The stuff of sleep & memory

I HAVE TWO sleep positions. On my back and on my right side. I cannot sleep on my left side because my heartbeat disturbs me. It’s been this way for decades.

On my back, I tend to snore, which bothers my child bride, so I try to stay on my right side, but sometimes in the dead of night I flip on my back unintentionally.

I also require two pillows, a large and a small. My head rests normally on the large, and I clasp the small to my chest, hugging it. I wonder why I do this. Believing a good bit in reincarnation, it occurs to me that I might have been murdered once, perhaps with a knife, arrow or pike in my chest, and that deep memory lingers.

Being piked or knifed or arrowed once is sufficient for me.

There is evidence that memories of past lives lurk within.

I did, many years ago, a number of breathwork sessions with professionals. I did not get much out of them, with one exception. For no more than two or three seconds, I was inside what appeared to be a Medieval stone building. There was nothing dreamlike about it. It was plain as day, or night in that case. It was rather dark. But very real.

Maybe I hugged my chest pillow tighter that night. I do not recall.


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  1. Señor Felipe: What do you figure you will return as, if the reincarnation thing pans out? I can’t run very well because of my flat feet, so coming back as a cheetah would be kind of fun. I hope cheetahs don’t become extinct before I do.


    1. Señor Lanier: I believe that’s more in the category of Transmigration of Souls where you can leap from human to animal, etc., on being reborn instead of strict reincarnation, which is just people. I favor the latter over the former. As for your becoming a cheetah, I believe only Republicans can do that. Outta luck, kiddo. Democrats do qualify for animals like moles, buzzards, hyenas, etc. It’s a shorter and less desirable list.

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      1. Well, if that’s not reason enough to switch parties, I don’t know what is. I mean that part about becoming a Republican Party Reptile. Felipe, we’re going to get those coveted kitchen appliances yet for winning Señor Lanier over to the GOP. He’s already more than halfway there, being Cuban, erudite and well-read, intelligent and well-mannered.

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  2. According to Hindu teachings, the transmigration of souls, or reincarnation from human to animal is only to repair extremely bad karma.

    Unfulfilled desires are thought to be the main reason for reincarnation. Trump was born the same year Herman Goring died. Coincidence? Could it be? One can only wonder.


    1. Jonas: So, since I have no extremely bad karma, I won’t return as a goose? I pray not.

      As for Trump and Goring, it’s not a comparison any sensible person would make, I do not think.


      1. No, I can’t imagine you as a goose. But I doubt you’ll be back as the next Mother Theresa either! It would be interesting to see your prior incarnation.


  3. I am a Canadian, so American politics is like a spectator sport to me, but I have to say, I am a Trump supporter as useless as that is to him or America in general. It is nice to feel it is safe to make that proclamation on this forum, unlike many others. I have to agree with your and many of your followers’ comments concerning Democrats and their perspectives.

    I have the same “sleeping on my back snoring like a logger” issue, but alas I no longer have anyone to complain about it. That is not a “come on” line by the way.

    I think I’m getting the hang of this comment thing.


    1. Deb: I thank you for your moral support of the best American president in Lord knows how long, but it’s a very, very long time. I wish I could view the U.S. scene as a spectator too, but alas what happens in the United States affects the entire world. It really matters.

      Your comments get better every time.


  4. I used to sleep on my back, but now sleep on my stomach. But I usually fall asleep on my back and wake up on my stomach. And no, I don’t make a big mess of the sheets. Typically I just roll over a time or two and then settle down.

    As for reincarnation, as much as I want to believe, someone out there keeps making entirely new souls. Right? We didn’t start this world with seven billion souls.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m delighted to be ignoring the Super Bowl.


    1. Kim: The total number of souls is unknown. While many walk the earth and perhaps other planets, others are floating free, I imagine, awaiting their moment on the soil. It’s hard to know. As my old daddy used to say: Explaining the workings of the universe to a human is like trying to explain the internal combustion engine to a dog.


  5. Side (either) and stomach sleeper. No snoring. Reverse pillow clutch, large fluffy pillow is what I hold when I’m on my side and flat pillow is where my head rests. I have very creative dreams, if I do say so myself.


    1. Carole: I never sleep on my tummy. I wish I did not snore when facing upward. As for creative dreams, aren’t all dreams creative, outlandish in some way or another? I tend to think so.


  6. I’ve tried over the years to convince several of my Baptist brethren of the reality of the reincarnation of souls. Not one bought it. Their loss, I think.
    Saludos, señor!


  7. Former stomach sleeper but with age my bad neck makes that impossible. Now I prefer the left side but can also sleep on the right side. My sweetie sleeps on her back and I give her a gentle nudge from time to time to stop her snoring. Now that we’ve got that out of the way I don’t think much about the afterlife or reincarnation. I don’t see the point. I don’t believe we’re supposed to know until it happens. If there happens to be a supreme being I will humbly apologize for not prostrating myself and praying for forgiveness every Sunday. But then I can’t believe a God(ess) is that insecure that it would demand it. If I’m just part of the ethereal vapour I guess I won’t complain. What would be the point? I don’t believe in the Hindu model where we are reincarnated multiple times until we’ve been good enough to reach Nirvana. That sounds tiring. So, whatever is in my cards I just hope it doesn’t happen too soon. I like my life right now. A long happy life to you as well.


    1. Brent: My wife never snores at all. She’s so quiet at times I wonder if she’s dead. So far she has not been.

      As for the afterlife, we won’t know for sure till we get there, will we? I do think it’s interesting to wonder, however.


  8. I have a king bed with four pillows. Two pillows are almost body size. One is stationed at each of my sides. The other two are at my head side-by-side.

    OK. That sounds like a Freudian analyst’s opening to describe some deep-seated Caligula complex. Not so. Each pillow represents an army that will march me off to sleep. I have used that warfare analogy since I was seven or so. Some things just do not change.

    As for positions, you will not be the least bit surprised. I am primarily a rightwinger on my side with occasional forays on my left. Like you, I snore if I end up on my back. Sleeping alone, I know that because I will wake myself up with one of those snore gulps.


    1. Señor Cotton: Your pillows are an army marching you off to sleep? You get weirder by the day.

      One of the few (in my opinion) advantages to sleeping alone is that snoring bothers no one. Well, except yourself on occasion. I almost never wake myself with my own snoring. Perhaps I snore more gently than you.


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