The equity experiment


BERNIE’S LOOKING pretty good to be the Democrats’ presidential nominee. That is, unless the DNC powers-that-be manage to knife him like they did last time.

Ole cranky Bern is a confessed socialist, which is just “communist” with lipstick and frilly, pink panties. That so many Americans love him speaks volumes, as they say.

I both know and am related to some of these admirers.

Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist from Canada whose brilliance has shot him to fame over the past few years, puts the new Marxist popularity in perspective.

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(This post is dedicated to my sister, Diane. It’s her 79th birthday today, proving that old PC socialist warriors never wise up. I wish we had not ended up this way. Sad.)

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  1. Man, Peterson can sure cover a lot of ground in less than 3 minutes. A piercing diatribe against Marxism for sure. But it matters not, our country is filled with illiterate and vulnerable nincompoops.

    They’ll vote for the socialist, you can bet your bottom dollar on it.

    What is that about history unlearned is doomed to repeat itself?


    1. Marco: As I’ve opined often hereabouts,universal suffrage is a lousy idea. Bernie fans prove that.

      George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


  2. This guy is the best I’ve ever seen at addressing real issues with real words. And he is consistent. His story never changes. The more I see of him, the more impressed I am. Unfortunately, many in our society will not hear him because they chose not to.


  3. I thought the reappearance of blue skies cheered you up?

    How were the avocados? What did you have with your café americano on the plaza? A decent muffin or perhaps a taco de ojo?


    1. Jonas: Yes, the better weather always puts one in a nicer mood. I felt good yesterday, and I hope to carry those emotions on into today. However, it clouded up a bit yesterday afternoon, so we’ll see what this day brings. One must remain optimistic in these troubled times.

      Avocados were good. Celery too in the salads last night. My café Americano negro yesterday was accompanied with a brownie from a pastry shop, not one of the superior varieties my wife makes, but it was good. Taco de ojo? Good grief!


  4. What is so troubling? You have your fellow in the WH and are sure he will be reelected. His impeachment proves he has a stranglehold on his party. In your opinion the Dems have no hope. What more do you want?

    BTW, “taco de ojo” = “eye candy”.


    1. Jonas: The times are troubling because PC leftists control Big Tech, the education system from Pre-K to universities, and Hollywood, all of which is very perilous. That’s why.


    1. Dave: Can’t read it without a subscription to the WSJ. Oh, well. But the PC despots are alive and well in many places. Sad.

      If only someone had made a clone of Gen. Pinochet before he died. Maybe it’s still possible.


        1. Creigh: Stalin was a classic example of how Marxism/Communism inevitably plays out. The Soviet Union was not communist, it was Stalinist. China was not communist, it was Maoist. Cuba is not communist, it is Castro-ist. Vietnam was not communist, it was Ho Chi Minh-ist. Leftists are fond of saying communism has never actually been tried anywhere. Sure, it has, and it inevitably leads to despotism and murder. You want an equitable society? You must force it, and it goes downhill from there, always. Successful people oppose having their stuff taken and handed to the unsuccessful.

          I’ll grant that Stalin was no Marxist, but he was the result of Marxism. Same goes for Mao, Castro, etc.

          I imagine Trump is a Christian pretty much like I am. Not a believer but a fan of the Judeo-Christian tradition of the West. But being a politician now, he gives Christianity lip service, as he should.


          1. Any comparison of Trump and Stalin is pure ridiculousness. A comment such as this shows a sheer lack of education and reflects how the less educated in our society have been fooled by the spoon fed bullshit that is pumped out by the legacy Media these days.


            1. Marco: Take a deeeeep breath there, señor. We do not badmouth other commenters. It is poor form and leads nowhere good.

              Speaking of bullshit, I was surprised and actually pleased the other day while watching Trump’s White House talk after the impeachment fiasco failed. He actually said that word. Incredible. When was the last time you heard a president say that out in public? Never. That’s when. He’s a refreshing guy. Gotta love him.


          2. I agree that Marxism inevitably degenerates. As we are seeing, so does capitalism. Which is why the only ism I believe in is pragmatism; collective organization where that makes sense and individual initiative where that makes sense. In other words, a mixed economy. Probably more like, well, Sweden’s. Recognizing, of course, that perfection does not exist and there will always be people who are dissatisfied with the status quo.


            1. Creigh: The U.S. economy has been a mixed one for a very long time, and it’s worked pretty well. One thing it does not need is more government. Capitalism does not degenerate. What happens is that unbridled capitalism is taken advantage of by the unscrupulous, which is where a touch of government intervention is a good thing. A touch. Not a Bernie Sanders mallet.

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              1. Not only does capitalism not “degenerate,” but what happens is that capitalists get lazy. When they get lazy, they spend money on lobbying instead of innovation. The lobbying pays big dividends as they use the machinery of government (which, sadly, is too often happy to comply) to stifle competition. This often happens via the writing of draconian and complex regulations which only large corporations can effectively manage. This isn’t capitalism; it’s cronyism, and a bad thing for all involved.

                So no, there’s nothing wrong with capitalism. But there’s a TON wrong with the iron triangle of government, regulators, and regulated industry stifling the true innovation of capitalism.


                Kim G
                Boston, MA
                Where we prefer the term “economic freedom” to “capitalism.”

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