Democrats Trumped again!


THE DEMOCRATS’ endless effort to remove a duly elected president from office because they just don’t like him has flopped in its latest installment.

Impeachment reached a dead end today due to no evidence — just like the Democrats’ Russian collusion pipe dream. What will they invent next? Almost all of the politicians leading the removal hysteria hail from either New York or California.

Have you noticed that?

Did you see the State of the Union Address, perhaps the best in U.S. history? It was stirring and spectacular. If you missed it, here’s another opportunity.

Did you see the dour Democrats dressed in white like those Cuban “Ladies in White” who oppose their dictatorship? Did you see those Mohammedan Democrats playing with their cell phones? Did you see Nancy Pelosi tearing up her copy of Trump’s speech?

Were you appalled? It was appalling.

And it certainly won many more votes for Trump in November.


Almost two months ago, I ordered a MAGA cap from a Chinese outfit on eBay. It arrived a few days ago.

But before then, my sharp Canadian reader who goes by the moniker Brent Morrow fulfilled my headgear dreams with this photo he emailed to me.

I look sharper in this one than in the cheesy version I purchased from China. Thanks, Brent!

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, if you want accurate information about the Trump administration and its many accomplishments, the best place to get it is on the White House website. Scroll down to the bottom and sign up for White House updates.

You’ll receive excellent, accurate information.

16 thoughts on “Democrats Trumped again!

  1. Aw, shucks. I’m blushing! The State of the Union was inspiring in true Trumpian form. Very positive and, dare I say, inclusive. The white-robed Democrats looked dour and sat on their hands instead of clapping. It looked awfully petty especially when Nancy Pelosi ripped up Donald’s speech. I think she turned off a lot of independents with that move. It’s looking like another four years for the “Blond Bomber” as you call him. Still a lot of months to go where anything can happen. The Democrats still don’t have all the results from the Iowa caucus. I’m trying not to laugh. 🙂


    1. Brent: Thanks again for the nice photo. Yep, the speech was great. The Democrats were ridiculous. And the Blond Bomber will sail into another four years. And the Democrats are still trying to do a caucus. They are the people who want to run the U.S. healthcare system. Ha!


  2. Pelousi, Schiffty and Nadman are all scurrilous deadbeats who couldn’t flip a pancake, but they sure flipped some Dimocraps. And House Managers stirred right in that mix makes a toxic soup.


  3. Yes, the only thing the Democrats did during this impeachment is get more votes for Trump. My wife asked me yesterday, why did they try to impeach Trump? What could they hope to accomplish? It was nothing but blind hatred and the arrogance of a group thinking they know what’s best for everyone.

    As for Mitt Romney, he did nothing wrong. He voted his conscience. He acknowledged the truth. If the majority of our Representatives had a conscience and actually voted it, this country would be far better off. When McCain ran against him, it hurt the country. Two good principled men would have been great presidents had they gotten the chance. Unfortunately, Hillary would have beaten either one she ran against.

    To me, Trump’s biggest accomplishment was saving us from Hillary. Yes, he has been a very effective president, but he is not someone I would want my children or grandchildren to emulate.


    1. Dave: Trump, as you state, has been a very effective president. As for wanting your kids or grandkids to be like him, well, likely not. The guy is clearly not a normal person, but in some circumstances he’s precisely what’s needed.


  4. Interesting. The Democrats all insisted that there needed to be more witnesses. But the lack of said witnesses didn’t keep them from voting for removal, did it?

    That tells you all you need to know right there.

    And wasn’t Nancy ripping up the Constitution? Seemed like it.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’ve never seen the party of so-called tolerance so blinded by hate.


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