A cold, waning day

IT’S 6 P.M., and cold in the house. I’m in flannel pajamas, a heavy coat, a snazzy scarf around my neck and a watch cap on my grizzled head.

There is nothing to be done. It’s late January, and we’ve actually been lucky so far. There were light freezes on two consecutive nights earlier this month, but it’s not dipped below 32º since. Other winters have been far worse. But some have been better.

I never weary of marveling at Mexican thought processes. Of course, it could be just my wacky relatives, not Mexicans in general, but I tend to project family nuttiness onto the nation as a whole.

Last week we enjoyed about three beautiful, consecutive, mild days, so my sister-in-law stated one afternoon with a straight face that she thought winter was over. My child bride agreed. A couple of nice days, and seasons are redefined for them.

I chuckled at the absurdity, and I’ve been proven right, not surprisingly. A few days ago, it got ugly, cold, and it even rained, which is not supposed to happen in January, not here anyway. It’s the dry season. Cold is one thing. Cold and wet is worse.

A few nights ago we watched a movie on Netflix titled The Bookshop which is set in England in the late 1950s. It stars two of my favorite actors, Bill Nighy and Emily Mortimer.

Ray Bradbury is mentioned repeatedly, and it occurred to me that I have never read anything by Ray Bradbury. I downloaded a Kindle sample of Death Is a Lonely Business, and it became clear why. He’s too cutesy and wordy for my taste.

Before coming home and slipping into the flannel pajamas, I was on the main plaza downtown with a café Americano negro and a raspberry muffin from a nearby pastry shop. I pulled out my Kindle and began the Lonely Business sample.

I couldn’t cut it. One of the many great things about Kindles is that one can order free book samples. Ray Bradbury will remain alien to me, and I don’t care.

Before writing this post, I opened the Gab social media website where I have an account. Gab is the free-speech alternative to Twitter. Leftists say it’s a white-supremacy website or alt-right, whatever that is, but it’s not, although you will find lunatics there. Most are not. One of the downsides of free speech is you have to let everyone speak.

The lunatics are easily blocked.

Big Tech has done everything imaginable to destroy Gab, including barring ways to financially contribute. Just recently, Gab found a way to accept credit cards again, and I used that route today to donate a small sum plus buy a Pepe the Frog sticker for my Honda.

pepe-the-frog-sticker-telegram-meme-frogIt is en route, Gab told me. I will have the only Pepe sticker on the mountaintop although in a field between here and the nearby capital city, there is a huge boulder that appears about eight feet high and wide, and it’s been painted to look like Pepe! I keep meaning to pull over and take a photo.

I briefly read Gab daily, rarely post anything but, amazingly, have over 1,000 followers. I do use Gab’s excellent and relatively new browser, Dissenter.

Pepe the Frog has been used as a freedom symbol by those Hong Kong protesters, and everyone knows those Chinamen are white supremacists and alt-right crazies.

Well, I’ve gone on long enough. It’s dark now, and my child bride will return from the gym very soon, expecting her salad to be ready. I cannot disappoint her.

24 thoughts on “A cold, waning day

      1. You could have put that chicken-apple sausage to use as a soup ingredient. Someone I know did.

        We are not suffering from cold down here. Everyone is talking about how warm this winter is with day-time temperatures regularly in the high 80s or low 90s. It does not seem unusual to me. Without weather data to compare, it is just like your relatives. Nothing but personal impressions and opinions.

        As for Ray Bradbury, I am sorry you do not like him. He was one of my favorite writers during my libertarian-formative years. I confess I have not looked at any of his work now that I have entered codgerhood. Perhaps I would find him not as fascinating as I once did. Having said that, I still find Kurt Vonnegut as clever as I did when I was in my teens.


        1. Señor Cotton: Of course, you are not suffering from cold weather. You live in the tropics where you suffer from sweltering weather. I’ll take the cold any day. In cold, you can bundle up, nice and cozy. In hot, you can’t do squat but suffer.

          As for those writers, different strokes, as they say.


  1. A nice feature of the Kindle bookstore is that you have seven days to return a book you don’t like. Bet you can’t do that in a real paper-and-ink bookstore. It’s been rainy and clammy in San Miguel too, I hear from Felix.


