Wonderful Swedish socialism

LEFTISTS AND other Bernie people — and Bernie himself — are fond of pointing to Sweden as an example of how socialism benefits people and that the United States would do well to copy that Scandinavian nation.

There is one huge thing wrong with this claim: It’s totally false. Just ask Swedes.

This is a great video from John Stossel along with real Swedish people telling you the truth behind the Swedish socialist myth. Take the five minutes to become informed.

The Unseen Moon keeps you both informed and entertained. And it’s free.

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(If you’re interested in a fascinating, hour-long documentary titled Sweden: Lessons for America? which inspired Sossel’s video, click here.)

6 thoughts on “Wonderful Swedish socialism

  1. I know some people from Sweden who have emigrated to Canada, mostly farmers. When you look at income tax rates and the VAT tax (goods and services) you see where the money comes from for the great services you get there.

    Another good one that is not in the far Left’s s advertisements is the number of bombings that happen in Sweden, mostly from criminal gangs. No place is perfect, but we can always strive to MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN.


    1. Kirk: Making it great again is the aim of the Blond Bomber, and he’s scoring significant successes. Most people are unaware of them due to the media’s endless lying. Sad.


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