen. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s mahogany. Too heavy for the door frame, so it’s just an art feature. With no exposure to weather, the sheen stays high.


  3. Nice door! We have a very well-trained malinois that sleeps near the front door. She excels at picking up on malicious vibes. She knows who should be there and who shouldn’t.


  4. I am not one to comment although I have followed your blog for a long time. I discovered you via Señor Cotton who I have also never commented on, although I do follow and enjoy his blog as well. I think you have an amazing perspective, and I really like how you view the world around you … and I love your door. I look forward to your posts … please keep them coming.


    1. Deb: Darn, will you marry me? No, wait! I’m already married, and happily so. But thanks for the very kind words.

      But there is no need to stay silent. If you wish to comment in the future, it will not be moderated. Thanks again. Yes, I like the door too.


  5. Nice seque from Trump. 😉 That is a very nice door. What kind of wood is that? I expect some kind of Mexican hardwood. We have nothing like that in western Canada. Maple and whatever the original settlers planted 100+ years ago. Our last property had all kinds of psilocybin mushrooms growing all over it. I tried it, but it use wasn’t my thing.


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