    1. Señor Lanier: I did not know one can return Kindle books within a week. You sure about that? Aside from stuff like War and Peace, one could easily read a book within a week and then return it. In any event, the sample feature has always helped me cull stuff before buying. I don’t recall ever disliking something I went ahead and purchased.

      You get the email I sent you this morning?


  2. I checked out the Gab website. There are a ton of very bizarre posts, wild conspiracy theories that simply cannot be believed! I found it to be too much work to sort through the craziness to find anything of real substance. It was FEMA camps and Jade Helm types of ridiculousness. To each their own.


    1. Jonas: You are a man of the left, so you would not be interested in Gab, of course. To each his own, as the saying goes. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, etc., etc. As I said, there are some nutcases there, but blocking them is easy. What you consider bizarre, I imagine I might not. The most vocal of the Gabbers are unabashed patriots. I am in that category. Can patriotism go too far? Sure, at times. For me, there are two big pluses to Gab. One is that it exists, providing an open-to-all alternative to Twitter’s ham-fisted, woke, SJW-style censorship. The other is the Dissenter browser, which I like very much.

      That Big Tech has gone so far is destroy Gab is the real affront. Patreon dropped them. All other similar funding outfits dropped them. All credit card companies dropped them. They were reduced to Bitcoin and mailed-in checks. Gab was offline entirely for about a week once because no platform would host them. They finally located one, however, and were resurrected. Just in the past week, some credit card outfit joined them, which was a great victory. Gab is a place you can state any opinion you wish to. The only restriction to posts is the law. You cannot break the law there, and that’s as it should be.


    2. Jonas, P.S.: As a lefty guy, you can open a Gab account and support whatever causes you like. Open borders. “Free” healthcare for illegal aliens. Doctors legally obligated to perform sex changes on confused kids. Sky-high taxes. Unisex public restrooms. “Free” schooling for everyone. All those things beloved of the left these troublesome days. And you will not be censored on Gab because conservatives embrace the First Amendment, diversity of opinion and freedom of thought. On the other hand, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, all the Big Tech leftist businesses, opposing the things I just mentioned will often get you erased, blocked, tossed out on the street. They do not embrace the First Amendment, diversity of opinion or freedom of thought.

      The Good and the Bad. It could not be more clear-cut.


  3. I don’t know why you label me a “lefty” because I haven’t really voiced many opinions one way or another about social issues. Does posting something not in complete lockstep with your views earn them a label? I find that quite presumptive.

    What I do know is I am an intelligent person with an open mind. And that is something rarely found on the radical left or right. When people start talking about Michelle Obama being a man or that whole FEMA camp crock of baloney, I tune them out. If someone talks violence, no matter what their political leanings, I also turn them out. I believe in respecting other people’s rights but I also believe that my rights end when yours begin and vice versa.


    1. Jonas: Your previous feedback, which is appreciated, has clearly indicated your political persuasion. Don’t be embarrassed about it. And political opinions contrary to mine are always welcomed here when stated politely. You do seem intelligent indeed, and an open mind is always a good thing.

      Michelle is not a transvestite????


  4. I’m in Ajijic, and it’s chilly (67° F) and cloudy here too. What a surprise! We even got a few drops of rain this morning. Global weirding is alive and well.

    As for Gab, yes, it’s pathetic that the Silicon Valley Moguls in their gold-plated “correctness” have decided to throw every possible obstacle in their way. That said, it suffers from lack of name recognition, and lack of network effects. If I were one who Tweets, I’d use Gab too. But otherwise not.

    By the way, Milo Yiannopolous has a YouTube channel, but unless you know the direct URL, it’s almost impossible to find using the YouTube search box. If that isn’t the most shameful censorship, I don’t know what is.

    Anyway, Saludos.

    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where Wuhan Coronavirus is becoming a bigger worry.


    1. Kim: I thing Gab is becoming better known by the day. I hope so. It definitely is growing. I thought YouTube had tossed Milo off completely.

      As for the virus, wadda you gonna do? There was a similar scare in Mexico about a decade ago, and everyone was walking around with face masks.


  5. You should give Bradbury one more try, amigo, “Fahrenheit 451” was required reading when I was in high school. It is probably on a restricted list or banned in today’s high schools.


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